Clean laminate flooring

The composite floor seems to be easy to maintain. In fact, the maintenance of such products is quite stressful. Everyone should be too casual when cleaning the laminate floor to avoid damage to the floor.

First of all, you need to clean the floor regularly to prevent it from being scratched. Do not use a hard brush when cleaning the floor. The bristles will damage the floor surface. Do not allow any liquid to stay on the floor for too long to avoid contaminating the floor and damaging the floor wear layer. Every time you need to clean the floor thoroughly. Second, if the laminate floor looks dirty and muddy, it should be cleaned with a mixture of water and vinegar. However, avoid using vinegar directly as a cleaning agent because vinegar is corrosive and can damage the surface of the floor. If a chewing gum stain appears on the floor, it must not be removed by an angled tool that will allow the ice to harden the dirt and then gently scrape it off.

In addition, do not use the polishing machine when cleaning the laminate floor, and should avoid using any type of scrub cleaner to avoid damage to the laminate floor. Everyone needs to understand that the raw materials and production processes of composite flooring and pure solid wood flooring are very different, so don’t confuse the two in daily maintenance. Some cleaning methods and cleaning tools are effective in dealing with solid wood flooring. But it will cause damage to the laminate floor.

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Buying a hundred yuan to buy amber turned out to be plastic

Recently, Mr. Zhang, who lives in the chessboard community in Jinan, reported that he bought a piece of amber worth 100 yuan in the heroic mountain culture market in Jinan. After being identified by professionals, he found that it was made of plastic. In the Jinan Hero Mountain Cultural Market, there are quite a few booths selling amber, and there is also amber similar to that purchased by Mr. Zhang. These ambers are said to come from the Baltic Sea and range in price from $2 to $10 per gram. “I think these ambers are real, because I saw it cut from the original stone and polished it.” A woman who spent 300 yuan to buy amber said. Ms. Liu, who has been engaged in antiques business for many years, said that the amber is made of plastic. Now the amber technology is very powerful. It is difficult for the public to distinguish the difference between the simulated amber and the real amber. Release date: 2014/11/5 9:12:43

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How to distinguish the quality of solid wood flooring? Seeing color difference is the key!

The reason why everyone buys solid wood flooring is because of its natural, noble and comfortable. Solid wood flooring without any chromatic aberration is definitely not a good floor (of course, some wood species have very small color differences such as: borneol, rich wood, iron wire, mahogany, etc.) because it is repaired with defective plates. Processed. How to distinguish whether the color difference of the product itself is small or has been processed by color correction?

The method is very simple: just look carefully at the surface of a layer of paint is very thick. The thick paint on the floor surface is the process of finishing the floor. However, the color difference of some wood species is very large. Many consumers have always had a question. What kind of color difference is called normal? What are the color differences that occur due to quality issues? There are several reasons for the chromatic aberration of the floor. The chromatic aberration of the floor is the normal chromatic aberration:

600) {this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021722041014. Jpg>

1. Some of the floorboards are made of tree roots, some are made of tree slabs, and the floor near the roots is dark and heavy; close to the treetops. The place is light in color and light in weight; the place near the bark is light in color and light in weight; the place near the center of the tree is dark in color and heavy in weight. Therefore, it is found that the color depth of a box of floors is sometimes inconsistent and the weight is different.

2, the opening direction of the floor is different (such as some floors are cut into diameter, some are cut by strings), the texture of the floor is inconsistent after processing, the two floors of different wood grain put a visual There will also be chromatic aberrations on the top, which requires careful adjustment by the installation workers.

3, wood is a porous material, the material of different parts is different, and the degree of light and paint is not affected by each part. Same, this is why the same piece of land on both sides The color will appear dark and the color depth of the different textures is inconsistent (if two different colors appear on a floor, it is a quality problem). Overall, the large and thick woods have a large color difference, texture The small and delicate wood has a small color difference. The texture of the large and thick floor covering is rough, natural and wild. The texture is small and delicate. The floor is fresh and clean. There is no absolute good or bad. It should be based on the living room. Relatively speaking, the current wood species with large color difference are: grid wood, two-winged beans, braised skin jade, dried croton, heavy ant wood, oak. Wood with less color difference: borneol, rich Wood, rose mahogany, iron thread, black heart wood lotus, iron wood, garlic fruit wood. Other wood species are between the above. Of course, although the solid wood floor has color difference, if the manufacturer’s color separation work is done well, the paint process is good and right. If the color difference standard of the factory products is strict, the color difference of the floor will be relatively small. In addition, everyone should not be confused by the perfect sample display of the business.

