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What is AA?

KAA is a Korean entertainment industry company that has been in operation for 13 years. It has an advanced star-making system in Asia and has trained 60% of Korean nets and artists. Now plans To upgrade from offline to online operations, through blockchain application, anchors, fans, communities, and users will become a community of interests. The first bidding invited 13 operating teams, and finally we won the project incubation of KAA by our Deren Foundation. KAA docking V letter: QQ3149031

KAA docking V letter: QQ3149031

KAA’s business Mode?

KAA Live is based on the application of blockchain, including live entertainment + live education training (learning blockchain) + shareholder system + exchange, our culture is the star of the entertainment industry to achieve everyone Dreams, education and training to achieve everyone’s big dreams, shareholder mechanism to achieve everyone’s dream of success. The three dreams come together to create a huge attraction, to continuously contribute fresh fan traffic to all stages of our future, and to achieve the whole through exchange, live rewards, voting, purchasing, shopping malls, games and so on. Ecological blockchain.

How does it relate to KAA?

We only need fans in the first stage, download the registration app, and complete the real-name authentication, you can get a maximum of 1 BTC (bitcoin = money) random If you can bring 100 traffic (fans) to the company, you will become a shareholder of KAA and get 3%-15% of the total revenue of the KAA platform (according to the multiplication of team traffic, the revenue will increase relatively)

KAA Docking V: QQ3149031

How do we make a profit at KAA?

Download registration and complete real-name certification, random lead up to 1 BTC (Bitcoin = money)

VIP1 Share 10 fan teams directly 100 people get the total revenue of KAA platform 3% dividends

(Gift card: 3000KAA, 8% monthly release = 240 KAA/month)

VIP2 Directly share 20 fan teams 300 people get the total revenue of KAA platform 5% dividends

(Gift card: 10000KAA, 10% monthly release = 1000 KAA/month)

VIP3 Share 50 fan teams directly 1000 people get 10% bonus on KAA platform total revenue


(Gift drill One card: 30000KAA, 12% monthly release = 3600 KAA/month)

VIP4 Direct sharing of 100 fan teams 5000 people get 15% bonus on KAA platform total revenue

( One black diamond card: 70000KAA, 15% monthly release = 10500 KAA/month)

—The invitation mechanism is valid for two generations–

KAA docking V letter: QQ3149031

The profit source of the KAA platform?

Today we saw, we All income is based on the profitability of KAA. So how much money does KAA make? Take one of our sections for example. We will have our own exchange, a general exchange with 50W fans, and 5W people will trade every day. The transaction fee for one day is 100 million yuan. This is the exchange. Pure profit. Will be evenly distributed to our VIP level.

Example: In the first stage, we have a 100W fan exchange fee income of 100 million yuan / day

Achieved VIP1 has 1W people 100 million net income of 3% dividend is 300W then every People can be divided into 300 yuan per day

Achieving VIP2 has 5,000 people with 100 million net income of 5% dividend is 500W, then each person can be divided into 1,000 yuan per day

Achieved VIP3 has 2000 people 10% of the net income of 100 million net income is 1000W, then each person can be divided into 5,000 yuan per day

Achieving VIP4 has 1000% of 100 million net income, 15% of the dividend is 1500W, then each person can be divided into 15,000 yuan per day.

And this is just the income of the exchange, we will also open live awards, voting, purchasing, shopping malls, games in the second stage. Every sector is a big profit margin. Our VIP shareholders can be divided, and KAA will take out 80% of all total revenue. Such a big pattern will surely embrace the world and let us come together to meet the future.

Korean kaa video live on 8.18, and I want to play in the group, just like the game of the fire, now In the test, the official launch of the 18th, facing the first batch of new users, you also know that the first batch of users of the fire cattle have earned meat, do not wait for this flood of you to get started, KAA short video, now warm up, Officially open for registration on the 18th

Don’t miss the short video of KAA in the early bonus of the Hookory,

You can understand the meat in the early stage!

Under the general entertainment economy

Innovative application of blockchain technology

Global live broadcast reward platform

Joined in as a shareholder

Korean kaa video Live broadcastI look forward to your joining

8.18 officially launched on the line, plus WeChat has the first time registration link, WeChat: QQ3149031

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