I can also grow vegetables at home, and Haier invents a lot of intelligent vegetable growing artifacts!

The advancement of technology is changing people’s lives at an unprecedented speed, especially the continuous maturity of mobile Internet technology, accelerating the pace of moving towards intelligent students. Starting with smart phones, “smart tentacles” have extended to all corners of society, and all walks of life have been involved in the wave of intelligence. Overnight, smart routers, smart light bulbs, smart bracelets, a series of smart products have sprung up, even seemingly irrelevant to the Internet The vegetables are all intelligent.

The reporter learned that in addition to functional considerations, one of the many R&D concepts of food is to increase the interaction between parents and children and to fill the gap between children and nature. The emergence of a large number of dishes breaks the boundary between the city and nature, allowing children to get in touch with nature at home, feeling the mystery of life growth and the sense of accomplishment of harvesting vegetables in an area of ​​less than 1 square meter. In addition, a lot of dishes advocate the interaction between parents and children, children with their parents accompanied by their own hands to grow vegetables, in the interaction can bring the distance between children and parents.

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Brand floor industry chain transfer structure adjustment is imperative

The distribution of floor industry clusters is relatively concentrated, mainly concentrated in the four major regions of Shenyang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and Guangdong. These flooring industry clusters are characterized by fewer large enterprises, more small and medium-sized enterprises, and a single product structure and homogenization. Seriously, the reputation of most companies’ products and brands is not enough, and the market’s ability to resist risks is weak. How to survive and develop in the market against the wisdom of entrepreneurs. The big waves are the sand, and the winner is the last word. How to survive in this round of survival of the fittest?

Accelerate product structure adjustment

Whether it is product or brand promotion, both channel transformation and profit model should be structurally adjusted. In response to the adverse effects of the regulation of the real estate market this year. People in the relevant industry have pointed out that in the long run, the final result of the flooring industry is that it is difficult for large enterprises to become stronger, and small enterprises are difficult to grow bigger. Everyone can only eat but have no money to earn.

According to the data, as of the end of 2010, the price of flooring materials increased, coupled with basic costs such as corporate management, marketing, and employee salaries, the total cost of production of flooring companies increased by an average of 12%-15%, many production It is difficult for companies with low-cost flooring to maintain their livelihood. The main reason is that the product structure is single, the difference is not large, the production capacity is seriously surplus, and the contradiction between supply and demand is reversed.

Strengthening the adjustment of brand values

In theory, brand packaging needs to rely on the communication power of the media, but from the perspective of product sales, it is called brand packaging. Is a misunderstanding of shaping the brand’s connotation. Rethinking the situation at the time, most companies hired celebrity endorsement brands, only from the economic point of view, choose a flat image endorsement, the result is overnight, the building materials market in the north and south of China is full of star avatars, for sales, but for sales, but There are few companies involved in corporate culture and brand connotation.

Practice has proved that this brand value is like a mirage, not a long time. The author has done research, 80% of enterprises have a vague definition of brand values, branding sales and advertising as a brand, advertising is a good brand, and the results are counterproductive, brand recognition, reputation has not achieved the intended purpose.

In today’s relatively developed market economy, brand value is far better than product value, a company has high-quality products, but also must have a good brand to rely on. The product is tangible, but the brand value is intangible, and the higher the brand value, the higher the added value of the product. Today’s consumers are becoming more and more intelligent. While paying attention to advertising, they also value the cultural connotation of the enterprise, the services full of human care and the products with good quality and low price.

Accelerating the adjustment of marketing concepts

Consumers are accustomed to measuring the size of the brand by the price of the product. It is believed that the products of big brands and good brands should be sold at high prices. In fact, the concept of consumers has now undergone fundamental changes. Big brands, good brands, and affordable products are the targets of their attention and consumption. Product price positioning should follow the market rules. Starting from market demand, good brand price rather than high price may be easier for consumers to accept and recognize.

The flooring industry has survived the difficult 2010, although the government has introduced various regulatory policies on the real estate market, but the rigid demand for housing is still large, we should not sing for the home building materials industry, but Encourage enterprises to go hand in hand, to work together, and to win and win. Channels sinking in the third and fourth-tier markets and the rural market are in full swing, and new forms of marketing such as online malls and group purchases continue to emerge.

In 2011, the housing projects in many cities across the country were fully opened. Some enterprises have broken through in industrial upgrading and industrial transfer. Although they are in great difficulty, they can survive in a desperate situation. The fact that can’t be ignored is that at the beginning of 2011, the problem of ‘labor shortage’ was further highlighted, and the price of substrates and logs was rising, forcing the floor industry to make structural adjustments. In order to reduce production costs and increase product profits, industrial transfer and structural adjustment are imperative.

