Tiled apartment

This is what this small apartment looks like after renovation. The project attempts to maintain a large number of original features and emphasize the authenticity of the overall design, rather than focusing on replacing everything.

A total of 40square meterThe living space is divided into social areas including kitchen, dining and living space, one bedroom and one bathroom. It is easy to observe all the unique design details in the living space, such as exposed bricks on the wall.
Use environmentally friendly, natural and durable materials in the transformation. The floors and sashes are made of oak, and when combined with exposed bricks, they create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere with a touch of rustic and industrial charm.

The kitchen is hidden in a corner to gain some privacy. It has white cabinets and brick walls, and wooden countertops can be used as a bar or even a dining table.

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Los Angeles 80s apartment was remodeled

Studio Matsalla Completed a renovation project for a Los Angeles apartment. This is a set of 80 years of apartment, it has a modern and eclectic transformation. The home was originally dark and outdated, and the new space was more open and functional, and brighter.

All The walls are painted white, and new finishes and castings are added to update the overall space. In the living room, a new built-in shelf unit adds storage space.
The old brick fireplace was removed and the image of black and white tiles was added to the wall.
The walls separating the living room and kitchen were removed to help make the kitchen more open.
To save space, dishwasher drawers were used to replace traditional models. The open shelf helps prevent the kitchen from having a small, closed feel.

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Aerial walkway in Cape Town

Recently this surreal walkway was installed in Cape Town, South Africa, creating a winding aerial path that allows visitors to stroll through the treetops. Made of steel and pineKirstenbosch Centenary Tree CanopyThe walkway starts from the ground of the forest and gradually slopes upwards And eventually rose above the canopy. From this perspective, guests can witness the glory of the South African forest——in each Kind of weather. Sometimes visitors must bring an umbrella through a tall canopy that is swallowed up by clouds and fog. The bench is fixed along the sidewalk and provides an ideal place to watch the sunrise or sunset when you are suspended in the atmosphere.

The bridge is inspired by the shape of a snake skeleton, long130, equivalent to approximately 1.5A football field. It took two years to build, about 40000The US dollar fee comes from private donations. By carefully hoisting prefabricated steel beams above the canopy, builders can provide a great new way to appreciate the forest and minimize disruption to the natural environment.

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DATRI & DASA house outside Mexico City

About Mexico City45minutes,Casa DATRI & DASA is made up of two separate houses Composed of, shared an open outdoor space. Two houses with sloping roofs are designed by [marvarq].

The challenge is to design two separate weekend homes for the two brothers to suit their different tastes while connecting the outdoor areas of the two houses, sharing the pool and terrace.
The house needs an open floor plan that can reach the upstairs entertainment area from anywhere in the house. The materials used were steel, concrete and glass.
The house needs to be scattered, not an open floor plan, each space is independent. The materials used are also very simple.
The key to design is the sun, wind and terrain, and the terrace and pool area are important.

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Dune house in the north of the Netherlands

Dune HouseSituated on the northern island of the Netherlands, by the architectMarc KoehlerDesign. This 591the square foot house is inspired by the surrounding sand dunes.

Environmental materials are used to construct beautiful homes. The wood is arranged in a staggered pattern and the house has a striking sloping roof. This is the design that brings a unique silhouette. The central heating system is based on biofuels to minimize carbon emissions.
Architects use spiral routes to connect the various open spaces of the house. The split-level floor can be used as a staircase leading to a fireplace and bookcase. It will also have a basement bedroom and a living room upstairs/The restaurant areas are connected, these are very suitable for modern decoration, with overwhelming ventilation.

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Spring chair and stool series

San Francisco DesignerAndrew ChengRecently released his new spring collection, showing Springchair and SpringStool. They offer a cantilevered seat, constructed entirely of solid wood and plywood, with a wood texture and in different directions.

Plywood seats are placed on top of the legs that are joined by dowels to make them elastic, while the full front makes the knees comfortable.

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The factory in 1940 became a new office

Eppstein Uhen ArchitectsJohnson ControlsOne ​​of the West Ellis, Wisconsin20Century40The age of Allis Chalmers The manufacturing plant has been transformed into a new office space. This remodeled building has 130000 square feet of space, maintaining its industrial quality, while turning into a modern office.

The open lounge space has unique furniture that is grouped and placed near the workstation so employees can work together when needed.
Flexible furniture throughout, especially in large conference and seminar rooms, can accommodate more people and meeting needs.

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The world’s first pre-assembled carbon cathode house

This magical model is made up of green building and manufacturing companiesArchiBlox launched, known as the first pre-assembled carbon positive house. It has a bedroom and a bathroom that can subtly generate more energy than it uses. The first model was recently installed at the public plaza in Melbourne, Australia, as an exhibition, but the company plans to make more for retail.

The house is designed to face the north, and the small unit uses natural forces to reduce man-made carbon emissions. The underground pipe helps the house cool down,Sealed Building EnclosureTechnology avoids energy waste. Solar panels on the roof power the unit, and green spaces can grow herbs and vegetables.
The unit is not only environmentally friendly, but also very suitable for living. The sleek and clean design provides a bright and airy interior living space. The flexible connection of the house allows it to meet the needs of the occupants: the panels can be created and divided according to family activities that can be connected and split.
Healthy family is very important,”ArchiBloxDesigner Dave Martinssaid. We designed the house to maximize air flow and natural light, build building materials that use renewable and recyclable materials, and are durable and low maintenance.

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Inspired by the chair of a Korean bachelor

JARIThe chair is inspired by an interesting social phenomenon——Select single men living in a single apartmentvs.Man buying a big family house to get married.

Therefore, sustainable affordable affordable small suite furniture has room for development. JuyoungKim bringedJARIchair, a modern multi-purpose chair. Using CNC technology, the chair is made of light and strong white birch wood, perfect for those looking for modern and beautifully designed furniture.

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Yellow eagle head mural in the Berlin building

A notable new mural by street artist DALeast, now located on the façade of the Berlin building. This piece depicts the lines of earthy tones, forming a magnificent eagle-shaped black background. The head of the line outline eagle begins to fade, melting into a group of lines flying to the edge of the frame. The most striking feature of the painting is the cold, yellow eyes on the street below, and the eagle’s eyes are sharp.

A masterpiece of public art, part of an art event hosted by Jonathan · New York City’s Levin Art Gallery. The artist DALeast is decorated with the interior of the interior of his own personality.
DALeast began painting on the walls of Cape Town, South Africa. He said that interest in painting began to change dramatically. Since then, he seems to have found his life goals, can find my wall paintings in the street.

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