Four different differences between China and Japan’s overall bathroom

In recent years, the overall concept has brought new vitality to the home furnishing industry. Among them, “the whole bathroom has been raised for many years, but the time from concept investment to actual combat is not long. The overall domestic sanitary competition market is relatively simple, and most of the market is occupied by some well-known brands.

The origin of the whole bathroom comes from Japan, and the level has reached a certain height. However, the overall bathroom created by the specific national conditions is not fully applicable to the Chinese market. It has many differences with the Chinese sanitary ware. At this point, we may be able to see from these differences the reasons why China’s overall bathroom is not warm and the new trend of the overall bathroom.

The overall status is different

As the birthplace of the whole bathroom, Japan continues its originality and high quality guarantee for its products. It has been modularized for many years and has many product lines and consumers. The awareness is also high.

But in China, many bathroom businesses realize that “the whole bathroom is a big cake, limited to the conditions are not mature, the integration is not in place, the personality is not obvious, the current market is bigger than the actual, enter the residential market. Still a little difficult. Most consumers don’t buy it, and there is a smashing situation.

Different usage rates

In Japan, the overall bathroom usage rate is very high, with coverage of hotels up to 90% and residential occupancy up to 80%. China is generally suitable for engineering projects, and the overall bathroom is still a luxury. Most of them are still commercial projects, such as airplanes, hospitals, hotels, etc.

The overall domestic sanitary ware is still not enough publicity. Many people don’t understand what is the whole bathroom, or they know the whole bathroom but they seem to understand and ambiguous. Most of them think it is a full set of bathroom facilities. The so-called whole bathroom. On the other hand, the supporting service has become the soft underbelly of the whole bathroom. The whole bathroom only sells bathroom products. For tiles, walls and ceiling decoration, consumers need to purchase separately. Most of the test waters are “all-in-one sanitary wares, and only the bathroom products are sold in the store. In Japan, the awareness of the overall bathroom is very high, and the use of the product is also taken for granted.

Different space utilization

Bathroom renovation has always been part of the overall renovation of the Japanese construction industry. The overall bathroom appearance in the country of Japan, the primary purpose of the design is to meet the user’s bathing needs in a small space. Therefore, the use of the integrated bathroom for the use of space is the ultimate. The space utilization rate of each one is very high. Even if the bathroom in the home is less than 2 square meters, there is a corresponding whole bathroom to choose from. This feature makes the assembled whole bathroom popular in places where the average residential area is not high.

There are some differences between the domestic sanitary ware and Japan. It is not that the area is tight and the space is considered. The overall concept of the whole bathroom in the country is to integrate daily washing, makeup and bathing into a room in a limited space. It is as comprehensive, multifunctional and not cumbersome as possible, and has strong practicality and aesthetics and design.

Different design needs

The design of Japan is an independent space, generally a three-separated bathroom, which is quite different from the isolation of glass houses in China. In addition, the design of Japan is more in line with the preferences of local residents, such as elderly people who are suitable for sitting showers and young people who like lifting showers and sitting tables. Japanese people like to bathe in the bathtub with their children. They use a shower to clean their bodies before taking a bath. It is precisely for this purpose, as well as the need for insulation and anti-skid, the Japanese family’s bathroom space is integrated. bathroom.

Many domestic sanitary ware products are based on the imitation of foreign products. The lack of innovation is not in line with China’s national conditions. We should design products that meet the actual needs of our people. Knowing the function and use of each product can make better use of it, not just copying the album.

Editor’s note: Intelligent whole bathroom is a new trend

The emergence of the whole bathroom has accelerated the integration of bathroom products and the further development of the bathroom industry, while also saving the decoration time for consumers and energy. Over the years, the price of products has gradually declined from high-end luxury goods. On the other hand, under the prospect of rapid development of the Internet and technology, the overall bathroom will also develop intelligently.

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