Release date: 2011/12/19 10:23:08

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What should you pay attention to when purchasing large-size wooden floors?

With the increase in urban housing area, large-size wooden floors are increasingly favored by consumers. The large-sized wooden floor mentioned here refers to a floor piece of 120 mm wide or 125 mm wide whole piece of wood which is processed without being joined or unjoined. For the purchase of large-size wooden floors, you must pay attention to the following three points:

First, choose the size of the floor area

The style and expressiveness of the large-sized floor can attract the attention of consumers. However, if the room is small, the large-sized floor can’t be put in a few pieces, and finally the furniture will not see any effect. The small size is suitable for narrow plates. It will look good from the color, pattern and effect. The larger room is but the size is very whole and feels more flat. If you want to lay a wide board for a small apartment, don’t choose a floor that is too large, and you can achieve the same effect.

Second, the construction process is strict

qualified large-size wooden floors need to undergo strict material selection and quality acceptance, high-quality large-size floor should have natural color, clear The wood grain, these are the prerequisites for quality construction. The large size requires higher ground flatness than the narrow one. Although the stability of the large-sized wooden floor has been greatly improved with the improvement of the technical level, there is still a certain gap compared with the stability of the narrow plate. Therefore, strict installation is still sloppy.

Third, on the service life of large-size wooden flooring

The service life of the wooden floor mainly depends on the degree of wear resistance, regardless of the width and narrowness, the wooden floor is in the same unit area, The less the seam, the smaller the expansion space will be, and in this case the floor deformation probability will be large. The narrow plate joints are more, the more the seams are, the larger the space for expansion and contraction is, and the deformation is not easy, and there is no crack. However, another problem has arisen. The edge of the gap of the wooden floor is easy to wear. For the narrow version, the gap is much larger, and the probability of wear is much larger. Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, from the price point, the wide wooden floor board and narrow wooden floor board price difference is relatively large, wide board wood floor price is more expensive. Therefore, you can purchase according to your actual needs and achieve rational consumption.

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The “plagiarism” incident is not uncommon. Floor companies need to strengthen their sense of innovation.

Recently, Qiong Yao sued Zheng Zhengsheng, which may have become one of the hotter events of the culture. In this incident, Qiong Yao himself also said: “Intellectual property has won!” In fact, in the cultural world, the incident of “plagiarism” is not uncommon, and the phenomenon of “plagiarism” in the flooring industry is even more numerous.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”http://www.chinafloor.cn/image/2015_1/0112/2015011215135054831.jpg”>

“Puzzle” incidents are often seen in the floor enterprises need to strengthen their sense of innovation

The phenomenon of homogenization is serious, and corporate innovation awareness is weak

In the current floor market, we can easily see many similar “faces”, and this phenomenon is also intensifying. On the one hand, due to the lack of protection in the design patents of the industry, on the one hand This problem also reflects the weak sense of innovation of domestic flooring companies, and the “takenism” is deeply rooted. As the development of the flooring industry matures, the “similarity” phenomenon of the flooring market is also increasing, whether from the design and production of flooring products. Still to the sales model of enterprises and businesses, all are full of plagiarism.

In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that plagiarism is not conducive to the sustainable development of flooring companies. Recently, obtained Liu Heping, the screenwriter of “2014 Chinese Cultural Figures”, “Nothing to Fight in Beiping” also said that Firmly opposed to plagiarism, which is the bottom line. Therefore, floor enterprises should strengthen innovation, get rid of similarities, and implement all aspects of product production and sales, which is not only a perfect way for floor enterprises to get rid of homogenization competition, but also bring new opportunities for enterprises.


Floor companies can try to sell new models

At present, the homogenization of the flooring industry is serious, and plagiarism is even more numerous. When new products come out, there will be rushing plagiarism. If imitation and reproduction become the norm, the vitality of the flooring industry will no longer be, and the entire flooring market will fall into an infinite vicious circle. Therefore, the only innovation of flooring companies is The last word is to actively cater to the needs of consumers, integrate consumer demand into the design and production of flooring products, and always look at the nature of products from the standpoint of consumers and strengthen product design.

Of course, the innovation of flooring products can not only be reflected in the design of flooring products, but also in the channels of product sales. Young people have different preferences for the Internet than the older generation, and online shopping has changed from fashion to fashion. The popularity of e-commerce has provided new channels for consumers to shop and quickly occupy the young market. Floor companies can use this as an entry point to try out e-commerce models, drive sales while increasing brand influence, or offline. Stores are diverted.

