Linyi shares electric bicycles online. Nearly 6,000 citizens have registered.

During the 11-day holiday, many Linyi citizens are using a new type of shared transportation tool, that is, sharing electric bicycles after sharing bicycles and sharing electric vehicles. This is called “small bicycles” On September 30th, it was listed in the city. It was officially put into operation on October 1 and 500 vehicles were put into the city. As of October 7, there were more than 5,800 registered users in the city, with an average of 800 tickets per day and a total mileage of 19,200 kilometers. . From the operational data of the past week, this convenient new shared transportation is still more popular with the public. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle National Affiliate Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Xiaomi Bicycle’s current urban operation area map ( The solid line is circled and circled).

It is understood that Xiaomi Bicycle is the first shared motorcycle in Linyi, which is operated by Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. and Linyi Express Electric Vehicle Rental Co., Ltd. 500 vehicles, plans to put 5,000 vehicles in urban areas within one year. Xiaomi Bicycle actively cooperated with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, and all vehicles were first licensed and placed. In terms of driving safety, the small honey motorcycle has a speed limit of 20 km/h, which complies with the relevant regulations of the regulatory authorities, and each vehicle is listed by the public security department and has customized insurance. Xiaomi bicycles prevent the occurrence of illegal and illegal violations through members’ real name system, credit information system and “electronic fence”.

After real-name certification, you can use the 299 yuan deposit to use the small honey bicycle. When you use the car, you can unlock the car by scanning the code with the Xiaomi Bike APP. You can also check the remaining battery capacity and cruising range of the vehicle. It is easy and convenient to use. At present, the vehicle is equipped with a 48V15A lithium battery, and the cruising range can reach 60 kilometers. Xiaomi Electric bicycle adopts the power-changing mode. The vehicles are equipped with intelligent equipment, which can monitor the battery power and vehicle positioning in real time through the background. The operator will replace the battery in time according to the monitoring situation to ensure that the user can ride anytime and anywhere. However, car buyers must pay attention when riding a bicycle. Do not ride in the super area. When the area is over, the bicycle will be automatically powered off. At present, Xiaomi Motorcycle’s urban operation area is: East to Binhe West Road, west to Industrial Avenue (including Linyi University area), south to Taoran Road, north to Nanjing Road.

In terms of fees, Xiaomi Motorcycle implements mileage + time charging mode: starting price is 2.5 yuan (including 0.5 yuan insurance premium), 0.15 yuan / minute (holiday 0.25 yuan / minute) + 0.4 yuan / km , the designated outlets can also enjoy half price concessions. There are currently 280 designated returning outlets in the urban operating area.

Reporter Experience: It took 2.79 yuan to ride in 12 minutes.

Traveling on an electric bicycle is easy, comfortable and convenient. It can avoid the congestion of driving. The citizens have electric everywhere. bicycle. Nowadays, in the area delimited by the urban area, with the public electric bicycle, it is easier and more convenient to travel, because you don’t have to charge yourself, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the stolen vehicle. When you swipe your mobile phone, you can ride it when you unlock it. Destination, the phone is easy to return to the car. On the morning of October 8, the reporter experienced a shared electric bicycle.

Reporter mobile phone download and install “ Xiaomi bicycle app, bind mobile phone, enter ID number and take a photo of face upload to complete real name Certification, recharge 299 yuan deposit, complete the member registration.

The reporter opened the “Little Honey Bike App” and found a motorcycle that was closest to its position of 50 meters. The car is located on the west side of the Kyushu supermarket near the intersection of Taoran Road and Zhuqiu Road.

This bright yellow small electric bicycle model is compact, the rear wheel motor and bearing are completely closed, and the front and rear wheels have no aeration nozzle. According to the person in charge of the Linyi area of ​​Xiaomi Bicycle, in order to avoid damage to the line, the motor and bearing of the rear wheel of the bicycle adopt a fully enclosed structure, and in order to avoid the inconvenience caused by running the gas and the tire being tied to the user, the bicycle is solid. Rubber tires.

After the reporter scans the code, the mobile phone prompts the rental car to start at 2.5 yuan, and the car can last for 60 kilometers. It seems that this small electric bicycle with the electronic number 932490 and the license plate A113317 has just replaced the battery, and the power is sufficient. Click on the phone and confirm the car button, the electric bike will start billing. The reporter rides the electric car, goes north along Zhuqiu Road, passes through the entrance of the Weihe Experimental School, then goes west along Ping’an Road, reaches the south of Zhongqiu Road, and then goes east along Jinyuan Road. Finally, the reporter returns to Zhuqiu Road and The West Gate of the Qidong Homeland at the Taoran Road Fair. Along the way, the reporter turned the power of the right hand to the maximum. The car has been driving at a slow speed and slow speed. It is understood that all the operating small honey motorcycles have been speed limited by 20 km/h. The reporter was riding a circle and the brakes were very sensitive. The overall feeling was not bad.

The reporter points & ldquo; return the car button, the software prompts “ld distance; 11 meters away from the designated return point. The reporter took the car to the north for more than 10 meters and went to a public bicycle spot on the north side of the west gate of the Jidong home. It confirmed that it had returned the car. The total settlement fee of this trip is 2.79 yuan, including: 0.25 yuan / minute & time during the holiday; 12 minutes (total 3 yuan) + km billing 0.40 yuan / km & times; 1.97 km (total 0.79 yuan); insurance fee 0.5 yuan; outlets Return car discount -1.50 yuan. Counting the reporter for 12 minutes, I walked about 2 kilometers and spent 2.79 yuan, which cost a little more than a bus, but it is more convenient to ride a shared electric bicycle.

According to Li Qiang, head of Xiaomi Bicycle Linyi District, Xiaomi Motorcycle has been thinking about saving time and effort, and using it more quickly.Exploring, decoding the city “light travel, sharing motorcycles as a new way of transportation outside the bus and shared bicycles, is meeting the travel needs of office workers and college students. Xiaomi bicycles are officially launched in Linyi, which is greatly convenient. Citizen. Xiaomi bicycle not only has a charming appearance, but also a “Technology core + service heart: Xiaomi bicycles are equipped with intelligent equipment, such as GPS positioning, battery lock, etc., 48V15A lithium battery cruising range up to 60 kilometers, for protection The user can ride anywhere, anytime, and the offline maintenance personnel will replace the battery in time according to the technical monitoring situation to keep the ride smooth.

It is understood that Xiaomi Motorcycle has been put into operation in 8 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Linyi, with 2 million registered users. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle National Affiliate Center WeChat: QQ9968134

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