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Denoe BCN Design is a design duo, by industrial designerNoéand graphics and interior designersMaria José Composition, their work is inspired by everyday objects.

Fylis an easy-to-use chair with colored outlines around the curved metal.

Pennxero is a modular storage system that uses a pencil instead of a hook to hang your item.

Gipsyis a very simple no The back bar stool, it is light and colored.

Zeenis a fun rocking chair with a built-in magazine corner on the seat compartment.

NuusInspiration from Roots And the ropes, they are tightly tied together.

Pyois a fun birdcage-shaped lamp.

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AA1100 Prepainted Aluminium Coils Used for Construction

New PPR Orbital Pipes Fitting House Used with High Quality Made in China in 2018

Automatic Duplex Slitter for Cutting Metal Tinplate Sheet to make Tin Can

Silt Fence with Pocket & Wooden Stake/ Polypropylene Fabric with 100g

Suspension Ceiling T Bar/T Grid Groove System

LOOP Light & FLAMINGO Table okorder

Constance Guisset introduced two new designs ——LoopLights and Flamingo Table

Loop light is FabbianDesigned is a circular chandelier that looks as if it is spinning in the air. The glass shade looks like UFO or jellyfish, seemingly floating in the air, evoking a funny and fun feeling
Table is La RedouteDesigned, full of surprises and functionality. With a wooden table top, the table is simple but functional, and the rear drawers hide the cable. You can also move the document compartment to suit your needs.

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135W Poly Solar Panel with High Efficiency Made in China

Natural Flake Graphite Powder 100 mesh China Manufacturer/Supplier

Thermal Insulation Ceramic Fiber Chopped Bulk WOOL Pure White

Pre-Painted Aluzinc Steel Coil for Sandwich Wall Thinkness 1.2mm Width 900mm-1250mm

Metal Stud / Metal Track Gypsum Light Steel Profile For Gypsum Board

Fully customizable modular headboard okorder

Daniele De Santiscreated a name ComoditiThe modular headboard system allows you to be completely customized to meet your needs. FormabilioDesign, the work consists of components, you can move to create a new look at any time.

Pillows come in different sizes and colors to match any combination you want. The cushion components are covered with an environmentally friendly cotton cloth that is removable and machine washable. There are also bedside table components that can be added to both sides.
They are suitable for single and king size beds.

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Customized Waterproof Outdoor Artificial Grass Carpet

Solar Cells Not Broken with Low Price and Gigh EFF

Solar Inverter Off-Grid Type Solartec D 6000/8000

Aluminum Foil (Copper Foil) Shield Paper for Electric Equipment

Insulation Aluminum Foil High Silica Fiber Glass Cloth

An interesting New York office okorder

Iron Loft Office is a Diana MuiImplemented project, he was asked to create a Office with interesting elements. Inspired by the iron area itself in New York, as well as other urban elements, the finished product is a creative and welcoming work area.

The main rest area has a Manhattan feel inspired by the customer’s chewing gum collection stored in a box.
The color of the rainbow candy adds an interesting atmosphere to bring color to the white space. In the conference room, DIY Grid Wall And MTAInspired art is used as a reference for the New York subway system.
Conference room uses cityscape wallpaper to bring outdoor into the room, green lawn carpet Imitated the grass.

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W11S NC Plate Rolling Machine,roll plate bending machine,metal rolling machine

Domestic double head inner tooth PP-R luxury copper core ball valve

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coil/China PPGI for Roof Sheet

Cement Tanker Semi Trailer with 60 Cubic Meters

scaffolding accessories ringlock rosette

Scandinavian inspired wood and leather chair okorder

Alfredo ZertucheSLWThe chair has a unique angle and beautiful craftsmanship. After studying the old Danish woodworking and furniture design, he decided to focus on three main features: low profile, design and material selection, manufacturing processes and technology. To create a sturdy chair,ZertucheUse traditional Mexican harness methods to build seats and Backrest, hand-stitched thick leather and strapped to the frame.

Once the initial SLWAfter the chair is completed,Zertuche Starting a series of 25A different seat and back option.

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scaffolding adjustable steel props for construction

F2 type PPR single female threaded ball valve with brass ball

245W Polycrystalline silicon solar panels

Metal Profile for Waterproof Gypsum Board Drywall


Exquisite rope device okorder

Mello + Landiniis a Brazilian artistJaniana MelloandDaniel Landini cooperative works. Together they created a continuous series of devices called Ciclotrama, it consists of a entangled rope Composition, the rope is twisted and unfolded to form an organic form, like a tree root and a tree.

