Floor companies to carry out three levels of brand effective positioning

There are many brands in the home building materials industry. Many brands are talking about positioning, product positioning, market positioning, crowd positioning, brand positioning, and communication positioning. The various positionings make the brand unable to distinguish the direction. How to position the brand? In fact, the core of positioning is not how well it is set, but in the development stage and resource allocation that are not suitable for the enterprise.

Misunderstood brand positioning

Many companies look for planning companies to do brand planning, hoping to find a way out for the development of the brand, or set up a banner, or indicate a direction, then what is the way out, banner, direction In the end, what the company harvests is a set of VIs and an advertisement and a set of images. Enterprises are still full of doubts about the future. The true brand positioning should be strategic, and it can determine the lifeblood of brand development. Take an example to talk about, the success of the living house Baroque is relished by everyone. Everyone may think that it is a good positioning. There is no problem in this. In fact, the success is that Baroque products have created a new blue ocean, the difference. The products provide a prerequisite for brand development. And locked in the high-end crowd, the channel marketing, price, promotion and other systematic marketing activities around this group have made the family have achieved great success. The fundamental point of positioning lies in the deep exploration of the needs of the crowd, rather than staying in the concept of speculation, we must fully explore the core value benefits of the characteristics of the crowd consumption, and then provide corresponding value satisfaction at the product level. At present, the positioning of the home industry mostly stays at three levels. First, the fundamentals appeal, and hit the health card, such as the iconic floor, has long been speculating on a healthy concept, from E0, negative ions to F4 stars; second, life The way of appeal, this is the shallowest packaging, similar to the real estate practice, giving the privilege, luxury, superiority and other identity hints, it seems to say this, their own brands and products are noble, in fact, the simple image, can not be consumed Resonance of the people; third, pseudo-blood-likeism, such enterprises often try to hang up with foreign countries, the concept of German quality, French style, Italian design, etc. is full of brands, and even more will describe a real The brand story is a testament to the fact that people think it is an imported brand. Of course, this method is not impossible to beat the ball, but if there is no international brand quality and feeling in supporting support, it is just wishful thinking.

Real brand positioning can guide enterprises to concentrate all marketing activities on one point. It is easy for people to understand at a glance. It is unbelievable not only when they look at them, but also when dealers look at them. Consumers are more able to find impulses and approvals. The oak life that Fudeli launched is worthy of our study. From brand communication to product development, to terminal construction, to designer channel expansion, the company systematically creates a life worthy of respect. For example, the floor of the scholarly door is positioned in the aesthetic floor, and the concept of aesthetics guides the development of the product, the description of the product, and the presentation of the aesthetic culture, all of which are relished by the peers. For example, Pan American flooring has launched a super long and extra wide precious wood species for geothermal, and is committed to leading-level solid wood flooring, which is also eye-catching. In addition, Enron stepped and giraffes made breakthroughs in the art form of the floor. Small mosaics and engraving graphics were used in the creation of the floor, which was also recognized by the high-end market.

Positioning the brand. In today’s home building materials industry, it must be differentiated. What you have mentioned is not meaningful. It is meaningless to mention some concepts that have not been implemented on the product, or to propose some concepts and It doesn’t make sense for people who have little difference in what they play. It is not reasonable to verify brand positioning. The standard is whether the product can support this positioning. This positioning is unique. This is the key.

Three levels of effective brand positioning

1. Examine the market.

Look at whether the product is not in the market, or it has appeared, but it is not noticed and enlarged. For example, when the living room launched the antique floor, the domestic market basically did not, so the living house promoted it. , achieved success.

2, population analysis. What are the concerns of consumers, and how likely are these points of focus to be magnified? For example: solid wood flooring for geothermal, it seems to be a good point, in fact it is not the case, consumers themselves buy solid wood flooring is like this A natural feeling that solid wood flooring needs to be carbonized for geothermalization. The carbonization process has changed the characteristics of wood itself and naturally cannot be widely recognized. Another example: the sports floor launched by Rhein Sunshine early seems to be a good idea. In fact, it is also out of demand. How many people will exercise at home? After all, the home is a place to rest. As a household product, away from the basic functional attributes such as health and stability, we should also have an insight into the overall home form and home style style needs, such as the demand for light-colored floors by young people. Why is there no brand to promote it? Young people are More need to focus on a light-colored floor brand specifically tailored for young consumers.

3. Search for products. The system to see the products on the market, which products have the potential for development, and now the floor industry parquet floor is increasing rapidly, leaving the giraffe, safely step by step, we have not found a brand is dedicated to the popular parquet floor promotion. Of course, the flooring industry has come to this day, the research and development of new products is getting harder and harder, but as a brand positioning, we must create unique high-end image products, so as to provide a banner for the promotion of the brand, the brand is to play Go high.

Nowadays, many companies looking for planning companies to do brand planning and brand positioning often confuse the concept of brand packaging and brand positioning. If it is a concept that cannot effectively guide product development, channel expansion, product sales, then the so-called planning is Can only be called packaging, real brand planning, is a strategic level, is a systematic marketing behavior of the brand around the brand positioning, this accurate brand positioning can effectively guide product adjustment and development, wideThe complaints, the main appeals of investment, and the main appeals of product sales, and then form a clear main line throughout the marketing work.

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