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Main factors affecting the development of floor distributors

The current flooring industry, dealer channel is the most important means of enterprise market development. The development of dealers greatly affects the performance of enterprises in the terminal market. What are the main factors affecting the development of dealers?

Corporate Values ​​

Speculation, profiteering, falsehood, these behaviors on the desktop still exist in the development process of domestic flooring industry dealers.

In order to adapt to such an environment, some dealers will do some blundering when coordinating and communicating with customers. In fact, the last loss, dealers are these self-righteous ‘smart people’. Deceive the customer once, then the second time? How much will it cost to make up? This is why a good brand is getting worse and worse in the hands of a dealer.

For dealers, there must be a cultural connotation in the management of the company that upholds the righteousness, respects the human condition, reflects the credibility, and spreads the correct values. The era of closing a business or defrauding a sum of money to declare a business failure is gone. Dealers must carefully cultivate the consumer market, and their development can be smooth, worry-free and labor-saving.

Human Resources

Emphasizing talent and respecting employees is a rather loud slogan that today’s dealers scream, but how much is true. There is often a brain drain in the flooring industry, and the flow of talent resources of dealer salesmen is large. For dealers, products, talents, and the network are the foundation of their survival. The instability of talents often causes temporary or partial embarrassment of the sales network, which is commonplace in the marketing industry. Hegemonism of individual bosses, individual heroism within the enterprise, and imbalance of management are all reasons for the brain drain.

System Management

The development history of domestic floor distributors can be summarized in three sentences: the courage in the 1980s, the capital in the 1990s, and the management in the 21st century. Dealers must have their own advanced marketing management system, strictly control the continuity, rationality, institutionality and systemicity of execution and execution.

For example: the finance department is not only responsible for the operation of funds, but also to manage the account period and assist sales; the Ministry of Commerce must not only do a good job in customer management, but also do a good job in order management and item management; Not only must we do inventory management of best-selling products, slow-moving products, and damaged products, but also timely feedback; the logistics department is not only responsible for the distribution work, but also understands the order planning.

Although on the surface, each department is independent of each other. However, in actual work, it is necessary to communicate and assist each other in time, so that there is an opportunity to transform from the original transit operator to a marketing operator, to provide a professional service system for manufacturers and downstream outlets, and to become the market manager and leader.

Development Planning

Many dealers are eager to represent more good flooring brands, or have greater regional agency rights, but must consider their own funds, dealers, Whether the personnel placement can be in place, can meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

Some agents, may consider the issue of operating costs, profit margins, and find ways to increase the agency of several brands. In their view, this can save more costs in warehousing, travel, wages, etc., and more than a few brands of profits, can be bright in the East. Who knows what to do, the warehouse has increased a few, the business has added a few, but the benefits have not increased much, but the funds can not be quickly turned over, the inventory backlog is unbalanced, the results of the best-selling brands have no money to buy, and finally there is a loss of agency. Qualifications, difficulties in fund turnover.

In the flooring market, the bigger the profit, the higher the profit. The decline of many well-known enterprises is due to the unrealistic frenzied expansion and expansion, resulting in their own main products being weak, and the influence in the market competition is declining. Dealers should first make the products that they are mainly engaged in, fine, strong, and big, and then plan for greater development.

Product Portfolio

The marketing methods for products are well used to prevent price wars and stockpiling, and to consolidate the centripetal force of the sales network and strengthen the influence of the terminal. Therefore, when the merchant distributes the products of the agent, the most important thing is to consider the combination of products. In this way, not only can they pull and promote sales to each other, but also use the complementarity between products to adjust the speed of commodity turnover and accelerate the return of funds. The more carefully the dealer’s product portfolio, the more able to strengthen channel operation capabilities, generate economies of scale, save costs, and create profits.

