Common lamp prices, which lamps are cheaper

Whether it is a home improvement space or a public area, it is inseparable from lighting products, at night Come bright lighting. The lamps on the market are endless and the prices are different. The common lighting price is not expensive? Today we will introduce the following content, let’s take a look at Lighting price!

Lighting price

1. Chandeliers are the most common lighting products on the market. According to style, they can be divided into antique Chinese, romantic crystal European style and fashionable atmospheric chandeliers. In addition, different materials, the market price is also different, the price difference is large. The general price ranges from tens of pieces to hundreds of yuan. If the pursuit of grades, the ceiling price is generally not less than 10,000 yuan, and the ceiling price of our popular households is roughly between 500-2500.

2. Ceiling light is also the most common lighting in space, in many In simple decoration, this type of lighting will be chosen. The styling style of the lamps is very rich, and the different shapes of the lampshade bring a distinctive visual experience. The market price is roughly between 60-600 yuan.

3. Wall lamp is more common in the bedroom space, convenient to go to the toilet at night, general wall lamp installation pay attention to symmetry, shape also Constantly enriched, the market is generally priced between 50-500 yuan.

4. Floor lamp is common in the study room, living room, and more in space The corner is convenient for reading and reading newspapers. It can be placed at the corner of the sofa for convenient use. The price on the market is roughly between 50-350 yuan.

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Lighting Brand

1. OpP

Oupu brand has been established for more than 20 years. After years of development, it has achieved good results in many fields. Achievements. The lamps produced have various styles, and the energy-saving lamps occupy a large share in the market, and have a high reputation. The quality of the lighting products is high, the use time is long, and the rich variety meets the different decoration needs of consumers.

2. NVC

NVC created to Now in the past 20 years, it has been in the leading position in the domestic lighting industry, and has been widely used in different spaces. The brand is also committed to creating green lighting, and constantly innovating and launching energy-saving lamps under the premise of ensuring quality. , has a very good energy saving in space.


The Philips brand has been in existence for decades, from the Netherlands, Focus on creating energy-saving and automotive lighting. The light produced by the lamps is softer and does not affect the human vision. The shape is simple, fashionable and positioned in the middle and high-end lamps.

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