Do you really know imported cabinets?

  What kind of imported cabinets do you think are real? Do you really recognize it? But I won’t recognize it today. Let’s take a look at the following suggestions! Can you really help everyone?
1, certificate: the most important two major birth certificates – customs declaration, foreign manufacturers’ authorization certificate.

  2, details: pay attention to the corners, whether each combination is coordinated, and whether the joints are tight. Due to the low technical standards of counterfeiting, the process does not meet the requirements, and the joints are prone to unevenness, uneven surface, and poor finish.

  3, function: storage function, washing function, catering function, cooking function, visual function, extension function, etc.

  4, door panel: A, baking car paint–‘six-sided baking varnish, one-time molding’, color processing, finish, brightness, hardness, thickness and other special processing capabilities High B, solid wood – cherry, walnut, white pear, birch, oak, eucalyptus, etc. C, solid wood veneer D, MDF blister E, MDF veneer. Its variety is generally more than 100.

  5. Box: Originally reached international standards, structure and installation are international production lines.

  6, hardware: Austria BLUM slide, Italy SAL鄄ICE hinge, SCILM cabinet legs, Germany HETTICH slide. A certificate of conformity is required.

  7, handle: metal nickel plating, chrome alloy, stainless steel, steel-wood mixed, copper, porcelain, crystal and so on.

  8, glass: fireproof, explosion-proof, no radiation.

  9, delivery date: Due to the maturity of the imported production line, the foreign production cycle is generally shorter than domestic, but due to the order confirmation, shipping, port transfer, customs declaration, etc. Therefore, the delivery time is generally about 3 months.

  10, Pricing: A, all imported cabinets use the scientific ‘cabinet’ pricing method, customers can clearly know each part B contained in the cabinet, settled at the exchange rate of the day C. Constant international price.

  11. Design software: Use the design system that belongs to the brand to automatically generate quotes, renderings, line drawings and floor plans.

  12, brand culture: Since most European brands have experienced decades or even hundreds of years of history, their long-standing brand philosophy is not available to ordinary brands. of.
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