Classic production of royal furniture

It is often misunderstood that the words “design” are used, and people often use the word “design”. In fact, the meaning of design should be broad and in-depth, not only in the external surface modeling, but also in the spirit contained in it, as well as consideration of natural environmental issues.

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The international design guru has been active in the creative fields of environment, space and industrial design for a long time. It is also committed to revitalizing and activating the local craft industry, applying traditional techniques and materials to modern design and integrating resources. Re-use and use; in the international awards in Italy, Japan, Korea, China and other international design awards, such as Japan GoodDesign, Spain DeltaADI-FAD Design Award, International Design Competition Audit Committee Chairman, etc., and the Singapore government with the design as the main strategy of the country Inviting courtesy, went to work as a design consultant and other important positions. WAJIMA paint dish Xi Duojun when he first came to Italy to develop in Milan, he was amazed that after the second war, Italy not only quickly rebuilt, but has become the center of the world design trend.
He found that the main reason for the development of the Italian design industry, in addition to the government to adopt a national policy to help improve the design of the living environment, plus furniture or household items At this time, the operators have undergone a major transformation of emotional life, cultural cultivation, behavior and behavior, and form a common deep foundation. Therefore, Xi Duojun often mentioned that design is to find inspiration from a beautiful life, when design and life When it is cut off and only considered in industrial products, designing it has no meaning at all. That is to say, if there is not enough dialogue and interaction between people, it will not produce a good design.
MOTCollection series sofas, Kita Jun will be the first to publicly publish the “MOTCollection” brand sofas in cooperation with Zhongtai Life Development. This is not only the first furniture brand that Xi Duojun has cooperated with Taiwan, but also one with Osaka and Tokyo. The success story of the combination of traditional industries in the two places; one of which was produced by the Osaka Centennial History Sofa Manufacturing Association, and the other was produced by the classic master of Tokyo’s long-established royal furniture, at the beginning of the exhibition. In addition to the debut, the future “MOTCollection” series will also be sold exclusively at MOTCASA.

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