In a highly competitive market, opportunities and challenges coexist. Floor companies can only continue to innovate and innovate, and continue to use innovation to meet consumer demand. /P>Published date: 2015/1/12 17:17:29

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Anxin’s toxic floor blast ignited developers’ unspoken rules

Wood floor quality storm detonated developers to purchase unspoken rules

One accused Anxin floor of ‘formaldehyde is seriously over-standard, inferior and toxic’ net posts, instantly pushing many well-known domestic developers to the cusp of public opinion .

The listed real estate giants including Vanke and Longhu have already launched an investigation program for Anxin flooring urgently. Some developers have tried their best to clarify the relationship with Anxin Floor.

Anxin flooring producer responded that the company’s products fully comply with national standards. At present, the Anxin floor franchise stores in Shenzhen and other places are still operating normally.

But the negative impact of the incident on consumers is still continuing to ferment, and multiple owners forums have appeared on the website of the owners requesting rights protection. Large well-known developers are also involved, which inevitably raises questions about the quality control of procurement.

The Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has visited two factories in Qingpu at the morning of the morning and at noon. The results of the inspection will be announced after 5 days.

A number of developers urgently check

Li Xiaoyan, a netizen who is the editor-in-chief of a building materials professional magazine in China, blamed the online name for reporting, and Anxin floor deliberately faked and shoddy It is good to provide a number of developers with ‘severe formaldehyde exceeding the standard, poor quality and toxic’ floor. According to the net, since 2008, Anxin Floor has formed strategic partnerships with Vanke Group, Greenland Group, Forte Group, Longhu Real Estate, R&F Properties, Hebei Kaiyuan, Greentown Group, Yanlord Real Estate and many other well-known real estate companies. The floor is required for a fully furnished room.

According to the information intercepted by the website from the official website of Anxin Floor, many real estates in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing and Beijing have used Anxin Floor, involving Vanke, Longhu and other developers.

However, the current ‘Engineering Case’ and ‘Engineering Cooperation’ sections of Anxin Floor’s official website have not found relevant content, and the directory of relevant partners of Anxin Floor has been deleted.

The Vanke Group, which was involved in it, issued the first statement that the company has initiated an emergency investigation procedure, requiring Anxin floor production company to provide a comprehensive explanation on the relevant challenges, and has started a comprehensive re-inspection work, including installation. All batches of Anxin flooring are included in the scope of re-examination.

According to the information disclosed by Vanke, the company has completed the procurement contract for all solid wood composite flooring with Anxin Floor, including the unfinished contract, involving 29 properties in 16 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

At present, some batches have already been delivered to the quality inspection organization, and the first batch of inspection results will be obtained within 10 days. Before confirming the results of the investigation, Vanke Group suspended the purchase of Anxin brand flooring.

Wang Shi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vanke, said on Weibo: ‘Wanke was informed on the Internet on the 16th that the formaldehyde (toxic) content of Anxin flooring products was seriously exceeded. The emergency investigation procedure was immediately initiated, and the brand floor that had been purchased and not yet installed was sealed; the previous use of the product was fully disclosed to the public until the incident was completely resolved. Once a product problem is discovered, Vanke will assume full responsibility for maintaining consumer rights. Even 1% error is 100% for consumers. ‘

Longhu Group spokesperson Xu Tongyu said in an interview with China Business News that the company has also launched an independent and comprehensive internal investigation. If the investigation determines that the relevant quality problems are true, Longfor Real Estate will give satisfactory explanation to all parties.

Xu Tongyu said that after preliminary verification, some areas of Longhu Real Estate have purchased a small amount of Anxin flooring products for the project decoration, but the proportion is very small, and Longhu has not reached strategic cooperation with Anxin floor suppliers. Partnerships.

Another large-scale developer involved in Shenzhen also told this newspaper that the company has already conducted an independent investigation on the Anxin floor issue and is unable to obtain the survey results. Another developer who was included in the strategic partner of Anxin Floor said that the company did not use Anxin flooring.

In addition, the media quoted an insider of R&F Real Estate, who asked not to be named, saying that R&F has suspended all cooperation with Anxin. R&F Beijing also said that the floor of the finely decorated room is responsible for the procurement level of the group. After investigation, it was found that the Anxin floor has not been used in recent years, and the historical data is still in the inquiry.

Quality storm detonated ‘hidden rules’

The quality of the Anxin floor, and exposed the industry’s doubts about the developer’s bidding procurement process and quality control, especially the follow-up contract implementation process Quality control issues in the process.

Vanke Group said that the company has achieved unified bidding for various building materials, and in addition to the conventional quality control methods, Vanke often conducts ‘raid’ on suppliers by itself or through independent third parties. The type inspection is the ‘flight check’ to ensure the quality of the products purchased by Vanke.