Financial Management

At present, there are still many dealers whose financial management only stays on the simple accounting of the Sunrise and Sunrise, and the operating expenses are free to spend and the procedures are incomplete, so The actual sales status of the product cannot be reflected in the financial books.

In the minds of many dealers, the money they earn can be arbitrarily controlled. The only approver may be their own relatives. Most of these approvers only play the role of chief financial officer. As for the salary standards, reimbursement standards, shopping standards, and entertainment standards of the company’s employees, there is often no consideration, and there is no sound procedures and systems to regulate. Therefore, many dealers sometimes inevitably wonder: ‘I usually earn a lot of money, except for those miscellaneous expenses, how can I count at the end of the year? ‘So, dealers must establish and improve their own financial management system, monthly sales, profit and loss, assets and liabilities, etc. must be reflected in the detailed data. Only in this way can we know how much we have earned, how much we have lost, and from what aspects we need to reduce operating costs and turn losses into profits.

Responsibility, power, and profit

In the dealer management model, we can easily find that the phenomenon of one person multi-purpose and one-person job is the most common. Unclear responsibilities often lead to poor performance and mutual suspicion.

In today’s increasingly competitive market, dealers must establish a quality marketing team.For each person, it is necessary to fully clarify their responsibilities, rights, and interests–who sells, who delivers, etc., to be implemented to specific individuals; for cross-workers and those who have multiple jobs, how to assess, etc., should be fully institutionalized.

In order to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of sales staff, we can try to decentralize market policies, allow employees to have more market operation space, implement regional market responsibilities and rights, and make them truly get rid of the mentality of migrant workers. The operator operates and manages the market, thereby improving the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the company.

Cooperation with manufacturers’ ideas

In the flooring industry, manufacturers value sales most, and dealers value profits most. This is the focus of contradictions between the two sides. Some dealers often ignore the scale of profits for the sake of small profits, preferring to earn a few more dollars, rather than making small profits but quick turnover.

Manufacturers and businesses complement each other, will not divest the dealer too much profit in order to expand sales, and will not do the killing of eggs for sales. Why do manufacturers introduce sales strategies such as monthly return and annual return? This is both an incentive, and it is to protect the profits of dealers and to make the cooperation between the two parties more harmonious.

Upstream and downstream network relationship

Dealers should always think about maintaining the interests of the outlet retailers and treating their downstream outlets as their own branches. . Dealers can try to manage distribution outlets in the form of shares or affiliates. Regardless of the mode of operation, as long as you have this kind of partner service awareness, you can form a community of interests with the distribution network to avoid the infighting between dealers and distribution customers. Dealers must give maximum support to their strong network in terms of manpower, material resources and resources. The benefits of the outlets are good, and the profit points of the dealers can be more.

The power of alliance

A mature commercial wholesale market, in order to avoid the deterioration of competition, there are usually special committees, usually exchange information, exchange ideas, outline development blueprint, coordinate Internal contradictions, dealing with emergencies at critical moments.

Acting as a single-brand dealer, its market competitive advantage is relatively weak, but also to make full use of collective strength, and cooperate with some partners without conflicts of interest to form an alliance between brands, which can be handled as a whole team. problem. For example, unified negotiation, free delivery, promotion support, personnel management, etc., each project is matched with each other, helping each other, supporting downstream distribution outlets, so that resource advantages can be fully gathered to generate greater deterrence. save resources.

Release date: 2012/2/3 10:51:34

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Brand floor enterprise structure optimization and adjustment is imperative

The distribution of floor industry clusters is relatively concentrated, mainly concentrated in the four major regions of Shenyang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and Guangdong. These flooring industry clusters are characterized by fewer large enterprises, more small and medium-sized enterprises, and a single product structure and homogenization. Seriously, the reputation of most companies’ products and brands is not enough, and the market’s ability to resist risks is weak. How to survive and develop in the market against the wisdom of entrepreneurs. The big waves are the sand, and the winner is the last word. How to survive this round of competition for the survival of the fittest?

