How to choose PP-R water pipe? What are the tips for purchasing water pipes?

In the hydropower retrofit, you need to buy a lot of water pipes, wires, switches, sockets, etc. Among them, in the selection of water pipes, PP-R water pipes now occupy the mainstream of this market and are the choice of most consumers. However, there are so many counterfeit and shoddy products on the market, how do you know that you are buying high quality genuine products? How to buy ppr water pipes? Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge of purchasing ppr water pipes!

Five tips for ppr water pipe purchase

1. Look at the appearance

The most basic appearance The quality of the reaction product is good or bad. When we choose the ppr water pipe, we must first carefully observe the appearance of the water pipe. Look at the pipe wall is smooth, whether the color is soft and oily, the logo is complete or not, and there is no brand name on the accessories; the inferior PPR water pipe is unnatural due to the inferior plastic or even the lime powder, and the cut section is dry and oil-free. It feels like adding chalk ash.

2, test resilience

You can communicate with the merchant, choose samples, lick Or use the foot to guess and try to see if the water pipe is brittle. The good quality PPR pipe has good toughness, can be easily bent without breaking, the pipe mouth can not be cracked, the inner and outer walls are smooth, no concave and convex cracks, and the inferior pipe is brittle. When the corner is broken, the inner wall of the water pipe is rough and uneven.

3, pinch hardness

Do not think that the ppr water pipe has good toughness, its hardness will not work. The quality of the high-quality ppr water pipe is quite good. The light can not be deformed by hand pinching. It can be squeezed into a deformed tube, which is definitely not a ppr tube.

4, water pipe

You can also use fire to firm the quality of the ppr water pipe. Cut the sheet from the ppr water tube and use a lighter to burn it. The high quality ppr should have no odor and residue when burning. In addition, the good ppr water tube can maintain the hardness at high water temperature, while the inferior tube is softened at 60 ° water temperature. .

5, 掂 weight

High-quality PPR metal pipe fittings are generally heavier, because most of the good ppr metal water pipes have more than three copper parts with waterproof leaking grooves. It is said that its copper content is more than fifty-eight percent. The copper parts are longer in size and thicker in thickness, so they are heavier than inferior PPR pipes.


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