Kuncheng Culture and the 8th Self-Expo will escort the development of tourist attractions!

Recently, in Yanyuan County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, a self-driving tour —— the 8th Sichuan International Self-driving Expo. This self-driving tour in western Sichuan has achieved great success with the active cooperation of the government and the local people. Chengdu Kuncheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Kuncheng Culture”) is the main event of this 8th self-expo. The executive party, together with the well-known design team of Chengdu, Black Ants Travel, is doing its best to escort it, so that the beautiful scenery of Penghu in western Sichuan can be remembered by more people.

As we all know, the development, planning and operation of tourist attractions have always been the focus of domestic tourism operations, and Kuncheng As the most professional tourism scenic spot development and execution team in western Sichuan, culture adheres to the internal supervision of professional and standardized operation procedures, and provides localized, real-time, systematic and interactive services for customers.

The core of Kuncheng Culture’s enterprise lies in the development of the scenic spot and industrial investment as “leadership; tourism planning, planning and design as “planning; planning, investment and sales in scenic spots” ; to operate, manage, train, market, and operate in the scenic area. Three major plates, mutual support and interaction at the same time!

Kuncheng Culture, now affiliated to Sichuan Kuncheng Agency Its core members include: Executive Director Ma Meng, General Manager of Planning and Planning Department Ma Zhijun, General Manager of the Commercial Department Sun Hongtao, and Commercial Director Zhang Shihan. Since the establishment of the team, in the development of scenic spots, after years of development, through the practical experience of various scenic spots, we have summarized and refined a set of principles covering the development of scenic spots, the concept of scenic spot development, the development model of scenic spots, the main body of scenic spot development, and the development content of scenic spots. (Developing and excavating the value and function of tourism resources, specific planning and design of scenic spots and scenic spots, improving the accessibility of tourism destinations, building and improving tourism supporting facilities, protection and renovation of tourism resources, human resource development, and protection of natural ecology ), the development process of the scenic area, etc. “Kuncheng mode.

In the case of taking over, in addition to the 8th Sichuan International Self-driving Expo, which has just ended successfully, Kun The business of the city culture has touched the whole country from within Sichuan.

In 2012, Kuncheng served the Wenshu Monastery historical and cultural protection area —— Wenshu Monastery; in 2014, Kuncheng full service “old country town of Maotai”, in addition to this, Industrial investment and cultural tourism industry planning of Renli Ancient Town tourist attraction in Suining City; planning and planning, architectural design and landscape design of Panzhou Ancient City in Liupanshui City; planning and planning of Longzheng Theme Avenue in Suining County; Luoyang Huaxia First River Commercial Planning And investment, scenic area operation services and so on.

It is undeniable that China’s tourism scenic development has made great achievements in the past 25 years, Chengdu Dukun The strong help of City Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has undoubtedly promoted the development of the tourism industry in Sichuan and even the whole country, making tourism everywhere and at your fingertips!

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