Korean middle school students sleep less than 6 hours on average. Nearly 40% want to commit suicide.

People’s Daily on February 17 According to South Korea’s “Asian Economy” report, according to statistics, the average sleep time of Korean high school students last year was 5.27 hours, a decrease of one hour compared with four years ago. More than 70% of students have too short sleep due to academic stress.

According to the report, on the 17th, according to the Korean Youth Policy Research Institute’s “2013 Korean Children and Adolescents Human Rights Tense Study” survey report, the national primary school students (grades 4 to 6) and junior high school students 9521 The person surveyed the subject. The statistical results show that the average sleep time of Korean students is 7.06 hours.

From the school year, the average sleep time of primary school students was 8.19 hours, 7.12 hours for junior high school students, and 5.27 hours for high school students. This data is reduced to varying degrees compared to 2009. In particular, the sleep time of high school students has been reduced by nearly one hour from 6.3 hours in 2009. 69.5% of students believe that sleep is seriously inadequate.

The report also said that when asked why there was insufficient sleep, 61.6% (repeated question and answer) among the primary school students said that they were browsing the adult webpage and chatting with friends (53.1%). Among middle school students, watching TV and listening to music are the main reasons, accounting for (67.6%), followed by chatting with friends (55.9%); while high school students are generally obsessed with sleep due to nighttime self-study and watching TV dramas and movies. The reasons are 52.6% and 49.9% respectively.

Due to the high speed of Korean society, students’ academic problems (69.3%) and uneasiness about the future (51.6%) have become the main source of their stress. Appearance and physical condition (29.2%), relationship with the same age (21.9%), family disharmony (18.8%), and economic difficulties (12.6%) are also included.

It is particularly noteworthy that nearly 40% (36.9%) of junior high school students have had suicidal thoughts in the past year, and this trend has risen sharply year on year. When asked about the cause of suicide, 40.4% of the students thought that the school was under too much pressure and ranked first. Family contradictions ranked second with 27.6%.

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