China imports 50 billion high-end sanitary products every year, low-end surplus, high-end shortage

China imports high-end bathroom products each year, 50 billion low-end surplus high-end lacks

At the beginning of the year, the news about the intelligent toilet cover ignited the society, which led to a big discussion from the top to the top, and also pushed the domestic smart bathroom products to the stage and accepted the torture and inspection of the whole society. Although the voices from all sides are different, some insiders estimate that the spread of hot news has at least five years ahead of the consumption cycle of smart toilets in China, opening up hundreds of millions of market space.

The smart toilet lid “fire”, but while driving consumption, it also exposed a series of questions worthy of deep consideration by Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers: Where is the biggest problem in China’s sanitary ware industry? What is the intelligent direction of traditional products?

Low-end surplus High-end shortage

Customs import and export data show that from January to December 2014, the total import and export of sanitary products was 16.055 billion US dollars, an increase of 12.31%. Among them, the total export value was 15.336 billion US dollars, an increase of 12.86%; the total import value was 7.192 billion US dollars, an increase of 1.83%.

In the sluggish market environment, the export of sanitary products has maintained a growth rate of more than 10 percentage points. Among them, the massage bathtub, shower room and plastic showers have increased by more than 10%, plastic showers and even The increase was 42.20% and the momentum was strong.

However, behind this seemingly prosperous growth data, it has not brought tangible profits. Many companies still feel that the days are difficult and they face great market pressure. Feng Songzhan, chairman of Guangdong Huayi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. bluntly said: “The export level of the sanitary ware industry is relatively high, but this year, due to the fall of the euro, the export situation is not ideal. On the one hand, customers want us to lower the price, and with the labor and raw material costs. Risingly, the profit margins of domestic companies have been pushed to a very low level. On the other hand, overcapacity is also the main difficulty facing the industry. Due to the excessive number of enterprises in the past and blind production, the products have experienced serious oversupply, and vicious competition has once again diluted corporate profits.

Even if the total export volume rises, it still cannot cover up the reality that the sanitary industry exports more low-end, low-end, weak bargaining power, and lower profits. Even if some enterprises still enjoy the dividend of export, in the long run, this Development will also be a greater test, especially in the overcapacity industry environment, repeated low-end competition has greatly hindered the healthy and sustainable development of the sanitary industry and the entire manufacturing industry. Xu Chuankai, general manager of Xiamen Luda Industry Co., Ltd. also admitted that the biggest difficulty affecting the development of the industry at present is overcapacity. However, he made it clear that overcapacity has the biggest impact on SMEs, but it is precisely because many SMEs have produced a large number of low-quality and low-priced products into the market in order to make profits, which not only causes serious price competition, but also damages. The overall image of the industry, but the real high quality products do not have the problem of overcapacity, and this is the most desirable and demanding product in the market.

The low-end surplus and high-end shortage have led to a large number of exports from the industry, but at the same time, a large number of high-end products from overseas have also been introduced. According to customs data, the annual import volume of sanitary products in China is about 50 billion yuan.

Su Zengfu, chairman of Supor Group, said that the domestic sanitary ware market contains huge potential and energy. According to the overall population of China and the overall number of households, the sanitary ware market contains about 600 billion yuan. However, such a huge market cannot be divided equally among every enterprise. Only by cutting the pulse of the market, focusing on quality, branding, and marketing, and grasping the real needs of consumers, can enterprises enjoy the results and win a large market share. And this kind of business is by no means a majority.

Su Zengfu bluntly said that with the development of the industry, the future competition will become more and more full, the brand will continue to be concentrated, the backward production capacity will be gradually eliminated, and the concentration of the industry will become higher and higher. Nowadays, a large number of enterprises It will be integrated into a hundred, even more than ten, the quality of the poor must be untenable, this is very fierce competition.

Shi Lanlan, chairman of the China National Hardware Association, said that structural adjustment, transformation of development methods, and elimination of backward production capacity will be a major theme of future industry development.

China’s annual import of high-end bathroom products 50 billion low-end surplus high-end intelligence brings new opportunities

I have to admit that although the news of smart toilets lies in questioning Chinese consumers’ psychology Asked to make Chinese manufacturing, but it is undeniable that the hot news has also made consumers have an understanding of smart bathroom products and have an interest.

It is understood that Jiumu Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. has launched a smart toilet cover product. Jiu Mu intelligent toilet cover adopts the world’s first turbine double cyclone power system, which has strong scouring power and water-saving and environmental protection; Jiumu sterile water smart toilet can be directly controlled by mobile APP; sterile washing technology, toilet water reaches drinking water standard; , scratch resistant, wear resistant and so on. At present, Jiu Mu has also carried out a series of related products including “experience first, then payment promotion activities”, which are highly favored by consumers. Zhang Bin, vice president of Jiumu Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. said that with the continuous development of the society, the consumer groups have begun to slowly change. In the past, the main consumer groups were mainly after 60 and 70. In the next development, with the maturity of 80 and 90, it will become the mainstream consumer group in the market. Therefore, enterprises should be able to cater to the preferences of a new generation of consumer groups in product R&D and innovation.

The intelligentization of products is only one level of intelligent transformation of industries and enterprises. The real intelligence is the comprehensive improvement from process to equipment to management and even personnel. According to the new president of Supor bathroomWang Yongqi introduced that Supor Sanitary Ware invested heavily in the production of Shenyang equipment in the production line of Shenyang. The selected robots are manufactured by ABB, the leading Swedish company in the industry. The level of automation and intelligence is the highest in the industry. Stable, while also ensuring high labor productivity.

Some entrepreneurs said that in addition to the intelligence of manufacturing, the use of smart phones has also brought the marketing and services of enterprises into the intelligent stage. Wang Yongqi said that social media such as WeChat and Weibo now provide a new way for enterprises to market and serve. Previous product demonstrations, promotion can only be carried out through the media or even the store, but now a simple push can put text, pictures and even video to the eyes of consumers, consumers can have more pipelines and enterprises to establish Contact, marketing and service have become faster and closer to consumers.

Intelligence brings new opportunities to the industry, but there is still a need for calm analysis and thinking in front of the hotspot. Shi Lanlan pointed out that China is a vast market with a population of 1.3 billion. There are many levels of consumption, education, urban and rural differences, and enterprises can adapt to the advanced era and ignore the status quo of China. The Internet is only for the real economy. Auxiliary can accelerate the growth of the real economy, but it will not become a substitute for the industry. The industry should take advantage of these two resources to achieve a seamless connection between traditional industries and the new economy.

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