Christchurch City Design Advanced Earthquake Technology Awards

The winner of a competition designed a new city, the multinational team was discovered by Holloway builders Anselmi attiani of New Zealand and Cresco, Italy, to be a new urban design in competition. Christchurch Village crown.
The New Zealand Holloway team was awarded for their competition to defeat the other 57 proposals from 15 countries for “Structural Innovation” and “Designed”. The competition was posted on the WAN’s commercial information service, where you can view the tender.
The project formed part of the Christchurch Central Recovery Program, which includes 72 timber cladding homes. Mixed media high-rise apartment buildings and two- and three-storey houses, the project will use seismic resistance such as RMIDILLO technology, making the project seismic resilience and re-leveling the earthquake to provide a quick way to recapture faster.
The mayor of Christ was elected Li An Danze: “The winning design is an example of the exciting and innovative innovations and opportunities that Christchurch has created. It is also a tribute to the finalists, and each element can be picked up to the high standards of Christchurch reconstruction. There is a well-balanced private and shared facility that will continue to promote the life and spirit of the community, not only in Christchurch, but throughout New Zealand, while offering a new urban life. ”

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