CiclotramasInterprets the passage of time. Multiple strands can form a single line, or they can break into separate tracks and have their own characteristics.
Mello + Landini
The work is a delicate scene, while showing subtlety and power, creating a dislocation with the lines of gathering and splitting. At the bottom of the unit is a large rope that is laid on the ground like a long, winding road. Then the rope is divided into smaller, more subtle branches. Their tiny veins are nailed to the wall or ceiling and can be viewed as a whole or on their own.

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Flexible Choke Kill Line

Grader Cheap G8165C Grader Buy at Okorder

freezer refrigeration storage insulated pu sandwich panel

Kerosene water pump,single cylinder,level, power output axis,Kerosene Engine

pp non woven fabric manufacturer in china for shopping bags

Spring chair and stool series okorder

San Francisco DesignerAndrew ChengRecently released his new spring collection, showing Springchair and SpringStool. They offer a cantilevered seat, constructed entirely of solid wood and plywood, with a wood texture and in different directions.

Plywood seats are placed on top of the legs that are joined by dowels to make them elastic, while the full front makes the knees comfortable.

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Latest PPR Pipe Fittings for Hot/Cold Water Conveyance in China

Heat Resistant Rock Wool Board CMAX

Weld Studs/Shear Connectors with Ceramic Ferrules

LED Bulbs 9W Big Promotion PC+Aluminum Body

Australian Waterfront Sunroom okorder

Named Sunshine Room, a modern Australian beachfront villa built of glass and concrete surrounding wood. By architectTeelandDesign, it is an open and airy house, but still retains a kind of privacy.

Located in a quiet street behind the beach, the house is hidden by trees and away from the public eye. It is covered in concrete and glass with large open windows.
The bedroom and bathroom are built behind the house and overlook the private rainforest of the backyard of the house through the glass.
In the kitchen, wood and plaster provide a warm contrast to the concrete surface.
There is a walled courtyard garden in the center of the house for entertainment.

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PE Physical Foamed Pipe/Stick Machine

Combine Harvester: GF38,Adopt New Structure Strengthened Drive Axle

Mini Double Drum Hydraulic Vibratory Roller JY600D-3

FANGYUAN Walking Pile Driver JZB60

Module Type Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Complex limestone cathedral okorder

PostmanFerdinand Cheval Spend 33 years to pick up unusual cobblestones when he delivers the mail, he will collect The product has turned into this amazingly elegant limestone cathedral. Its well-designed buildings include sculptures of exotic animals and mysterious creatures, inspired by Chevaldelivered Photos on magazines and postcards.

The idea of ​​this magnificent structure comes fromChevalWhen being stumped by a weird rock. He picked it up and put it in his pocket. After further observation, he discovered the beauty of the rock, and he realized that he could find more similar rocks in the area where he sent the mail.
Year, he started pushing carts in the countryside every day18milesCollection and transportation of building materials on the route.
Palace in 1912Years are completed, and now every year is the destination of thousands of curious visitors. The website’s page states that the palaceNot built according to building rules, it is considered a External ArtThe main example——A free and unrestrained work, free from the scope of traditional design principles Beyond. Perhaps the most profound explanation for this eclectic work is:A man’s dream.

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Aluminum Material EOE in Different Sizes, 200#

Aerial insulated Cable-type C

Household heat resistant high quality PPR pipe

color coated galvanized Rolled steel coils

Aluminium Checker Plate for Boat Deck Use

Troopers lights by Anki Gneib okorder

Combine smooth wood with acrylic inlays, designerAnki GneibCreate a set of lighting called TroopersLights . The wood component of each piece accommodates a blend of four pieces of acrylic that let the light pass vertically.

This floor lamp is calledSuperTrooper, is herHolyDesign continuation, they are oversized Candlestick. The candlestick design is embedded in the lamp.
is the smallest collection of books, with table lamps and chandeliers, with the same narrow section that allows light to pass through the wood.

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PPR Pipe used in Industrial Fields Irrigation system Made in China

5052 Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy Sheet Ship Plate

Aluminium Sheets for Semi-Unitized Curtain Wall

China PPR Equal Tee Fittings of Industrial Application

High Capability Zirconia Board