It is important to match the style of the lamp with the space.

Lighting is an indispensable item for every family. It seems that it is very simple to buy and use the favorite lamps. In fact, home lighting has a lot of knowledge. If you are not careful, you will be exposed to light pollution in long-term residence. ,affect health.
Light source selection

  The light source is the basic component and core component that affects the light effect. Knowing the characteristics of the light source, we can better choose the light fixture that suits us.

   incandescent & fluorescent lamp: good versatility

   incandescent lamp is mostly a bulb, the lampshade is plastic, so it has many varieties and versatility. The color of light is close to the color of sunlight, and it can be oriented, scattered, and diffused. It can enhance the stereoscopic effect of the object, but the light conversion rate is low, the heating temperature is high, and it is relatively environmentally friendly.

  Fluorescent lamp is a fluorescent lamp with high light conversion rate, energy saving and high efficiency, but it will produce light decay, color difference, and certain influence on vision.

   energy-saving lamps: high energy-saving light effect

   energy-saving lamps are relatively small in size, energy saving effect is remarkable, but his color rendering is poor, The color that leads to the look is not beautiful enough, but also harmful to health and vision.

  LED lights: small size and environmental protection

  LED lamps are small in size, low in power consumption, long in life, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and highly decorative It is the main source of light for downlights, but at the same time the price is relatively expensive, and the heat dissipation is not easy to light decay.

  space layout

   After understanding the characteristics of different light sources, we can begin to plan what should be configured in different spaces. The lights are off.

  Brightness matches lighting needs

   On the whole, the living room has to receive guests, the study to read, the restaurant to eat, these are Brighter luminaires should be provided, and the choice of light source is more free; the main function of the bedroom is rest, the brightness is soft (preferably using yellow light); the lighting requirements of the kitchen and bathroom are not high, not too much For the luminaires, the former is better for concentrating and warmer, and the latter is better for energy-saving lamps when the brightness is equivalent.

   matching style and space conditions

  Selecting fixtures should pay attention to the height and size of the space. If the height of the room is less than 3 meters, it is not suitable for the use of long pole chandeliers or high-dip crystal lamps (so the general large chandeliers are suitable for villas or duplex families); the space of 15-18 square meters is 60-80W. The space of 30-40 square meters chooses 100-150W lamps, the area of ​​the lamps should not be larger than 2-3% of the room area (the lamps are small and the lighting is insufficient, and the auxiliary lamps such as floor lamps, spotlights, table lamps, etc. can be added in the space).

  The weight and spacing of the lamps are reasonable

  For the top luminaire, the weight cannot exceed the load-bearing capacity of the top surface, otherwise it will easily occur Dangerous, generally installed directly on the floor of the luminaire, because the floor load is strong, not easy to fall, if installed on the aluminum gusset and ceiling, the light fixtures need to be as light as possible. On the other hand, when planning the luminaires, attention should be paid to a certain distance to ensure visual beauty.

Location combination

   After determining the approximate space requirements, the next step is to refine the positional combination of the luminaires. For ceiling lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, downlights for wall use, wall lamps for wall use, and more mobile floor lamps and table lamps, we often use main body + partial lighting to combine lighting.

  Top: The ceiling lamp/chandelier body satisfies the daily light

  The main light source can generally take these several ways: one is from the top Large and bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps, this way more need to consider whether the space conditions can meet the requirements; the second is the use of incandescent lamps, which is currently used in most ordinary households, but often based on white light The visual protection and the atmosphere create a general effect. The third is to install a single or multi-head chandelier as the main light in the center of the room. The advantage is to create a sense of space and atmosphere.

  Bottom wall: wall lamp/floor lamp auxiliary lighting to create ambience demand

   separate table lamp or floor lamp on one end of the sofa, turn off the main light Let the indirect light scatter in the entire sitting area, so that the host and the guest can talk or browse the newspaper, and the wall lamp can be placed in the appropriate position on the wall to make the wall shine and enrich the lighting level. It is used in corridors, bedrooms and bathrooms. many.

  It should be noted that the installation height of the living room wall lamp is generally controlled at 1.7-1.8m, the degree should be less than 60 watts; the floor lamp should be divided into the upper and the direct type. If the ceiling is light and reflective, you can choose the floor-standing floor lamp. The direct-lit type requires the lower edge of the lampshade to be lower than the eye and preferably has a dimming function.

  Upper and lower ends: Spotlights/downlights emphasize lighting highlights, etc.

 &emspIf you want to emphasize the screen, the living room cabinet TV cabinet, ornaments and collectibles, etc., you can install the projection lamp or use the fluorescent lamp and the downlight to be placed in the laminate to project a point or surface illumination effect. If you have murals, showcases, etc., you can set invisible spotlights to embellish.

  Avoid misunderstandings

   It is impossible to have only one kind of light source in a family. After all kinds of spatial layout and position combination, we should pay attention to some Coordination of details avoids the following particularly obvious misunderstandings:

  light contrast is too strong

   indoor light should be kept as soft and uniform as possible No dazzling and shadows. Some people create special effects in certain spaces. Indoors use luminaires with opaque lampshades to make the interior clear and dark. When the person’s line of sight turns from the bright area to the dark area, the eyes have to adapt to the object for a period of time to see the object. Repolarization easily causes visual fatigue.

  Excessive use of warm light

  The yellowish light is warm light, which can bring us warm and comfortable lighting Environment, so many users like to use warm light. In fact, warm light can provide us with a warmer lighting environment, but its color temperature is low, which is not conducive to learning and reading, so you can not use too much warm light. Like the living room, study and kitchen need light to concentrate, it is more suitable to use neutral white light color (warm color below 3300K, neutral white 3300K-5300K, cool light above 5300K)

  Lights are too messy

  You can’t go to extremes with light colors, don’t design lights to be colorful, it can be dazzling and detrimental to your eyesight. Moreover, too much color is prone to light pollution, and it can seriously interfere with the function of the nerves in the brain’s central nervous system. In addition, unreasonable light color can affect children’s vision development.

   Normally, the color of a room should not exceed 3 colors, and the colors should be coordinated. It is best not to use stimulating light colors in the bedroom, and should avoid strong contrast of colors, avoid red and green. The restaurant can choose yellow and orange lights, because these colors can stimulate appetite. In addition, the red light looks festive, but it is easy to make people’s blood pressure rise, breathing faster; and white light can make high blood pressure patients lower blood pressure, calm.

   As long as the right luminaires are selected, we can create a unified and flexible light and shadow space by cooperating with the whole and the local.

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