A new clock can help you remember the moment of cherish

monom Span style=”font-size:10.5pt;mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt;font-family:宋体;mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family :"Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-font-kerning:1.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN-US;mso-fareast-language:ZH- CN;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA”>andIMG SRCJointly created a new clock that not only tells time, but also shows your most precious memories. Shaped like a small house, the center of the clock shows a slideshow of photos uploaded by the user.
Memory Clock
is that in addition to displaying these photos, it also shows the date the photo was taken. This is a great way to remind you to use photos to leave memories for a good day.
Users can upload photos via their smartphone or computer. MultipleMemory ClocksAlso synchronized, so you can share your memories even when your family is separated. Currently Memory Clocksstill a conceptual model that has not yet been put into production.

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Modern concrete flower pot

Iowa Vako DesignDesigned a series of concrete pots. Name is Concrescence, the design of the flower pot allows it to be arranged in a variety of ways, the flower pot has three sizes.

The flower pot is mixed with cement and sand and then injected into the mold. Once dry, they were placed on a birch plywood shelf cut with CNC routing technology. The shelf does not require hardware and is easy to assemble. Once assembled, both sides of the shelf can be used to accommodate different heights.
The flower pot is designed for the interior, but the concrete part of the flower pot can be used outdoors.

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Whimsical popcorn machine

Popcorn Monsoonmay be different from any popcorn you have ever seen. Jolene CarlierThe device designed looks both interesting and whimsical in design and functionality. She believes that the process of popping popcorn is a dull experience, and she wants to make this process even more exciting by using this unconventional structure. The end result is a unique invention that may be a minimalist sculpture at first glance. But you will immediately realize that this long bend can let you see the popping process.

UsePopcorn MonsoonIt’s very easy. First, you open the small tube next to it and pour the corn kernels into the large yellow base. Turn the metal heating switch over and wait for the corn kernels to be heated. When they pop open, they pass through the transparent slot to the other end. Watching the accumulation of popcorn and sliding it to another basket is very interesting and allows you to enjoy the process perfectly.

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Help you enjoy the art of tea

TOAST Living launched a set of metal tea tools, providing a convenient way for you to enjoy the traditional tea art. WEAVER composed of a tea can and tea drench, inspired by the classic bamboo weave style.

TOAST Modernize the model, combining metal mesh impregnation and lids for tea cans
The silicone cover of the dipping device can be used as a spoon. 5gram loose tea leaves, while ceramic cup holders can adjust the tea concentration according to the digester.
Tea extractor is available in copper and stainless steel The tea can is made of copper.

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Hull sofa creates a private space

The Canadian studio has designed this very original sofa: named “Hur Sofa”. Open the privacy of the space, flexible wooden slats mimic the tall grass, allowing users to see and maintain a semi-private environment while reading, calling or discussing space.

Hull sofa allows users to enjoy half-private space when needed: see a few articles, a phone call or Skype to chat with. At a meeting, a quiet conversation, or a moment with a loved one, in a busy mall, or a long temporary stay of a book. The Hull sofa gives a sense of security, which is the feeling that other high-back sofas cannot be found.
Flexible slats mimic tall grass, giving users the ability to be undetected to a certain extent. The slats can be separated by hand to give the user a better view. The semi-private screen also allows passers-by to see if the couch is occupied, while still blurring the user, avoiding anyone getting in. The slats are made of white ash and can be easily replaced by other materials.

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Weird floating bookstore

Nothing is more pleasant than browsing a bookstore full of all kinds of books, LondonWord On The Water is no exception, except for the fact that it floats on the water. In addition to the daily store name, the store is also known as the London Yacht Bookstore, which emphasizes the fact that the business is part of the bookstore and part of the boat.

Word On The Water is a unique store that offers customers the opportunity to explore second-hand novels in a surreal, unconventional environment. When you browse through hundreds of books, you can enjoy the calm atmosphere of the canal. Occasionally it also offers musicians the opportunity to play live music on top of the boat. Since 2011After the appearance of “Pirates of the Dream”, this quirky bookstore has become a destination for readers and curious shoppers.

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Modern outdoor seating

LujoOutdoor Bean BagThe chair is his new work. These structured mats are very comfortable and can adapt to any outdoor element.

If you are looking for a more relaxing lounge experience, then choose it. When you are not using them outdoors, you can put them indoors, they are very versatile.
The modern hammock is an architectural sculpture-like piece that fits your backyard. Made of durable KwilaHard wood, you can put this handmade unique hammock anywhere.

These large outdoor mats are perfect for your backyard or patio space. They are also suitable for children and these are waterproof and filled with soft, compressive bouncy balls.

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West Elm’s four collections of furniture

West ElmThe office furniture sector has exclusive 75+Collection of works. West ElmThe team is divided into four series, including: mid-century, modern, industrial and Contemporary. West ElmThe workspace is designed to fill this gap in the market, by providing reasonable prices, with Flexibility, comfort and stylish furniture, while the office brings a residential atmosphere.

Most of the work will be produced in North America, many of which are made from environmentally friendly materials.

This mid-century collection is inspired by the golden age of American office design, with different details such as walnut veneers, beveled edges and bronze surfaces.

Modern portfolio is easy to clean, white The laminate surface is finished with a pecan surface treatment.

Industrial portfolio utilizes steel frame With warm oak, it brings a hand-made feel to the workshop.

Contemporary portfolios provide flexible solutions based on how you work, with modular options to customize your workspace.

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Amsterdam’s concept design studio collaborated to design new wallpapers

Conceptual Design Studio in AmsterdamBCXSYCooperatively designed a new wallpaper inspired by the night sky.

reverse spaceAgree to the charm of our space, by creating a custom universe, you can They are brought to the wall of their home.
Wallpapers can be purchased in Italy, and in the US and the rest of the world, Calico WallpaperBuy.
This design was placed in Internal series of panels, at S015created an immersive experience.

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Company with innovative concept design

Studio BA designed this Tel Aviv Gartner Innovation Center with the feeling of a young startup. The office is located in a 100-year-old building.

They bring new and innovative ideas to the traditional space to match the company itself. Part of the original structure is preserved, combined with new furniture, lighting, 3D printed items and geometric design elements.

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