Accelerate product structure adjustment

Regardless of product or brand promotion, both channel transformation and profit model should be structurally adjusted to cope with the adverse effects of real estate market regulation this year. . People in the relevant industry have pointed out that in the long run, the final result of the flooring industry is that it is difficult for large enterprises to become stronger, and small enterprises are difficult to grow bigger. Everyone can only eat but have no money to earn.

According to the data, as of the end of 2010, the price of flooring materials increased, coupled with basic costs such as corporate management, marketing, and employee salaries, the total cost of production of flooring companies increased by an average of 12%-15%, many production It is difficult for companies with low-cost flooring to maintain their livelihood. The main reason is that the product structure is single, the difference is not large, the production capacity is seriously surplus, and the contradiction between supply and demand is reversed.

Strengthening the adjustment of brand values

In theory, brand packaging needs to rely on the communication power of the media, but from the perspective of product sales, it is called brand packaging. Is a misunderstanding of shaping the brand’s connotation. Rethinking the situation at the time, most companies hired celebrity endorsement brands, only from the economic point of view, choose a flat image endorsement, the result is overnight, the building materials market in the north and south of China is full of star avatars, for sales, but for sales, but There are few companies involved in corporate culture and brand connotation.

Practice has proved that this brand value is like a mirage, not a long time. The author has done research, 80% of enterprises have a vague definition of brand values, branding sales and advertising as a brand, advertising is a good brand, and the results are counterproductive, brand recognition and reputation have not achieved the intended purpose.

In today’s relatively developed market economy, brand value is far better than product value, a company has high-quality products, but also must have a good brand to rely on. The product is tangible, but the brand value is intangible, and the higher the brand value, the higher the added value of the product. Today’s consumers are becoming more and more intelligent. While paying attention to advertising, they also value the cultural connotation of the enterprise, the services full of human care and the products with good quality and low price.

Accelerating the adjustment of marketing concepts

Consumers are accustomed to measuring the size of the brand by the price of the product. It is believed that the products of big brands and good brands should be sold at high prices. In fact, the concept of consumers has now undergone fundamental changes. Big brands, good brands, and affordable products are the targets of their attention and consumption. Product price positioning should follow the market rules. Starting from market demand, good brand price rather than high price may be easier for consumers to accept and recognize.

The flooring industry has survived the difficult 2010, although the government has introduced various regulatory policies on the real estate market, but the rigid demand for housing is still large, we should not sing for the home building materials industry, but Encourage enterprises to go hand in hand, to work together, and to win and win. Channels sinking in the third and fourth-tier markets and the rural market are in full swing, and new forms of marketing such as online malls and group purchases continue to emerge.

In 2011, the housing projects in many cities across the country were fully opened. Some enterprises have broken through in industrial upgrading and industrial transfer. Although they are in great difficulty, they can survive in a desperate situation. The fact that can’t be ignored is that at the beginning of 2011, the problem of ‘labor shortage’ was further highlighted, and the price of substrates and logs was rising, forcing the floor industry to make structural adjustments. In order to reduce production costs and increase product profits, industrial transfer and structural adjustment are imperative.

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Fujian Tourism Group in Jiuzhaigou Situation of Fujian Tourism Group in Jiuzhaigou

Fujian’s 722 people in 70 groups in Jiuzhaigou are safe!

At 21:19 on August 8th, after the magnitude 7 earthquake in Jiuzhaigou, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Development Commission quickly launched an emergency plan and touched Jiuzhaigou. Group situation. As of 1:30 am on August 9, the province has 70 groups in Aba Prefecture (Jiuzhaigou), a total of 722 people, all safe. Specifically:

34 groups in Xiamen, 173 people are all safe;

4 groups in Zhangzhou, 26 people are all safe;

17 groups in Fuzhou, 384 All people are safe;

Sanming 2 groups, 20 people are all safe;

1 group in Nanping, 20 people are all safe;

