Modular city as a solution for population growth

As the urban population thrives, cities generally expand outward to suburban or static infrastructure. If there is anything, on the contrary, the city is based on a modular structure with almost no limits to how much growth they can have? These modular urban concepts include the development of a circle of turrets and prefabricated residential units.
Modular Paracity

Framed by a basic 6-meter square wood structure model, can Constructed almost infinitely, like the floods of Taipei and Jakarta, which play a role in the rise of the ground. “Paracity” is designed for the growing unrestricted filling of frames, homes, gardens, roads, shops, restaurants and more. Our idea is “the urban development of self-sustainable living”, using sustainable technologies for water purification, wastewater treatment and energy production. The designer said, “Paracity is a high-tech slum in a sense that it can begin to adjust to the industrial city towards a more sustainable development. Paracity is a third-generation city, organic machine, urban compost, which is helping industrial companies become part of nature.

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