But according to the details disclosed in the online post, Vanke’s ‘flight check’ for suppliers, because Vanke internal personnel disclosed to Anxin in advance, let it use the ‘special test substrate’ ‘The production of samples to cope with the inspection preparation, making Vanke’s quality control measures ineffective.

In this regard, Vanke Group accused the company staff of colluding with suppliers and colluding with the company, saying that it also launched an internal investigation into the relevant procurement management work. On February 19th, Vanke told this newspaper that it has not been found that the employee has violated the regulations and is in the scope of normal work behavior.

The floor industry insiders who did not want to be named said that Anxin flooring has been taking the low-price route in the domestic market, and even has the title of ‘price butcher’. The advantage in large-scale bidding procurement is very obvious.

The source revealed that the proportion of Anxin flooring in Vanke hardcover rooms is not high, Vanke is not the largest cooperative customer of Anxin flooring, and some developers use Anxin floor as high as 40% to 100%. .

public information shows thatIn recent years, Anxin Floor has repeatedly launched the “naked price” storm in several regions of the country, or the “0” profit factory direct sales activity, and the market share of multiple cities ranked first.

At present, the domestic wood flooring market is extremely competitive, the quality of various wooden floors is uneven, the price war is constantly escalating, and the phenomenon of deliberate fraud, shoddy and so on is not uncommon.

The person also said that a well-known unspoken rule in the decoration industry is the problem of ‘A goods’ and ‘B goods’. The so-called ‘A goods’ refers to products that are generally more expensive in the circulation field but relatively reliable in quality. ‘B goods’ are special products. These products are usually supplied to developers with large demand, relying on price to win, but Floors of the same brand and specifications have large differences in materials and workmanship.

Field visit: ‘Don’t buy bad, bad for the body’

Yesterday at 3 pm, the reporter came to the two factories of Anxin Floor in Qingpu, Shanghai.

Among them, the factory gate of Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Timber Co., Ltd., located at No. 3586 Lianxi Road, is closed, and it can be seen from outside the gate. There are at least eight warehouses in the factory. In about half an hour, no vehicles came in and out, and the chimney in the factory always smoked white smoke.

On the 10th floor of Lianjin Road, about 1 km west of the plant, it is another building of Anxin Floor. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, there were 40 or 50 employees who came to work from the factory on bicycles. Some of the employees told reporters that the factory at No. 10 Lianjin Road is an old factory building, only a CTF production line, while the West West Road is a new factory, responsible for the overall production, and the new factory employees do not go to work on Sunday.

Through the exchanges with some of the employees, the reporter learned that they had some negative news about Anxin the day before yesterday. ‘We have no problem with this machine repair, we don’t know the production. ‘An employee told reporters.

A nearby resident who claimed to know ‘the people in this factory’ told this newspaper that Anxin’s floor was ‘good and bad’, and it was ‘the various branches gathered here.’ Although the reputation is loud, but ‘is a brand’. According to the security of the factory, the floor in the factory is ‘not bad to buy, not good for the body’.

Release date: 2012/2/20 10:39:48

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Matters needing attention when selecting laminate flooring

There are many precautions for purchasing laminate flooring. For the more concentrated purchase links, list the strategies for consumers for reference.

1. When purchasing composite wood flooring, you should know What are the main technical indicators?

When purchasing composite wood flooring, the main technical indicators that should be understood are: 1. Wear resistance; 2. Impact resistance; 3. Resistance to stains and stains; 4. Resistance to smoke; , the wear of the contact surface; 6, the scratch of the chair caster; 7, the volume expansion rate after water absorption; 8, the amount of formaldehyde released.

2, how to understand the amount of formaldehyde released?

Formaldehyde is a chemical gas, the content of air to a certain concentration, it will cause harm to the human body. It is mainly used in the manufacturing process of composite materials to act as a bonding agent. The formaldehyde contained in the floor will not evaporate immediately, but will slowly evaporate due to different temperature and humidity conditions, and the volatilization time is more than ten years. Long-term living in an environment where the concentration of formaldehyde exceeds the standard, formaldehyde will cause obvious damage to the eyes, nose and respiratory system of people or cause skin diseases. Animal experiments have also shown that excessive levels of formaldehyde release can also cause cancer of the nose and respiratory system.

Therefore, countries have strict standards for the amount of formaldehyde released from plywood products. For example, Japan and the European Community countries require that the amount of formaldehyde released per 100 grams of plywood must be less than or equal to 10 mg, otherwise it is not allowed. Listed sales; China’s formaldehyde emission standards for plywood products (GB/T18102-2000) stipulates: Class A (excellent products)? D? D per 100 grams of plywood formaldehyde emission must be less than or equal to 9 mg; Class B (qualified products) ?? D? D per 100 grams of plywood formaldehyde release is greater than 9 mg, less than 40 mg.