10 groups in Quanzhou, 78 people are all safe;

Ningde 1 group, 15 people are all safe;

1 group in Putian, 6 people are all safe. (Fujian Daily reporter Chu Baishan)

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How floor companies can brand at low cost

The shaping of the floor brand is a systematic project. For the current meager profit of the flooring industry, how to shape the brand with as little money as possible is what the flooring company dreams of. Very special times require extraordinary means. As long as the flooring companies are willing to work hard, it is entirely possible to build the brand with low cost. So how do you achieve branding at low cost?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021816591609.jpg”>

Floor companies The 12 rules of low-cost branding

1. Social Responsibility Rules

The floor brand needs to shoulder the shaping process. Social responsibility, only in this way, can ensure the healthy growth of the brand and the long-term foundation, and it is possible to achieve ultra-low-cost brand operation. Social responsibility is a relatively general concept, large and wide, difficult to define clearly. Social responsibility in a certain sense Subordinate to the moral category, the ancients said: ‘There is no morality, no morality, no morality, no morality. ‘Being moral, it is cultivation, it is civilization, it is the cornerstone; no virtue, no faith, despicable, self-destruction. We call It is the law of social responsibility.

Floor companies want to build a strong brand at a low cost. First, they should shoulder social responsibility and accept the society’s detection of corporate conscience.

Second, Taishan Law

No matter what brand strategy the flooring company ultimately adopts, it must ensure the controllability of the branding process, including investment. funds Controllability, controllability of human resources, controllability of product and service quality, etc., these elements are indispensable to ensure the robustness of brand building. We call it the Taishan rule. Conversely, if we do not follow the Taishan rule The quality of products and services may lose control when brand awareness rises rapidly and sales volume rises sharply. The consequences will be unimaginable.

Floor companies are in a tight budget. In the case of competitive pressure, we must learn to effectively control resources and make rational use of resources to make the brand develop steadily when branding.


The fundamental element of the brand is people. The creation of a successful flooring brand is not a person, a department or a brand planning agency can do it independently. It requires the participation of all employees of the flooring company. All employees must have a strong brand awareness, and consciously use their own practical actions to maintain the brand image and contribute to the construction of the brand building. We call it the ‘full member brand management’ rule, or TBM law for short. If you don’t follow the TBM rules, employees will not be able to talk about brand building. There will even be some people who are constantly ‘stealing bricks and smashing tiles’ and digging the corners of brand building. This will not only cause the floor. The great waste of brand resources has also greatly increased the cost of flooring branding.

While flooring companies should mobilize all employees to maintain corporate and product brands while building brands, As a part of the corporate brand, the whole people mobilized and made themselves a corporate gold sign.

Fourth, the rule of water drop stone

a floor brand to be familiar to consumers in a certain area, it is inevitable To do a good job in brand communication. However, brand communication not only requires time accumulation, but also requires sufficient resources for the flooring companies to support, such as human resources, material resources, financial resources, selling resources, consumer mental resources and so on. As a result, some resource-constrained flooring companies are hard to do brand communication work, and they don’t even know how to start. The key to solving the problem is to accumulate resources bit by bit, to use resources realistically, to avoid losses caused by fraud, and ultimately to break the limits of resources and successfully achieve brand communication. We call it the rule of dripping stone.

Conversely, if we do not follow the law of dripping stone, by creating a false background, fabricating authoritative information, etc., and seeking the ‘one night riches’ in branding, then we will inevitably receive corresponding punishment.

Five, ‘Brand Allusions’ Law

‘Brand Allusions’ refers to the brand in the birth and development process can directly highlight the brand characteristics Iconic event. Brand allusions are often used to express some broad and profound themes. For example, the Haier refrigerator incident has become the most typical event for Chinese companies to pay attention to quality, and thus has become the classic of countless large and small media, books and universities. Case ‘. The main role of ‘Brand Allusion’ is that it can quickly convey the brand characteristics to the public, strengthen the public’s perception of the brand, and because of the vividness, fun, uniqueness and legend of the brand allusions, can generate the brand’s own speech. The situation – the masses easily remember and actively spread, get a large number of free communication opportunities, significantly reduce the cost of brand communication, and effectively promote the widespread spread of the brand.

