Liziba Light Rail Transit Observation Deck Opens Counting Network Red Chongqing Tourism Observation Deck

To say that 8D Chongqing is the most puzzling thing, the non-Liziba Light Rail Line 2 is a building. It attracts too many foreigners to punch in, and the enthusiasm of foreigners is also Let Chongqing people be puzzled.

On August 21st, the Liziba Observation Deck, which was built at the request of the majority of tourists, was officially opened to tourists. This is also the first time that Chongqing has become the first completed network in Chongqing this year. Red attractions file upgrade project.

This three-dimensional city in Chongqing has such a magical viewing platform. Below, let’s take a look at Chongqing’s various network viewing platforms to make the Chongqing travel photo in your mobile phone even more stunning. .

Puffy Devil: Liziba Observation Deck

First Track 2 The line is still the first floor? This question is for the foreigners who go to the Liziba Observation Deck. It is like “The chicken is the first to have the same test as the egg.

Liziba light rails pass through the building. Chongqing people never expected to fire. All the roads in Liziba were previously set up without a viewing position. Visitors only looked up on the sidewalk less than two meters. The angle was not Good, a train passes, squatting away, and the bus is only indiscriminate.

The amazing passenger flow brought by Chongqing Red Chongqing, the Yuzhong District Government decided to build the Liziba Observation Deck from May this year. It is safer and not crowded for you to look up the second line. Such a wayward, no wonder Chongqing will be called a pet powder madman by netizens.

Yesterday, Xiao Bian saw from the scene that after the opening of the Liziba Observation Deck, watching the view of the light rail through the building is much better than in the past, that is, the legendary 33° the best viewing angle, the most critical It is no longer worried about being crowded onto the road. This is good news for tourists visiting Chongqing during the Mid-Autumn National Day.

On this viewing platform, you can fully appreciate that the road to Chongqing in the mountain city has two floors. Of course, above the Lizi Dam on the light rail line 2, there is also the famous “three-story road, you are good. Count, there are several layers of roads in the mountain city. By the way, think about it again. In the end, there is a track or a building.

Stunning Punch: Hongyadong Observation Deck

Hongyadong, Chongqing A fire red net attraction, the way of playing here is the same before: on the Qianmenmen Bridge, or on Jiabin Road, take a picture of the Hongyadong and Chihiro, and feel the fantasy Chongqing on the cliff.

Have you tried to look at the night view of Jiangbei on the Hongyadong observation deck at the Baibai Road from the top of Hongya Cave? The best view and angle of the CBD’s radiant bank buildings!

The Hongyadong Observation Deck is located on the top floor of Hongyadong. The area is not large, only a few dozen square meters. Not only can you see the red buildings such as the Grand Theatre, but you can also take the Millennium Gate Bridge into it, reflecting that Chongqing is a bridge, and the No. 6 train on the track is also running under the bridge.

The building curtain wall of Jiangbeizui, after special programming, is equivalent to a huge TV screen, which can display a huge picture. You record a short video and bring the Jialing River into it. Maybe it will be on fire. .

Yes, in front of the Chongqing Grand Theatre in Jiangbeizui, there is also a huge dam with few people. You can see the panoramic view of the Suizhong Peninsula. This is also a good viewing platform.

God’s Perspective: WFC Observation Deck

Chongqing’s Suizhong Mother City, by Two Rivers Encircled, most of the red spots in Chongqing are also on the Yuzhong Peninsula. But if you want to see the whole picture of the Yuzhong Peninsula, you need to go to Jiangbei, or the South Bank. Is there any place to look at Chongqing from the perspective of God?

Yes, this place is the WFC Fairy Tower Observation Deck, located in Jiefangbei. This one-year viewing platform is open only 359 meters high, and is located in the higher position of the mother city of Langzhong. The 73-story observation deck can look around the whole picture of the core area of ​​Chongqing’s main city, whether it is The Yuzhong Peninsula is still in the north of the Yangtze River and the South Bank. The characteristics of Chongqing Jiangcheng and Shancheng are all in sight. The observation deck also has air conditioning, so you don’t have to sweat.

Chongqing also has a traditional full-view platform, which is a tree viewing platform. However, the people who go up are mostly tourists from travel agencies, and the roads up the mountain are more likely to be jammed. A good angle surrounded by rivers.

Guinness in Chongqing: Ordovician Sky Gallery Viewpoint

Chongqing There are only two Hongjing Districts outside the main city of Chongqing, which are summarized by the Municipal Tourism Commission. One of them is the Wansheng Ordovician Scenic Area. There is a viewing platform that creates the Guinness World Record — — gallery.

The Wansheng Ottoji Scenic Area is two hours drive from the core area of ​​Chongqing’s main city. Each online travel platform has a one-day itinerary. The Ordovician scenic spot was built on a cliff above the sea level of 1,200 meters above sea level. The sky gallery viewing platform built last year is a glass plank road that stretches 69.6 meters from the cliff, standing on the top of the glass plank road, except for the small mountains. Visually amazed, you can also feel the slight vibration under the foot —— this sky gallery is a glass bridge with only one support point, this feeling is very wonderful.

After all, the Ordovician is two hours away from the main city. There are not only sky hanging corridors, but also the sound of a vibrating sound. “The ultimate leap and “the cliff swing, the former is equivalent to the cliff. The open-air step on the live-action version of the “jump, the latter, the 18-meter cliff swing is equivalent to 6 floorsWhen the building flies down, every time the electromagnet is released, it is a scream. The height under your feet is not only 18 meters, but also a cliff of 300 meters.

Yes, the 20-meter cliff swing in the Ordovician scenic area will be opened in September. The location is higher and the farther is flying. At the same time, there are a whole new cliff thrilling project.

Almost all the projects in this scenic spot are built on the cliffs. When you go, you will know that this city of Chongqing has another form of expression in the Ordovician scenic spot.

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