Fearing public outcry, Senate Republicans aim to keep health care bill secret until last possible minute

The Republican leadership in the Senate is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to health care legislation.The GOP has spent the better part of 10 years getting its base whipped up with the thought of how terrible deal Obamacare is. It’s been an effective strategy to channel some of the conservative anger into votes. But now that the Republicans actually have the responsibility of governance, their base mobilization technique is coming back to harm them. Now that the rest of America is starting to pay attention to the legislation the GOP is pushing to replace Obamacare — the polling isn’t looking pretty. The constituent events various members of Congress have been holding have turned out even uglier for the party.The tension between placating the party’s anti-government activist base and avoiding the ire of the vast majority of the rest of America is why we’re not likely to see or hear much of anything from the Senate GOP on their plans to repeal and repeal the Affordable Care Act until the last possible minute.

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