Floor companies should explore from all aspects of the enterprise, pay attention to observation, learn to find ‘brand allusions’, manufacture ‘brand allusions’, so that ‘brand allusions’ to promote the long-term development of the brand.

VI. ‘Live Advertising’ Law

All possible relationships with customers, potential customers and the public in the flooring company The employees can be said to be important media in the process of corporate brand communication. They spread the ‘live image’ of the company, so we call it ‘living advertising’, for example, entrepreneurs, human resources managers, sales people, Press spokespersons, after-sales service personnel, security guards, cleaners, etc. are all important ‘live advertisements’ for enterprises. These ‘live advertisements’ play a vital role in the spread of the floor brand, even to a certain extent.The brand image of the floor company has the power of ‘killing and killing’. Therefore, in daily operations, flooring companies must carefully create their own ‘live advertisements’, which can not only avoid the harm of ‘live advertisements’ on brand image, but also reduce the negative impact of negative communication on brand reputation. More importantly, it can Give full play to the positive communication role of each ‘live advertisement’, thus effectively reducing the cost of brand communication, thereby reducing the cost of branding. We call it the ”live advertising’ rule’.

The floor industry is also a labor-intensive industry to a certain extent. If each employee of the company can improve their own quality and can represent themselves on the company’s brand image, the company will receive A large number of free brand communication opportunities. Corporate employees are rich resources for branding of flooring companies. Floor companies should instill brand awareness into each employee when branding.

Seven, one arrow and more carving rules

One arrow double carving is used to metaphor to do one thing for two purposes. Borrowing this idiom, the one-man multi-carving method we proposed mainly refers to the brand communication behavior of the floor enterprises to achieve multiple purposes, not just to spread the brand name. Only in this way can the flooring companies truly make full use of resources and significantly reduce the cost of branding.

Floor companies must innovate in branding techniques, so that planning events can produce multiple effects on the enterprise. ‘Take one to ten’ to minimize the cost of shaping.

Eight and four potential rules

‘Four rules of the law’ is an important principle for floor companies to achieve low-cost branding First, it means that public relations activities and the creation of news soft texts must conform to the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development and the interest of consumers. Comply with the ‘Four Forces’ principle, it can effectively realize the active attention of consumers and the free reports of the media, and even get the support of relevant government departments. This can help flooring companies achieve low cost and build strong brands.

First, in line with the trend of social development. The trend of social development, as the name suggests, refers to the overall trend of social development, such as the increasing living standards, more and more people-oriented, or more and more full of human care.

Second, in line with the development of the industry, that is, recognize the overall trend of an industry development. This is more direct to branding than the trend of social development.

Third, in line with the development of the enterprise. Because only by recognizing the development trend of the floor enterprises, that is, the development prospects and strategic tactics of enterprises, enterprises can take effective measures to promote the development of the brand and promote the sustainable development of the brand.

Fourth, in line with consumer demand. The change in consumer demand determines the final choice of flooring products. The branding of flooring companies should constantly adjust their strategies as consumers’ needs change.

IX, convex lens rule

floor enterprises need to concentrate limited resources, especially financial resources, choose a suitable focus, do not waste any resources, and gradually break through To achieve a low cost to shape the brand. We call this the law of convex lenses.

When building a brand, floor companies can look for events that can reflect the advantages of the company’s brand, and vigorously promote the highlights of the corporate brand from the event.

Ten, the heart is the law

Since the ancient Chinese emphasized the heart attack, the Three Kingdoms period, the establishment of the Shuhan, Southwest The leader of the barbarians, Meng, received a hundred thousand troops to invade the country. Zhuge Liang took the ‘heart attack’, seven and seven vertical, so that he was finally moved, and vowed not to reverse. Since then, the southwest of Laos has settled down. This is the tactical value of ‘spoofing the city and attacking the heart.’ Being able to ‘be a war without a fight’ is the highest level of strategic planning and can significantly reduce the cost of flooring branding. We call it the rule of the heart.

