Competition in the flooring industry is heating up. Brand building helps companies improve their competitiveness.

Nowadays, the competition in the flooring industry is becoming more and more serious, and the competition among enterprises has already reached a stage of white-hot. As a mature industry that has developed in China for nearly 30 years, the current floor enterprises have not been able to form an obvious competitive situation in hardware facilities, and the competition of soft power such as brand building can better demonstrate the industry status of the company.

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The competition in the flooring industry is heating up. Brand building helps companies improve Competitiveness

Brand building enhances the core competitiveness of flooring companies

The floor industry has developed rapidly, and there are few well-known flooring brands. Brand building has become an industry problem. In China’s flooring industry, there are widespread problems of small scale, low brand concentration and lack of well-known brands. It is true that the brand awareness of flooring companies is still relatively early, and the desire for brand building is also relatively high. Strong, but helpless is that the flooring industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is often a lack of energy for brand building. ‘Wang Yonglin, secretary general of the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association Floor Committee, said.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the flooring market, the brand competition is constantly escalating, large-scale flooring companies continue to grow and develop, brand influence is increasing, and the road to brand building of small and medium-sized flooring enterprises will be more difficult. However, the road to brand building is not a one-step process. This is a long-term cultivation process, which requires a lot of financial, material and human resources to operate and maintain.

Flooring company brand Promotion needs to be gradual.

As we all know, China’s flooring industry has a low threshold, and SMEs occupy the main body of the industry. Most flooring companies cannot afford the brand building of “burning money”. The market is rapidly cooling down, and the flooring companies are getting harder and harder. Where can they build their own brands?

At present, ‘brand promotion is difficult to see’ is the main face of many flooring companies. Difficulties, therefore, the flooring industry brand battlefield still has a broad space for promotion. The industry analysts believe that the previous model of ‘company website + corporate album + image advertising’ adopted by flooring companies can not meet the needs of the new situation, new markets, flooring companies Need to explore new propaganda and promotion methods.

In addition, brand promotion through online promotion has become a common means for large and small enterprises in recent years. This is relatively inexpensive, and can be afforded by most flooring companies. From the use of the network for brand promotion, it can be inferred that many growing flooring companies have realized the importance of brand value communication.

In short, behind the battle of brand branding is the increasingly fierce market competition. In the face of not optimistic market competition, small and medium-sized flooring companies need to find a way to do a good job in brand image. Promote so that you can really take advantage of the brand.

Release date: 2015/3/7 16:00:23

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