Luxury hotels in Tulum

Either a hotel, private home or any other structure needs a nice location to attract people. Located on the beautiful beaches of Tulum, this hotel belongs to the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar before it becomes a hotel.

The original hotel only offered 9 bedrooms. The hotel was remodeled over time. A series of two-story structures were built along the beach, the total number of suites increased to 35, and plans to add more.

The main entrance to the main building is quite impressive. It has two large doors that, when closed, resemble a wall covered with bark. The interior is very interesting, the walls are white, the floor is covered with polished concrete, and the neutral décor includes modern paintings, sculptures and designer furniture.

There is a bar on the first floor of the main building. The walls of this area are covered with graphic black and white wallpapers that highlight themselves and do not require artwork or decorations. The bar, the stool and everything kept simple.

Beach and ocean allow designers to create a range of beautiful recreational spaces, some with a pergola roof. Hammocks and swings allow guests to relax and enjoy the view and tranquility.

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