How to maintain the ecological floor?

Full of nature and humanity, many people like eco-flooring. So how to maintain the ecological floor? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

1. In order to maintain the beauty of the floor and prolong the service life of the paint, it is recommended to use liquid maintenance liquid every year. Take care once. Wipe the floor clean before maintenance, then apply a layer of maintenance solution evenly on the surface. After a while, wipe it with a soft cloth until it is smooth and bright. (This is provided free of charge in many businesses)
2. If large-scale flooding occurs in a large area or if it is partially soaked in water for a long time, if there is water retention, it should be dried with a dry cloth in time and let it Naturally dry, it is strictly forbidden to use electric heater to dry or expose to sunlight.
3, prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, or the rapid rise and fall of temperature in the room may cause premature aging of the wood floor paint surface, should be avoided.
4, if the installation of the site does not live, to maintain the circulation of indoor air, can not be covered with plastic paper or newspaper, so as not to wear the surface paint film sticky, tarnish.
5, regularly clean the floor, vacuum, to prevent sand or frictional dust from accumulating and scratching the floor surface. A doormat can be placed outside the door to prevent sand or frictional dust from being carried indoors. You can usually wipe the floor with a wrung cotton swab. Do not wipe the floor with a drip mop or a corrosive liquid such as soapy water or gasoline.
6. If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, you can close the doors and windows to keep the indoor humidity low. If the outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, you can open the doors and windows to reduce the indoor humidity. In the hot and humid weather, you can turn on the air conditioner or electric fan.

7. In order to increase indoor air humidity in autumn and winter, humidifiers can be used to keep indoor air humidity at 40%-80%.
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