Ibiza Convention Center, Spain

The official result of this first building depends to a large extent on its dependence on the rest of the recommendations, owing to the completion of the two buildings. In the future, the conference center will form its own shell. From the first glance, the cultural center will begin to take shape, and it will be divided into multiple layers, each with its own activities.

Magnificent building, it is located by the sea, in the bay and open to the native pine forest, the hall that responds to the future is rectangular One of the continuity, while still maintaining the line with the urban area, has been built to partially adhere to the main building and a part of a free place to enter the pine forest and extend to the outside conference activities. Since the first phase has a close relationship with the surrounding environment: opening a fragmented volume reflects its different uses, dissolves under the shade of the tree, and inserts it into the land, which contains walls and vegetation covered with a thick layer of forest. The three elements appear from the rehearsal of the expressed roof and the space of the landscape. Surrounding a courtyard with a large square volume the rest of the program: room, seminar space and future canteen restaurant.
The real element of the symbolic value of restoring the entire island of Ibiza, built with the current popular architecture. The interior doubles as an exhibition room; masonry is limited to the design of the facade. In some cases, it also has a beautiful appearance and creates artificial landscapes to transform the territory. The creation path and the horizon in the building go to the forest. Although not obvious, the front is the surface. Towards the sea.

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