machine vision with many advantages is also very widely used in image detection

In addition, the use of machine vision inspection systems manufacturers for industrial defect detection is non-contact, high efficiency, low cost, high degree of automation, etc., is gradually replacing the traditional defect detection method. This kind of detection and measurement is non-manual operation, which can save a lot of human resources and bring considerable benefits to the company, so its application is more and more extensive.

Next, let’s talk about some typical applications in manufacturing.

Object Measurement Applications

The biggest feature of machine vision industrial applications is their non-contact measurement technology, which also has high precision and high speed performance, but not The contact is wear-free, eliminating the secondary damage that may be caused by contact measurement. Common measurement applications include gears, connectors, automotive parts, IC component pins, twist drills, and Luoding thread inspection.

Image Detection Application

Detection is one of the most important applications in the machine vision industry. Almost all products need to be tested, and manual detection has many drawbacks. Therefore, machine vision with many advantages is also very widely used in image detection, for example, in the fifth set of RMB issued in October 2000. The side of the round coin enhances the anti-counterfeiting function. In view of the strict control requirements of the production process, a visual inspection system is installed on the last process of coinage.

Image Recognition Application

Image recognition is the use of machine vision to process, analyze, and understand images to identify targets and objects in various modes. . The most typical application of image recognition in the field of machine vision industry is the recognition of two-dimensional codes. A large amount of data information is stored in the two-dimensional code, and the product is tracked and managed through the barcode. Through the machine vision system, the bar code of various material surfaces can be easily recognized and read, which greatly improves the efficiency of modern production.

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