Overcapacity in the door and window industry

From the development of the home furnishing industry in the past year and the development momentum of the home furnishing industry in the first half of the year, the overall market environment is relatively low, and the development momentum of the building materials and home furnishing market is not optimistic by the industry.

The door and window industry is an important part of the home products, the consumer market demand is more high-end, but the growth of market innovation products can not meet the market Demand, door and window enterprises should see the current form, this big wave of the market can not be independent. The previously released “China Building Materials Home Industry Development Report” shows that in the context of the new economic normal, the overall performance of 71 building materials and home listed companies last year showed a phenomenon of “increasing income without increasing profits” and the loss was also expanding. As one of the most market-oriented and market-competitive industries, the current building materials and home furnishing industry is the world of small and medium-sized enterprises due to low barriers to entry. Among them, the door and window industry is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which makes the survival time of most small and medium-sized doors and windows enterprises not long. The number of enterprises and the small average size bring the development status of China’s building materials and home furnishing industry to a low industrial concentration. Leading to the disorder of industry competition. In addition, the low concentration of industry has indirectly led to the overcapacity problem in the door and window industry. The main performances are: unreasonable product structure, more low-end products, less high-end products, and a certain gap between product quality stability and developed countries. Low-energy, low-emission, high value-added products have not yet become the mainstay. The main problems in the development of doors and windows industry are: lack of scientific and technological innovation capability, the output value of strategic emerging industries accounts for only 10% of the total industry, and the development is slow; the lack of information innovation, the low level of informationization of small and micro enterprises; Large, lack of specialized industry authorities, etc.

To solve the above problems, there are several directions that the home furnishing industry can break through in the future:

First, under the promotion of the national housing industrialization policy, the overall home is a big trend. Enterprises should extend the industrial chain and occupy as much as possible the high end of the industrial chain, from a pure raw material supplier to a whole, system solution provider;

Second, with the implementation of the Green Building Action Plan, the enterprise We should seize the opportunity to increase the intensity of research and development, production and sales of green building materials, and promote the transformation of the home furnishing industry into “greening”;

Third, in the new normal, the role of the service industry is more prominent, manufacturing Miniaturization, intelligence, and specialization will become the new direction of industrial development. Therefore, intelligence, service, and personalization should become the key points for the future development of enterprises. Fourth, the entire home furnishing industry is still in a state of free competition and industrial concentration. Low, in the future, with the entry of capital, industrial integration will accelerate, and home decoration will achieve integrated development.


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