New wooden furniture at Milan Furniture Fair

Karimoku New Standard is a furniture company specializing in the manufacture of wooden furniture. They brought new works at the Milan Furniture Fair.
The Colour wooden table series challenges the traditional concept of woodworking and provides maximum comfort.
Elephant sofa is a simple and shocking sofa with a soft curve.
The Scout Bistro Table has a simple yet elegant look that fits any chair. It is suitable for small spaces and has two different heights.

Castor Chairs and Arm Chairs use modern techniques and hand-crafted surfaces to create classic pieces that can be combined with any space.

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Modern Lakeside Residence in Western Massachusetts

The lakeside home on the western edge of Massachusetts is made up of Taylor and Miller Architecture and DesignDesign, with There is an open lake view. The stacked wood wall not only serves as a retaining wall for the landscape, but also serves as the main attachment to the house, which is partially embedded in the ground.

Wooden walls separate windows and doors, surrounded by angular white frames, like Sleeves the same. HorizontalSleeves face to the lake, vertical Span lang=”EN-US” style=”font-size:10.5pt;mso-bidi-font-size:1 2.0pt;font-family:Calibri;mso-fareast-font-family:宋体;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-font-kerning:1.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN -US;mso-fareast-language:ZH-CN;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA”>“sleevesface facing the sky.
The kitchen is equipped with hot-rolled steel, giving it a uniform industrial appearance.
on the walls on both sides of the stairs, they Rusted steel was used.

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Modern toy block

The Portland creative agency monogoto recently launched a colorful toy block collection called KUUM, designed for the Japanese brand Felissimo. The 202 pieces of toys are made of beech wood and have 12 units (two color combinations) that can be disassembled into 36 different shapes. Each 12 units represents a theme: earth, fire, flowers, trees, mountains, sea, ice, stones, earth, moon, sun and sand. There are L-shaped blocks, flat blocks and half-moon blocks in each unit, which are carefully calculated and designed to maximize the number of combinations.

KUUM aims to inspire four creative skills: painting, architecture, puzzle solving and storytelling. The teaching principles provided in the works are a little bit imaginative and offer unlimited possibilities for creation.

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The best design review of 2015

Kodama Zomes is a suspended grid-like dome that offers a double sofa, bed and private space. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

A weatherproof table with subtle architectural details and bright yellow for any table tennis hobby It is a perfect minimalist choice.

UMA is a modern sound light, combined with LEDTechnology and Wireless Speakers, available360degree of high-end sound and Span lang=”EN-US”>LEDLight.

This is a portable grill that is easy to assemble and all components can be washed in the dishwasher.

This is a modern bird house and bird bath inspired by Bauhaus. Antifreeze ceramic bowls can be used for water and food.

Chan Wai LimDesigned these outdoor swinging animal chairs, inspired by the animals and wooden objects of the farm grown up by the designer.

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Halful series is a totem-style stand-up flower pot

Looks like a modern, modern vase. They are simple and sculptural, made of polyethylene, and the frame is made of metal.
Designed for indoor use only, these pots have a chic design inspired by the 1950s and 1960s. They have tapered wooden legs and ceramic pots with a modern charm of the Middle Ages.
Flower pots should strengthen the beauty of potted plants, and should also be used as a decoration for the room, so choose a matching or complementary decorative style. The space with simple and neutral decor can use a charming touch. Consider pots with aluminum and brass surfaces. The stand-up pots are lightweight and ensure a ventilated display. The base of the Iris flower pot is made of whitewashed steel, which is made of stone and cement composite.

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The latest lighting, furniture and objects

APPARATUS launched their latest lighting, furniture and objects at the Milan Design Week.
The SEGMENT table series combines a translucent resin base with a rounded painted tabletop to create a visual density between dynamics and lightness. The pedestal is made up of brass hardware and a segmented section that allows light to pass through its open space.
LANTERN’s ceramic lampshade is suspended from three copper rods, using the sphere as a design detail.
The METRONOME series balances the lampshade at one end with the ball at one end with a tapered base.

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A quirky colorful coffee shop in Athens, Greece

Coffee is a refreshing drink usually in the morning (all day), this is the design behind the coffee shop coffix of studiomateriality, the coffee shop is located in Athens, Greece. The quaint space has a happy shade.
Bright blue with shiny floors, white wall tiles, pale pink ceilings and happy yellow stools.
A face light box is placed on the wall, above the bar, to accompany the guests to drink coffee.
In order to match the appearance of the “fashionable laboratory”, the staff wore white overalls and colored scarves.

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The latest products from Diiis Designstudio

The Swiss design studio Diis Designstudio has introduced some new designs, including furniture and household items.
GITO / HATO is a pair of wall-side tables that are easy to put together with a simple screw system. Their two wooden table tops have an inset metal plate that allows you to place drinks.
HAWU is a bookshelf with a design similar to the table above. A metal frame supports three wooden frames, and you can choose a semicircle or metal corner. The corners can be used as bookends to help hold things on the shelf.
SIM / SALA / BIM is three glass vases that give you the flexibility to display a single flower or a whole bouquet.

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Kosmo desktop is another classic work

Famous with a sculptural wooden base and a sleek and stylish metal platform and glass table top. The oval tabletop is clean and has a thickness of 10 mm, which gives the table a lightweight look.
If you like table football, check out this glass version. The playing field is made of laminated crystal with a transparent or smoked glass option.
Isola is a shelf system. Unlike other shelf units, it has a structure made of transparent glass. They seem to be floating, and placing them at different angles brings dynamic effects.
Glass cabinets used to be very popular. They can show a variety of things, usually in the living room. The Pandora Light sideboard has a metal structure with a wooden bottom and top shelf, and the transparent glass frame contrasts with them.

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Modern holiday house near Bordeaux, France

Located in Bordeaux, France, this project was designed by Atelier du Pont as a holiday house with a swimming pool. Like most homes in the area, the house is situated on a piece of land on the hillside to the sea, and its geometry mimics the cabin.
The house is situated in a forest, making its cabin-like exterior a perfect design that coexists with the surrounding landscape.
Irregular layouts are designed to limit damage to existing plants and trees.
The exterior is covered with horizontal pine boards, referring to the pine forest around the house. The house was full of hard angles, so they designed a curved staircase in the center of the house.

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