Flexible space for newlyweds

AworkDesignThe studio designed this modern apartment in Taipei, built for a couple of newlyweds who want some flexibility. The large windows fill the living space with natural light, balancing the dark furniture and forming part of the decoration.

The apartment feels like a loft with a low wall and a series of rather subtle shades such as brown, grey and white. Only a small amount of other colors are used on these tones.
There was a wall between the study and the living room, but was removed to create more open space. The movable projection lighting extends from the living room to the dining room on a continuous rectangular track.
The restaurant with cement walls is located next to the living room and houses a sturdy oak dining table and wooden shelves.
They want an open layout and also want privacy in the master bedroom. When they want space to be open, the retractable doors can be hidden and the doors are closed for them. Privacy.

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