Kim Jong Il’s birthday, Kim Jong-un, Ginseng, Jinxiu Mountain, Li Xue, the main appearance (Photos)


North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong-un went to the Jinxiu Mountain Sun Palace, where Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il’s body were placed at 0:00 on the 16th. (Source: North Korea Labor News Network)

According to South Korean media reports on February 16, on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the death of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on the 16th At the time of the Jinxiu Mountain Sun Palace, where Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il’s body were placed, they worshipped.

The Chief Political Officer of the Korean People’s Army, Cui Longhai, the Chief of Staff of the People’s Army, Li Yongji, the Minister of the People’s Armed Forces, Zhang Zhengnan, the Director of the General Staff Department, Bian Renshan, and the First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces, Xu Hongcan, etc. The commander of the People’s Army accompanied him. Mrs. Kim Jong-un’s wife, Li Xue, and the Korean Workers’ Party’s central minister, Kim Jong-un’s aunt, Kim Jong-il, did not show up.

Kim Jong-un stepped into the hall with Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il-Il, and presented a flower basket. Together with all the staff, Kim Jong-un paid tribute to Kim Jong-il’s statue and vowed that he would never forget the legacy of Comrade Kim Jong Il and thoroughly establish the sole leadership system of the Supreme Commander (Kim Jong-un).

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