3. What should I pay attention to when installing?

Answer: 1, can not be installed on uneven or wet ground, such as kitchen and bathroom. 2, can not be installed on the newly laid cement floor. 3. The concrete floor should be dried for at least 80 days. 4. Use a polyethylene mat that is at least 2 mm thick. 5, can be laid on the plumbing floor, but can not be laid on the electric heating floor.

4, why must the strict installation conditions?

A: If the floor is installed on the ground that does not meet the specifications, the following consequences will result: the floor is drum, uplifted, and the floor is uneven.

5, why should we go to the construction site survey in advance?

A: Professional and technical personnel conduct surveys according to the standard, in order to ensure that the ground conditions meet the specifications before the installation of the floor, to ensure the best installation results.

6, Q: Why should we implement a 24-hour delivery system?

A: In order to adapt the floor to the temperature and humidity difference between the indoor and outdoor of the user’s room, the floor will not be deformed after installation, and the installation quality will be guaranteed.

7, Q: What is the difference between composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring?

A: The biggest difference between composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring lies in its structure. Composite wood flooring is a composite structure with high surface wear resistance and good moisture resistance; while solid wood flooring feels good, paving It feels luxurious after loading, but it tends to be deformed when it is long. Both of them have their own characteristics, but because of its unique advantages, and the selection of wood flooring from the fast-growing forest, it can protect the natural resources of the environment to the greatest extent, so it has been received by many consumers around the world, especially Environmentalists are welcome. Since the birth of laminate flooring in 1985, sales have been rising rapidly. By 1998, it has reached 180 million m2, and it is likely to become the most important material for floor decoration in the near future.

8, the formula for the number of baseboards required:

The number of square meters of the floor used in the room floor / 2.4.

9, the indoor cost of the installation of stairs should be calculated as follows:

(floor meters used in the floor of the room + floor meters used for stairs) ☆ unit price + stairs level ☆ 70 yuan .

10, Q: How to determine the purchase area when buying the floor?

A: Add 8% or so of loss to the actual use of the house. The final settlement of the project is based on the actual installed square meters.

11, Q: What is the green core moisture-proof function?

A: There are two main types of composite wood flooring, one is particle board, the other is quality intrusion 8. 呙芏 呙芏 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 小 是 小 小It is pressed down and is used now. Among them, the density of medium density board is 550 kg-880 kg/m3, the density of high density board is ≥880 kg/m3 or more, and ‘Ruijia’ is a high density board. Since the core layer of the composite wood floor is wood, it is still afraid of water and water. To this end, ‘Ruijia’ flooring has added special moisture-proof additives in the production process of high-density boards, so that the floor water absorption thickness expansion rate of the ordinary core layer is smaller, and it has a comprehensive moisture-proof effect. In order to distinguish, the moisture-proof core layer is usually dyed green, which is the green core floor seen by consumers.

12, Q: Is the green core moisture-proof floor not afraid of water?

A: The composite wood floor is moisture-proof, and it is also woody. The wooden things are all afraid of water. The green core moisture-proof floor mainly plays the role of strengthening moisture. Some composite wood floors can be soaked in water because these floors are excessively increased in the amount of urethane resin or processed using phenolphthalein. However, the addition of urine aldehyde resin glue will inevitably lead to excessive formaldehyde, and phenolphthalein rubber is highly toxic, and it is strictly forbidden to use indoors in foreign countries.

13, Q: How to care.

Daily care is very simple, no need to polish, wax and paint, just use a vacuum cleaner to clean or wipe with a damp cloth, mop. If you are accidentally soiled with nail polish, ink, alcohol, etc., just use a nail polish remover or detergent to clean it. Special Note: Never use water to wash the floor; not corrosiveThe cleaning agent is used to clean the floor. The wear layer is aluminum oxide. It is an amphoteric oxide that reacts with acid and reacts with alkali. Avoid alkaline substances, scrub with rice water is a good way. Avoid sanding, waxing or painting on the floor.

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Which is better for the floor? Parquet VS laminate flooring

When it comes to composite flooring, many people think that it is to strengthen the floor. In fact, the composite floor on the market not only includes laminate flooring, but also solid wood composite flooring, and the solid wood composite flooring has three layers of solid wood and multi-layer solid wood. The classification of laminate flooring is so complicated, but which one is better?

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Voice of Peace and the Royal Caribbean People’s Music Dream

On the afternoon of August 6, 2017, the much-watched Voice of Peace “ The Royal Caribbean Cup Middle-aged Singer Grand Prix in the fourth preliminary round of 2017, rekindled the passion in Shanghai Luwan, and sang the world!

