Chilean Synthetic Test Building

In the Santiago area of ​​Chile, the government invested in the design and construction of a synthesizing test building with a floor area of ​​approximately 3,200 square meters. The design concept of this experimental building was awarded an international architectural design competition in 2009. Its design philosophy demonstrates the company’s concept of innovation, exploration of new technologies and sustainability.

Through the perforation of the steel plate and the outer wall and the integrated structure of the building, it also shows that the company is clear and powerful. Corporate image. The entire building block presents a “Y” symbol, which floats on a lake and embarks on the main entrance of the building as a link to the external environment.
The entire building is covered with perforated steel sheets, which helps the light to shine while avoiding the direct sunlight. Ventilation, daylighting, heat loss, and proper use of solar power and vertical gardens are considered in the building.

Looking into the entire building, the interior lighting is transmitted from the huge floating objects, fully demonstrating the building’s Breathability and transparency. During the day, natural light is mapped onto the building, and at night, colorful lights and spaces reflect the water.
The design of the entire building fully reflects the uniformity of the steel material, the plasticity and the transparency of the interior space. The steel skin, concrete, river water, starlight and reflections with spray effect form a sharp contrast, which together create a bright and vibrant picture.

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