How about electric curtains?

Advantages of electric curtains

1, its products can effectively use light. This is achieved by blocking the light. It is very free for light control. Effective and reasonable use of light will make the room look bright and dark, thus expanding the sense of space in the living room. This is actually the essential reason for the installation of curtains, which is very good for confidential privacy.

2, the style is also smart and simple. Adopt dual-chip microcomputer intelligence and. A good product that belongs to high technology. The controller and motor are built-in successfully, advanced distance intelligent identification technology, and can be automatically stopped in place, so that the product performance is superior and simple and beautiful.

3, high-quality products also have a long life. Adopting fulcrum cyclic rolling precision transmission technology. It is also very convenient to use. Reliability and service life, creating a record of 300,000 fault-free operations. Moreover, it has the characteristics of anti-static, no discoloration, no fading, etc.; red wood grain, titanium gold, pearl white and other colors, noble and elegant art, there is always a suitable for you.

Third, electric curtain installation

1, first need to draw a good positioning line size, this step is very important . The accuracy of line positioning is the key to the installation of the curtain track, and the size of the required track; the customer size should be the total length of the track, the length of the track, and the sum of the auxiliary gearbox. Curved curved curtain track (Note: the arc should not be less than 120°).

2, then start to install the lifting clips. Rotate the clip 90° and the track is connected and installed, which can help to use. Use the self-tapping screws to install the lifting clamp to the top plate (if it is a concrete structure, the motor and the track are connected to each other: the blade is pushed into the gearbox to the limit position and will be automatically locked, and the motor is connected to the gearbox (Note: when not connected) Do not apply electricity to avoid damage to the motor.)
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