Future home improvement main body: large-scale enterprises, big homes, hypermarkets, large platforms

In 2019, in the face of the intensification of the impact of hardcover houses and the continued tightening of the upstream market, the days of small and medium-sized home improvement companies are not so good, if companies do not focus on marketing from marketing Moving to creating value for the user, improving the experience, polishing the product, etc., after another 5 or 10 years, it will lose its original position.

There are people outside the industry who say that the face is finely decorated The impact of 95% of home improvement companies will disappear in the next 5 years.

The industry insiders said that the home improvement company is actually not lacking traffic, the traffic is only hidden, but it is not in your hands, the decoration industry will always exist in the market. space.

Some people also judge from a pertinent point of view, it is difficult for home improvement companies to get customers, transactions and delivery, strong local attributes, heavy service, more processes, long cycle The attributes make this industry far less developed than most of the rest of the industry.

The price of the main material rose, the difficulty of getting customers increased, and the competition of local enterprises was fierce. In order to fight the cash flow, the home improvement company started the price war, but the result was everyone. It’s not good.

In the past few decades, the home improvement industry has gradually improved its flow advantage under the rapid development of the real estate industry, and has gradually disappeared.

In the face of the market’s “re-re-education”, home improvement practitioners need to conduct a “cold thinking” in time, because the next era will be facing re-choice A new era of stimulating user needs and focusing on user value.

In fact, this new era has arrived. ??

The inflection point has arrived, and the home improvement industry urgently needs a “cold thinking”

From 2010 to 2019, countless startups related to home improvement started in the industry.

On the technical side, there are design software companies that enhance the front-end display effect, BIM+ home improvement companies that can improve the decoration efficiency, and custom production solutions for the factory. Software service provider;

On the platform side, there are more Internet platforms that are mainly “enable”, and home improvement service platforms that can connect workers and owners. There are also companies that specialize in home improvement logistics services, etc.;

On the supply chain side, there are auxiliary materials e-commerce, main material supply chain platform, and some main hits. Platform-based supply chain enterprises for warehousing and distribution, a small number of supply chain logistics companies seem to have emerged;

On the service-oriented application side, Internet home improvement company appeared , soft-packed custom enterprises, home improvement supervision companies, home improvement after-market services, self-contained, customized companies, and even the “own industrial workers system” and so on…

In the past 9 years, the home improvement company has ushered in many changes. Numerous “newborns” have been born one after another, but there are also many New and old players are repaying leave.

In the past few years when countless people have rushed into and countless people have reluctantly left, there have been some changes in the home improvement industry that have not changed. Most companies rely on marketing to get customers, outsourcing decorative services to construction teams, and many problems in construction delivery.

If the company does not shift its focus from marketing customers to creating value for users, improving experience, polishing products, etc., after 5-10 years, home improvement enterprises Either still the same, or will lose its original position. ??

Big loading, big home, hypermarket, big platform, will become the next four main bodies of the home improvement industry

If the home improvement company is not determined to transform the service idea and “repair its own life”, there will be other companies to “do the work.”

In 2019, in the face of the intensification of hardcover housing and the continued tightening of the upstream market, the days of small and medium-sized home improvement companies will be less than good.

In addition to the influence exerted by outside invaders in the home improvement industry, the future of the home improvement industry may have a new possibility, it may no longer be Small and medium guerrillas, small and medium-sized home improvement companies, but these industry intruders.


The fine decoration policy once in the country Most cities will truly land, and new urban housing will be completed by hardcover delivery, and second-hand housing renovation market competition.The intensity will be further increased, but the renovation work is not something that every home improvement company can do. The pits in the home improvement market are much more than most people think.

In this process, large-scale enterprises with management capabilities, technical capabilities, product capabilities and design capabilities will not be as severely affected as small and medium-sized decoration companies. .

They are expected to live well in the industry by virtue of their capabilities, especially through product design capabilities, new technology capabilities, and new business. Faced with the impact of the future, large-scale enterprises are not easy to disappear.


Customized home to enter the market is not These two things, but in the past two years, they began to flock in groups, including Europe, Sophia, and Shangpin. They are trying to dig the first pot of gold.

Although there are still many difficulties in the transformation process of the whole package, such as the distribution of benefits with distributors, channel management and management issues.

However, custom home-listed companies have more brand advantages, capital advantages, and store advantages, and there is still the possibility that the whole package will grow and develop, but here There may have been several detours before.


The integration of hypermarkets is very strong Now, it is not easy to see the impact of the store on the home improvement company. After all, the decoration is not the same as selling goods, but the hypermarket generally no longer has the name of “home circulation enterprise”, but has placed itself on it. The hat of the new home retail has embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading, and the future does not exclude the possibility of a large-scale march into the home improvement industry.

However, the store is much easier to make money than the home improvement industry. The home improvement company is dirty, tired, and hard work, and the advantage of the home improvement company lies in the user. Nearly, once the data collected in the home improvement company’s service process is integrated and analyzed in batches, the future opportunities for hypermarkets will be much larger.

Large Platform

The platform is not the infrastructure of the home improvement industry However, the development of the home improvement industry is also inseparable from the platform.

In terms of customer marketing, decoration protection, construction delivery, engineering supervision, etc., the participation of the platform in the home improvement industry is gradually increasing. A large number of home improvement companies will rely on the traffic provided by the platform, and form a good collaborative relationship on the platform side, accumulate corresponding user data.

In the long run, the wealth accumulated by platform-based enterprises is not in traffic, but in the whole line of online and offline, forming a real new retail platform. The value is also great.

In addition to the possible changes in the home improvement industry, the core development direction of the home improvement industry is also changing. In the future, technology-driven companies can bring home improvement industry. Effectively empowered companies and companies that can meet the interests of all parties in the home improvement process are likely to become new species in the home improvement industry.

Don’t look at the current market share of small and medium-sized home improvement companies and road guerrillas in the home improvement industry, but in the long run, can continue to create value for users Enterprises that meet the needs of users can achieve long-term development.

The industry turning point has arrived, and the home improvement industry practitioners should wake up and not be blinded by the “happy” price war.


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