Dangdang Li Guoqing: Big Data will promote online and offline acceleration and integration

In the Internet era, online and offline integration has become a trend in the evolution of enterprises. Born on the Internet, Dangdang on the Internet, how to go offline?

In the 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum, Dangdang founder Li Guoqing believes that big data will become the booster of this fusion.

According to Li Guoqing, “With the opening of Chongqing Guotai Store, the Dangdang Bookstore has opened in Changsha, Shenyang, Changchun, Chengdu, Handan, Yantai, Zhuzhou, Zhangzhou and Fuzhou. There are 9 stores, each of which has become a cultural event in the whole city. It has brought thousands of offline cultural activities to readers across the country, attracting nearly 5 million visitors to the store, and has a profound impact on the cultural atmosphere of the city. .

Dangdang founder Li Guoqing

Dangdang The store has repeatedly received favorable comments from the market, and the use of big data is critical.

Based on the accumulated 220 million quality users, perfect supply chain system and large-scale procurement in the past 18 years, Dangdang will connect all of this through big data. With the big data on the user group portrait of the landing city, Dangdang offline store formed a composite of reading, focusing on cultural innovation, light food, tourism, floral, handicraft, life aesthetics, salon, exhibition, non-legacy culture and other elements. The cultural entity space complements the lack of contextual experience patterns on the Internet, creating a creative sharing, expression, and social space. In terms of products, through big data analysis, Dangdang can quickly match 30,000 to 40,000 kinds of content suitable for a certain city from 1 million books.

At present, the number of physical bookstores in Dangdang has reached more than 200, and the future target will reach 2,000. For Dangdang’s future efforts, Li Guoqing looks forward to: “Dangdang will accelerate the integration of online and offline business, and combine the development of big data with precision, cultural education and smart innovation to form a combination of entities and platforms, online and offline. Linkage, and finally explore a profit model in a new era.

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