This contest was hosted by Butterfly Star (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and is a world-renowned Royal Caribbean International Cruise. Exclusive title and co-organizer. This is not only a high-level luxury music feast, but also a successful example of cross-border cooperation between art and business.

The 600-seat theater hall is silent, full of seats, and the sound and orderly management of peace is first class. . Especially when the voice of peace fans are proud and uniform, they shouted out: “When the sound of peace, you are the star slogan, the whole audience sounded a warm and amazing applause!

Founder of Peace Voice, Chairman of the Competition, Director of the Competition, Executive Judge, Excellent Speaker, Special Acting Actor Wei Qingling, Butterfly Star Ms. Butterfly Feifei, Chairman of Yan (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Ms. Fu Xiaoying, Head of China and North Asia Pacific, Royal Caribbean International Cruises, delivered an important speech before the competition to congratulate the cooperation between the Voice of Peace and the Royal Caribbean.

Ms. Butterfly Feifei said: Since the founding of Peace, more than a year ago, we have been working hard and doing it on the ground. Three things: 1. Based on ordinary people to run various types of talent competitions, to provide ordinary people with a large stage to showcase their talents; 2. Select and create various art stars, discover talents, package talents and transport talents; 3. Do a good job of cross-border cooperation between enterprises, work together to integrate resources, and do more practical things for the people.

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Honorary Chairman of Peace, Chairman of the Peace Voice, Mr. Zhao Yaoyang, Xinmin Evening News Community Edition Economic and Life Editor, Honorary President of Peace, Chairman of the Peace Voices, Mr. He Jiwei, former member of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Minister of Organization, Honorary Chairman of Peace, Chairman of the Peace Voices, Mr. Zhang Jingguo, President of Danyue Group, Mr. Chen Xiaoguo, the general director of the Voice of Peace contest, “Master Professor Shen Nianci, the judge of the CCTV Starlight Avenue, the judge of the Voice of Peace expert, and the chairman of the Xuzhou City Musicians Association, Mr. Liu Qiang, is known as the soprano of the award-winning master. Singer, voice of the professional judge of Peace, Mr. Ge Ziman, dance artist, director of the Peace Sound Art Troupe, Mr. Xiao Baolong, living in Singapore, Chinese music, Lotte, director of the East China Region of CCTV Network, Mr. Yang Mingwu, president of Shanghai Hailian Culture and Art School, famous flute Performing artist Mr. Hu Jianming, the abbot of the first bhikkhuni road in China, Ming Da Da, the famous actor San Dezi Mr. Wang Zhiqin, Mr. Xu Bo, Manager of Shanghai Yihai Theatre, Shanghai Knows Public Welfare, Mr. Liu Yong, Shanghai Disabled People’s Art Troupe; Fire Phoenix Xigong Dance Team, and the Voice of Peace Jury, composed of 22 outstanding singers, attended and participated in the whole process. Watched this contest.

The whole game consists of 20 contestants, 5 singers and Phoenix Dance. Wonderful.

A round of free draws breaks the tedious pattern of regular games, making the atmosphere particularly warm, especially in In the final lucky draw, Royal Caribbean sent a luxury cruise gift worth $7,248 for the audience.

The audience said: Come to the Voice of Peace to watch the game, not only can enjoy high-level performances for free, It’s really worthwhile to experience the VIP-level service and get a big prize for a gift.

Especially the beautiful dance of peace, gorgeous lighting, programming, etc. are very professional, giving The audience is refreshed and passionate.

not only fully demonstrates the enjoyment and professionalism of the event itself, but also maximizes the sponsorship The brand value makes the sponsor feel that the cooperation with the voice of peace is very pleasant, very value-for-money and very memorable.

It’s not hard to see that after a year of hard work, we adjusted our strategic direction and hired famous Chinese music. Producer, music talent, Mr. Li Quan, the judge of the Voice of Peace expert, founder, director, planner of the Chinese Music Rankings, Chairman of the China Chinese Musicians Association, and Mr. He Li, the judge of the Voice of Peace expert, and other top masters of the music industry The voice of peace has become more mature, and she is growing low-key as a well-known brand of Chinese people’s culture.

Especially worth mentioning is that this competition has attracted a lot of media attention, CCTV network, Shanghai TV, Oriental TV, Xinmin Evening News, CPC Central Committee Half Moon, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Today’s headlines, Tencent Video, Sohu Video and other top ten media and a number of online media competing to report.

After the event, Ms. Butterfly Feifei, the chairman of the competition, took a group photo with the guests, and the judges took a group photo with the singer, shook hands and congratulated, and solemnly awarded certificates and souvenirs to the contestants to encourage them. Make persistent efforts, create new achievements, and let the voice of peace be the voice of the ocean, and enjoy the world.

