How to inspect the brand before joining the wardrobe, learn to be closer to success!

If you already want to join the wardrobe, then the choice of wardrobe brand is particularly important. If you choose well, it is equivalent to standing on the shoulders of giants, it is easier to make money, then how to inspect the brand before we join the wardrobe ?

How do investors look at the wardrobe to join the brand? Xiaobian proposes the following suggestions:

1. Through the official website, community forums, industry portals, etc. to understand the brand’s core value system, cultural concept, popularity, social influence, brand-owned enterprises’ business performance, entrepreneurial development experience, awards, honorary certificates, etc. Develop legal qualifications and license procedures for chain franchise business.

2, through the keyword search, query the brand in the development of the wardrobe to join the chain process, whether there are bad records and relatively objective and fair user reviews. If there are bad information such as “Play Karate”, “Cheats defrauding money”, and after-sales service, be careful, beware of the next one you are cheated.

3. Visit the wardrobe franchise store of the same brand in the local area, or directly experience the brand’s service process, charging standards, and single store management level as a consumer. At the same time, visit other brands of wardrobe franchise stores or wardrobe industry people, personally experience the service of other wardrobes to join the brand, from which to analyze the position of the wardrobe brand that intends to join in the industry, the advantages and disadvantages in the industry, market competitiveness, feel the pain brand power. The first-class wardrobe franchise brand will have a high reputation, reputation and good social image.

4, wardrobe investors before deciding to join a wardrobe to join the brand, sign a cooperation agreement, it is best to personally visit the door to understand the office environment, team quality, management practices of the wardrobe to join the brand. Generally, there are strong wardrobes to join the brand, there will be regular and legitimate enterprises, good office conditions, high-quality team, first-class production equipment.

5, fully understand the investment, site selection requirements, decoration style, required staffing, basic personnel requirements, team management norms, single store system construction, and related headquarters can be given. Support, equipment and facilities after-sales maintenance service, etc., in order to be able to lift the worries of the wardrobe franchise.

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