Guge Dynasty focuses on special product brands to help Bairui source move towards the brand transformation of agricultural products!

In 2017, it was the promotion year of local agricultural products. At the National Brand Agriculture Creation Recommendation Conference held last year, Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said: Under the guidance of agricultural brands, the new kinetic energy of modern agricultural transformation and upgrading in China has been obtained. fully reflect. In 2018, it is a rich year for local agricultural products to strengthen the brand and transform and upgrade. When people began to pay attention to the branding of agricultural products, the Guge Dynasty, which focused on special product brands, had for the first time in more than a decade, and foreseeably joined hands with Bairuiyuan to launch the first shot of the transformation of agricultural products.

In 2005, the Guge Dynasty joined the brand strategy of Ningxia Bairuiyuan for ten years. Brand-building services, let Bairui source not out of Ningxia, the annual output value has increased from 800,000 to 300 million. Helping Bairuiyuan become a classic case in the industry, let us wonder, what did the Guge Dynasty do?

Reshaping the brand image

Ningxia, a natural geographical advantage, breeds high-quality cockroaches. However, such high-quality resources were at the time because they did not have a special product brand and succumbed to the low-end market, which devalued the product. The pioneering brand of Bairuiyuan and the Guge Dynasty teamed up for ten years of tacit cooperation, step by step to let low-value agricultural products scatter “set the charm of the red treasure, and let the Bairuiyuan brand become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. A brand.

In order to get rid of the unity of the product, the Guge Dynasty made a very detailed product breakdown for Bairuiyuan. Starting from the craft, the first generation of no-washing urns was born, and from the seasonal function division, there was a red head in the March Spring of March. After establishing consumer awareness, the product diversity and high-end construction will be easier. The Guge Dynasty will use the treasure as its origin to help Bairuiyuan develop more categories and create new categories. Black enamel, the process of extracting natural oyster sauce, using tea making technology to produce bud tea and leaf tea, etc., is not only a high-end gift, but also a deep into leisure products, this upgrade not only makes Bairui source rich in products, but also The audience has been expanded and the value of the company has been improved.

The Guge Dynasty is a deep culture And product mining reinvented Bairuiyuan’s brand positioning ——“枸杞 health experts, from the low-end market to the mid-to-high-end market. The Chinese-style post-modern design is used to create a classic brand memory symbol, and to dig deep into the rich product category with culture. Under the layout of more than ten years, the brand positioning of the Guge Dynasty for Bairuiyuan—— the health experts gradually stabilized the first place in China, not only recognized by the industry and customers, but also It has brought immeasurable commercial value to the enterprise, and it is also a new slogan that can be given a new slogan for the upgrade of Bairuiyuan for the consumer side.

Build a cultural and cultural sacred place

Reinventing the brand image is only the first step in the transformation of the Guge dynasty, and proposes to build a 枸杞 culture museum to bring the tourism industry and brand culture. Combined, this is the key to truly creating 3 billion worth.

In 2009, Guge Dynasty teamed up with Bairuiyuan to prepare for the design and construction of the industry museum. It was completed and opened in 2011. During the construction period, it was highly concerned and supported by the local government and awarded “China Pavilion”. Title. As the first museum built in the industry in China, “China Pavilion” has also been designated as a AAA-level cultural attraction, and has become a sacred place for Chinese and Chinese culture to spread to the health and rapid development of the Ningxia 枸杞 industry and tourism industry. Far-reaching influence and significant significance.

It is reported that Bairuiyuan Health and Wellness Museum has completed sales of 3 million yuan a day, e-commerce The sales of the platform double 11 exceeded 10 million yuan on the same day, refreshing the new record of the industry. The international trade is exported to 18 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

The success of Bairuiyuan once again proves the operability of the Guge Dynasty special product brand, from the product The image reshaping from packaging design to cultural tourism has helped the success of Bairuiyuan’s branding transformation of agricultural products. Not only did we not only see the professionalism of the Guge Dynasty in the specialty market, but also let us see this team. Leading the industry’s strength!

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