Floor companies in the difficult expansion of the brand, the development of difficult to break through, may wish to use this rule, hearted customers, will have unexpected gains.

XI, the law of land and air

From the perspective of brand marketing, the Air Force refers to advertising, public relations activities, Event marketing and other activities that inform product functions, attract consumers’ attention, and enhance brand awareness and reputation; Army refers to the actual and ground-based work of rules and regulations, organizational structure, sales policies, and channel construction. In the process of growing the floor brand, the two played different roles. The Air Force focused on the pull, while the Army focused on the thrust. The Air Force needs to solve the problem of how to let consumers know about the product, pay attention to the product, and finally generate the desire to buy the product. . The biggest challenge facing the Army is how to occupy the channel, so that consumers can more contact with the product, how to price, how to promote, how to arrange the terminal, so that consumers have a greater probability of making a purchase. It can be seen that the two are complementary, and they are indispensable. Only land and air can cooperate to attack the city, otherwise it will cause waste of resources and increase the cost of brand building. We call it the law of land and air.

Floor companies must adopt land and air cooperation tactics when building brands, not only to let consumers know that there is this brand, they are willing to buy their products, but also to let consumers buy Happy, comfortable. Similarly, the planning and implementation of flooring business activities also requires land and air cooperation.

12, 3S rule

3S includes ‘Shi (Shi)’, ‘Shi (Shi)’ and ‘ Potential (Shi)’. ‘Things’ mainly refers to basic things, such as: raw material procurement, product production process supervision, finished product quality inspection, service level control, financial management, and office conditions, production equipment, plant environment, etc. . ‘Things’ is the foundation for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘city’,Mainly refers to the market, such as: whether the product has a market, how big the market is, how to win the consumer, and then occupy the market. ‘City’ is the soil for the survival and development of flooring brands. ‘Potential’ mainly refers to the situation and situation. If the brand wants to develop, it must understand the trend and be good at taking advantage of the situation. This ‘potential’ mainly includes the trend of social development, the trend of industry development, the trend of enterprise development, and the development of public interest and demand. In order to achieve low-cost brand operation, flooring companies must do a good job at the basics, do a good job in the market, and be able to review the situation and take advantage of the situation. We call it the 3S rule.

Floor companies must fully grasp the ‘3S’ when building a brand, to do a good job in basic work, master the market and seek momentum, identify the situation, coordinate with the situation, one can not be less .

Release date: 2012/3/23 9:10:38

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What should I do if the solid wood floor is in the water?

Several tips to teach you how to solve the problem of solid wood floor water. Many homes are equipped with solid wood flooring, because the solid wood flooring is durable and generous. But the most fearful of solid wood flooring is blisters and fire. If the floor of the home is flooded, it is really a headache. Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to solve the problem of water in the solid wood floor.

First, the floor area of ​​small water into the water

floor into the water, the first thing to do, of course, is to dry the water, first dry the surface of the floor with a dry cloth, then You can choose a practical vacuum cleaner to suck the water vapor in the splicing gap of the water floor or use the cold air file of the hair dryer to blow dry; then you can use some heavy objects to press on the small area to lift up, after a while, the wooden floor will Return to normal on your own. If after some time, the seams are bulging, but it is too far from the previous floor, you can try to wax the floor. The waxed floor after waxing will be almost the same as the original. If the color and shape of the floor are very different from the original one after waxing, then only the floor is partially replaced.

Second, the floor water is serious

If there is a large area of ​​water soaking, then we can not handle this simple, the floor should be carefully picked up, press ‘ The well’s type superimposed on the ventilated place is dry and dry, and the weight generated by the lamination is used to prevent the occurrence of deformation. Generally, the solid wood floor with good quality can be reused.

Third, strengthen the floor soaking water

Whether it is a large area of ​​water or a small area of ​​water, it is not recommended to lift the laminate floor to dry, so easy to damage the laminate floor It is likely to cause serious consequences that cannot be reused. It is best to quickly drain the surface water of the floor, then remove the baseboard of the floor, reveal the expansion joints, and disperse the water vapor by the expansion joints. However, depending on the amount of water inflow, it usually takes about seven to fifteen days for drying. Products that are better or have not been soaked for a long time can recover on their own. If they are still unable to recover after fifteen days, they should be considered for replacement.