In the past, for the sake of love, the voice of peace is spreading Chinese culture and promoting society. Love is our duty, and we will sing for the goal of ordinary people to dream!

Through on-site interviews, the community also The efforts of the Voice of Peace have given full recognition and high praise. Not only now, but also in the future, the voice of peace will warm the hearts of every ordinary people with the brilliance of love, and make the world more loving and harmonious.

Finally, celebrate the Voice of Peace “ Royal Caribbean Cup Middle Ages Singer Grand Prix 2017 Fourth Preliminary A complete success!

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Why is the wooden floor tarnished?

Although the wooden floor is not shiny, it cannot be generalized. Different styles of wood flooring are different in craftsmanship, and the gloss of the exterior is naturally different. However, some people of the same type of wood flooring brand used two years of light and new, and some people used only one year to be dull. What caused this? First, improper cleaning can lead to tarnishing of wooden floors. Too frequent cleaning is one of the main reasons for the loss of wooden floors. Wooden floors are usually laid out in relatively private spaces, and cleaning once a month is appropriate. Chemical fiber fabrics, hard tows, and a lot of water and alkali will bring unnecessary corrosion and damage to the wooden floor. Second, without any maintenance measures, the wooden floor will slowly lose its original luster. This situation is more common in solid wood flooring. Solid wood is like skin. If it is not maintained for a long time, the gloss will disappear. And cleaning and maintenance are completely different, and cleaning is not a substitute for curing. Third, the choice of floor wax is not correct, it will also cause the wood floor to lose its original luster. Frequent use of spray bottle wax can also cause the wooden floor to lose light. The spray bottle wax gives the wooden floor a mirror-like finish, and the reflection is strong, but it is obviously dirty when there is dust. Repeatedly, the wooden floor quickly loses its original uniform luster. Finally, the poor quality of the wood floor paint can also lead to no gloss. This situation is ubiquitous in “cheap” wooden floors. In order to sell, the manufacturer applies a layer of varnish to the surface of the wooden floor, just like a layer of wax on the surface of the apple. This wooden floor was used for only two months, and the wooden floor was completely dull.

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Anxin floor event picks up the unspoken rules of the industry

Imported brands enter the engineering market, secretly domestically produced retail building materials and engineering procurement are different from the same brand—

Whether the products provided by Anxin Floor to Vanke hardcover rooms are ‘toxic’ or ‘thinned’ Vanke made a positive response on Monday. However, there is a phenomenon that has once again attracted attention. That is, in the materials related to hardcover, such as flooring, bathroom, furniture, cabinets, etc., there is a widespread phenomenon of ‘special supply’ for hardcover rooms. According to industry insiders, ‘special offerings’ are mostly ‘special’, not ‘special’, can not reduce the cost, will be crowded away by other brands. ‘Special’, where is the bottom line of quality, and no one can tell at the moment.

● ‘Special supply’ building materials

ubiquitous in hardcover houses and engineering projects

In 2002, a German brand cabinet was secretly found in the factory for OEM production. In order to press the low cost again, to enter the hardcover section of a high-end real estate near Chaoyang Park. The person in charge of the brand said that this property is to promote the quality of its own by the famous cabinet brand reputation.

Three years ago, a flooring brand revealed to reporters that in order to take over the floor strategic cooperation business of a real estate, they took turns to public relations, and in the originally low profit margin, they also squeezed out the ‘kickback’ In the part, in desperation, another production line managed to reduce the input on the floor and became the final strategy. In a wooden floor factory, the reporter once saw a large number of ‘ultra-thin’ floors stacked in the warehouse. The brand owner who once said that the floor was ‘thick and feel good’ said that those thin floors were specially made for a certain CBD property. .

In the conversation with several designers, you can also understand that for the later effects, designers often specify some brands of building materials, and attach about the price per square meter, these will also be sold when the house For consumers’ reference. However, developers often go to the procurement process and will adopt bidding methods for bulk building materials. First, they will lower prices, and second, they will not rule out products with better price/performance ratio. But in the end, there are often some building materials dealers who go to work here as designers, hoping that they will work hard to get the opportunity to get recognition of the design.

One to two, the quality of the final use of building materials, developers and building materials suppliers who do not want to make it clear.

●Imported brands secretly made in China

To reduce the cost of entering high-end real estate

According to the executives of the German brand cabinets, when the imported cabinets were in people In the eyes of the high-end luxury goods, but in the retail market, because some consumers have begun to pay attention to kitchen life, it is relatively easy to convince some wealthy people to buy high-end cabinets, but it is not easy to advance to the hardcover and tooling projects with the same quality.

