Eco-wood flooring future market outlook is optimistic

Author: Although solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring have been established in the whole market, occupying a stable market share for many years, but as a new thing – the development of ecological wood flooring can be described as quite rapid, you think that ecological wood flooring will gradually Replace the three? Is there a possibility to replace one of them?

Wen Lihua: ‘Replacement’ will not appear yet. The emergence of a new thing must first have a strong vitality to have a future development. It will inevitably have a certain impact on the old things, but the large area replacement in a short time will not appear.

On the one hand, solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, and laminate flooring have been sold in the market for many years. Each has its own advantages. Consumers have taken their own needs and formed a consumption habit for so many years. The real popularity is not to rush in the impetuous life circle, but to be precise after the world. After a long period of precipitation, it has already accumulated the trials and pavements of the multi-cultural ‘fashion’.

On the other hand, although ecological wood flooring has many advantages, everything can’t be perfect, and ecological wood flooring has its flaws. How to increase the advantages and narrow down the shortcomings is the art of this research by every floor merchant. Just like the ecological wooden floor of Weibang floor, on the basis of the original floor, the taste of European and American style is changed in terms of color, style, specification and production process. The new interpretation of the classic trend has the original individual performance. Force, to release the consumer’s individuality, freedom and comfort in all directions, will naturally gain market recognition.

Author: Just now you said that ecological wood flooring has many advantages, so what benefits will ecological wood flooring bring to our lives compared with other flooring?

Wen Lihua: The benefits are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1) Ecological wood flooring adheres to the design concept of ‘material saving, environmental protection, low carbon’, and abandons the melamine and aluminum oxide required for the production of laminate flooring. Contaminated raw materials that are difficult to purify, reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution, and comply with international green environmental standards. The substrate stability is outstanding, the ecological floor substrate uses a high-density sheet of one-shot technology, and a new type of fiber factor material is uniformly infiltrated into the floor. The internal stress of each part of the floor is balanced, which solves the worldwide problems of easy drying, shrinking, shrinking, and warping. On the other hand, it reduces the activity of lignocellulosic molecules and curbs harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Volatilization and release, so that the harmful substances in the board are isolated from the outside world, achieving the purpose of environmental protection in the home environment. The performance of the ecological floor substrate is ultra-stable, no cracking, no deformation, and at the same time it has environmental protection and health functions.

2) Using digital spraying simulation technology, it is completely produced according to the solid wood floor synchronous wood grain technology, so that the floor covering effect is real, the adjacent patterns are not repeated, and the rich changes and layering of the solid wood floor are more obvious; the unique ‘water solubility The cross-infiltration technology makes the wood grain on the floor surface clear, like the high-quality effect of 30 million pixels, and penetrates into the substrate 100% to make it have strong adhesion, while maintaining the floor color and the texture is clear and the stereoscopic effect is strong. , solve the problem that the floor is easy to delamination and discoloration;

Release date: 2011/10/24 11:33:47

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