Is the leakage switch a kind of switch that will leak?

Speaking of the leakage switch, I believe many of my friends are not too familiar with it. I think this is a kind of switch that will leak electricity. In fact, this is not the case. The leakage switch is a kind of protection type switch, which has anti-leakage and leakage. It can automatically cut off the power supply function, which can protect our personal and property security. Although it is not easy to see in our lives, its function can not be ignored. Now every house will install leakage. Switched. So today we will talk about the principle of leakage switch, and let us know the type of leakage switch.

First, what is the leakage switch

1, leakage switch, also known as leakage protection switch, can be generated at home A protective switch that cuts off the power supply when it leaks can protect our safety. The leakage switch is composed of the output current winding and the input current winding and the secondary winding. In normal life, it is no different from the ordinary switch. The output and input current are also the same, but the circuit safety hazard occurs. It will play a very big role.

2 There are currently three types of leakage switches on the market, namely voltage type, current type and pulse type. The voltage type leakage switch is mainly used on the transformer, but since it cannot be graded, it is basically no longer used.

Second, the principle of leakage switch

1, leakage switch is divided into two windings on the core, one is the input current winding, the other is the output current winding, in the absence When a leakage occurs, the input current and the output current are the same, and the current on the core is the same, so that the current induced by the third winding is not excessive, resulting in tripping.

2, if the leakage switch is added to the device, even if the device does not leak, but because the current in the core is unstable, this will be the illusion of leakage, it will Make the leakage switch automatically trip.
Third, the type of leakage switch

1, the first is only leakage protection function, when used in conjunction with fuses and relays.

2, the second is to increase the overload protection function based on the leakage protection function.

3, the third is to increase the short-circuit protection function based on the leakage protection function, and can also automatically power off when a short circuit occurs.

4, the fourth is based on the leakage protection function to increase the overload, overvoltage and undervoltage function, to achieve a variety of circuit failure protection.

5, leakage protector, this protector can be divided into two according to the tripping action and actuator, one is the electronic leakage protector, and the other is the electromagnetic leakage protector. The actuator of the electronic leakage protector is a relay, which is powered off by a relay. Its advantages are that it is more sensitive, the cost is lower, and the error is small. The actuator of the electromagnetic leakage protector is an electromagnetic tripping device, which is powered off by an electromagnetic tripping device. Its advantage is that it has strong anti-interference and stable leakage characteristics, but it is relatively high in cost. .
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