Charming Lakeside Villa

This house is located on the shores of Lake Charlieboe in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson, Canada. It has a very attractive design and looks like two separate independent structures. One of them is a two-layer module, the outer layer is made of Corton steel and the other is a single-layer space with a black-dyed cedar casing. The two structures are arranged to form an L-shaped plan view.

The interior of the house designed by Paul Bernier Architecte is also beautiful. It is situated in a slightly tilted wooden area and the owner wants most of the space to be flush with the land. The interior plan is divided into two wings, one for the day zone and the other for the private zone. The area where the two wings meet is a two-story space with a garage at the bottom and a guest bedroom and office space at the top. A series of floating stairs connect the two floors.

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