Fourth, add keel, a small area of ​​water-immersed solid wood flooring

timely found a small area of ​​water, the ground can be cleaned, the board picked up, the wet floor to dry Re-install after drying; if the water intake is slightly larger, not only should the board at the leaking surface be picked up, but also the opposite board should be picked up in the direction of the keel arrangement, so that the internal circulating air carries the moisture. If you can’t determine the amount of water inflow, it’s best to pick up the board in turn according to the flow direction of the influent water, and check the moisture condition to make sure it is safe.

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Preventing floor water ingress

After all, it is passive after the rescue. It is a good choice to take precautions. Usually pay more attention to the windows, do not open up, prevent rain; often check air conditioning, plumbing and washing machine for leaks. The current floor wax mainly plays a role of cleaning and maintenance, and cannot be completely waterproof, so it is very necessary to prevent it in the early stage.

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IFA sets the theme of “smart home” and touches the future life

I have had such an imagination —— from the moment I walk into the kitchen, there are assistants who can customize recipes and guide cooking for you, so that the impression of the smoked cook becomes A kind of enjoyment?

Take the VR820 released by Qualcomm and China Gore Co., Ltd. as an example. The reporter wears this equipment, whether it is the octopus in the deep sea world or the dinosaurs in prehistoric times. It’s not realistic to feel it.

“This machine has strong chip processing capability, good lens definition and high display refresh rate, so the interactive experience is especially smooth and natural. Feng Li, vice president of Goer, said that VR technology has a broad application space in the future. In addition to games and film lovers who can get a better audio-visual experience, consumers who are keen on online shopping can also obtain comparable stores through this technology. Shopping experience.

The mobile space represented by cars also brings visitors the possibility of the future. Mercedes-Benz related people said at the show that their Smart models have recently launched a service with German logistics company DHL: Consumers can choose their own car as the shipping address when placing an order in the online store that participates in the service. Based on the car network positioning, the express delivery goods can be directly delivered to the trunk of the car on the next day.

Accordingly, the service is currently only tested in Stuttgart, Germany, but will be rolled out to Cologne and Berlin in a few months. By then, the car will not only be a means of transportation, but will also become a mobile “box” to make people’s urban life easier and more convenient.

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Bamboo wood flooring daily maintenance methods can not be ignored

Bamboo flooring (decoration effect map) has been dried to reduce the size change, but because the bamboo is a natural material, the bamboo floor will be deformed with the change of climate and humidity; if it is encountered in the northern region During the dry season, especially when heating is open, consumers can adjust the humidity by different methods, such as using a humidifier or placing water on the heater. In the rainy season in the south, consumers should open the window (renovation effect map) to ventilate. Keep indoors dry; at the same time, use bamboo flooring indoors should avoid contact with a lot of water, if water splashes on the floor, it should be dried and cleaned in time.

Second, to avoid damage to the floor surface. Bamboo floor paint should avoid hard object impact, sharp scratches, metal friction and so on. Prevent dust, sand, etc. from being carried into the room, which can be placed in the doorway, but the insole must be kept clean. Do not scratch the surface of the bamboo with a spike or wear a shoe with metal studs into the room. The fabric feet can be wrapped with some fiber fabrics, which makes the furniture more convenient to move, and can also make the furniture not damage the floor.

Finally, the floor should be properly cleaned. In the daily use process, keep the bamboo floor surface clean and clean, clean it with a clean broom, and then use a wringed mop to drag it. You can also gently wipe the floor with a soft damp cloth. Of course, you can also treat the carpet (renovation effect). In that way, the dust on the floor is removed with a vacuum cleaner. Depending on the application, it can be waxed once every few years to keep the paint film smooth and smooth. If conditions permit, the floor wax can be applied to the surface of the bamboo floor for 2 to 3 months, so that the maintenance effect is better.

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