How to choose a cabinet, perfect home

  Cabinet is an important part of home decoration. If you can choose a good cupboard, it will not only make your life more comfortable, but make your overall decoration. The pattern is all. However, there are a lot of cabinets on the market, but I don’t know how to pick and judge the quality of the cabinets. So, how can we choose a good cabinet?

  1. Prepare before buying cabinets
   First, personally measure the basic size of your kitchen. Through the size chart of the kitchen, you can learn about the professional quality of a company’s cabinet company’s designers or shopping guides and the basic price of cabinets. It has a certain guiding effect on selecting the right professional personnel and cabinets, and preventing blindness from being purchased simply because of the style of the cabinet. When drawing a plan, it is required to be precise and detailed. The position of the door and window should be marked, and the position of the upper and lower water pipes and the gas pipe, the position of the heating and the socket should be marked.
   The second is to develop a cabinet budget. The budget for the cabinet includes several parts: the cost of the cabinet, the cost of the countertop, the electrical cost of the kitchen, and the cost of hardware options. Everyone wants their kitchen to be the most beautiful, but it creates support that requires funding. Of course, it is impossible for everyone to be a rich man, which requires everyone to balance the gap between ideals and reality. It is very important to determine the total amount of funds. Don’t exaggerate the budget with designers or shopping guides when purchasing. It is no different and wastes time, and it will make the designer pay fearless labor.
   The third is to provide information to the designer. In the communication with the designer, you should explain to him as much as possible about the condition of the kitchen and the needs of the family. Everything must be true in the introduction. Such as the condition of the house, the condition of the kitchen, the situation of family members, the kitchen appliances and eating habits at home, and the style of satisfaction.
  The fourth is to design the cabinet, match the style of the home improvement you need to do. After all, the kitchen is also very important for the family. The components, of course, must be matched with the overall home improvement, especially those who want an open kitchen.

  Second, purchase considerations

  1.Is there a strong irritating smell? In order to save materials, many manufacturers only do partial edge sealing. When purchasing, it is necessary to see if all the edges have been sealed.

  2. Ask the material of the countertop and the door panel. There are artificial stone, marble, etc. on the countertop. The types of door panels are solid wood, plastic, double finish and so on. The material of the countertop and the door panel is the most important factor in determining the price of the cabinet, and the brand name of the material used should be asked.

  3. Look at the surface texture. The door panel must have no sag and rugged shape, and the door joints must be neatly arranged with the same gap. The door panel is open. There is no noise in the drawer. The color of the countertop is colorless and there is no seam.

  4. See if there is a burst. There is no blast at the door. Open the door to see if the laminate can have conditioning holes. The conditioning holes of the laminate are generally neatly arranged, and there is no blasting around the hole. The regular manufacturers are equipped with professional slotting machines, and the slots are lubricated and clean, with no blasting.

  5. Look at the side trimming part. Whether the local color of the side trimming surface can be consistent with the front side, and there is no trace of oily rubbing on the side of the edge seal. Because the edge of the inferior edge banding is repaired, if it is rubbed with oil, the pores will be blocked.

  The above is a suggestion for the cabinet selection provided by Xiaobian, I hope to help you. Finally, you should also remind you to pay attention to the price and ensure the balance of the overall budget.

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