Logan’s current office design

Logan is a New York-based “Double Coast” production company and recently had a new office. This space was designed by a design company living in Brooklyn. It is located in New York, USA. This project, covering a total area of ​​6,500 square meters, was completed in 2012.

The design of the office is a very dynamic modern space that encourages collaboration and teamwork. Given that most of the company’s team consists of a series of mobile consultants, the office must be flexible and allow for simple reorganization. Each project is different and therefore requires different settings. There is almost no permanent space and personalized workstations in the office. This is a very flexible space, you never know where you are sitting.
The new office is divided into two identical spaces. They are symmetrical straight lines. Each area has a custom 65-foot worksheet that can accommodate any size workgroup. The sharing platform can be used for many purposes, and the room can also be used for group meetings, design, production, etc. Overall, this is a very simple but very flexible and modern office.

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