Beijing’s high-end real estate is often willing to cooperate with brand-name building materials, to enhance the value, in the face of such high-end engineering market, any brand that is unwilling to fall behind will be tempted. Therefore, after many contacts with the developers, they decided that in order to enter this market and touch the pulse of the developer wanting the brand but not so demanding quality, the German headquarters of the brand also acquiesced: find a factory cooperation in China. Manufacturing.

In those days, consumers who bought this high-end real estate only knew that their home was a certain brand of German cabinets, and found that although there was no problem, the details and quality of the cabinet could not be monopolized with the brand. Any cabinet in the store is comparable.

● Different quality with the same brand

Price material technology discounted together

‘Special ‘product’ special ‘where the bottom line is

Specially tailored products such as hardcover are specially designed for this channel. Originally, there is nothing wrong with it. In addition to the cost reasons, the original intention of satisfying the ‘special design’ requirements of the developer is also one aspect. At the same time, in order to expand the market, it is also understandable that a brand can produce products of different grades to fight for more consumer groups. But fundamentally, the ‘special offer’ should have a bottom line when it is ‘special’.

A designer with engineering experience revealed that ordinary consumers buy building materials and other products, and they are amazed. When the same brand docking project, the so-called engineering price often reaches the retail price. Half or even one third. How can it be done? The designer said that responsible brands should work hard on scientific mass production, manual logistics and raw material procurement under the premise of ensuring quality, and ensure that the final ‘slimming’ products are still in line with the relevant national departments on environmental protection and longevity. Basic quality requirements.

But an industry insider who is far away from the engineering market also revealed that some building materials suppliers are focusing on low-cost, multi-connection projects, compared with quite conspicuous brands. Material quality is often neglected. The relevant national testing institutions only perform ‘send inspection’, ‘sampling inspection’, etc., and cannot completely block the source of fake and inferior building materials entering the market. If it is not the brand conscious, the quality is indeed unstoppable.

It is not difficult to understand that there is no such thing as a single installation in the construction of the project. Therefore, consumers often encounter problems such as cracking of the floor of the hardcover room, failure of the toilet, return of the ground, and leakage of windows. It is not surprising that it is basically the result of both product quality and construction quality.

● Related investigations ●

‘Check inspection’ building materials

Can the quality of the products be matched?

At present, ‘send inspection’ is the only way that Chinese furniture and building materials products must comply with, and the quality, environmental protection and safety of products are tested to meet national standards. However, this method of picking out a product ‘send’ to the official testing organization by the enterprise is also questioned by consumers because of the possibility that the product to be inspected is qualified and the product entering the market is unqualified.

Is there any possibility of the above problems in building materials? Wang Yonglin, vice president and secretary-general of the Wood Door Professional Committee of the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, said that the same brand of products for inspection and sales are sold because of the raw materials used., glue, paint and hardware accessories are not completely from the same brand, the same batch, so this phenomenon may occur. However, as long as some brands have a complete self-checking system, although not every product will be sent for inspection, they can use this self-checking equipment to carry out quality and environmental protection for various main and auxiliary materials and finished products of building materials. The monitoring of the problem to ensure the highest rate of products entering the market.

Is the ‘sampling’ in advance notice ineffective?

Most consumers believe that ‘sampling’ is a sample inspection of the products entering the market when the merchant is unprepared to monitor the product’s compliance. However, the president of a well-known wooden door brand that was set up in Guangdong and sold in Beijing revealed that the ‘sampling inspection’ of wooden door products is not a person in the inspection department suddenly picking up a door to the exhibition hall or production workshop. Since the wooden doors are mostly customized products, in order not to delay the use of consumers, causing inconvenience to the merchants, the inspection department will issue a ‘sampling inspection’ notice in advance, and then the brand will ‘send’ the door for testing.

And a person in charge of the wooden door brand in Beijing who did not want to be named also bluntly told us that ‘send inspection’ once a year, and the time of ‘sampling’ is not fixed. If the brand that has been ‘sampled’ already has a ‘send inspection report’, it is not necessary to participate in the ‘sampling inspection’.

Who is the bottom line of hardcover rooms and engineering decoration quality?

A person in charge of the product division of a home improvement company said that developers generally have a slightly lower quality requirements for the main materials than ordinary home improvement products. In addition, there are usually wood products that may cause environmental hazards, and most manufacturers will not compromise. However, in the products related to durability and the life-related tiles and sanitary wares, some manufacturers will find it difficult to resist the temptation to open a ‘low-end product’ production line. The person in charge of a home improvement company that has been undertaking the hardcover project said that the work of the renovation of the project is not good. In some projects, the developer left a small budget for the renovation, and wants to keep the material and construction quality bottom line, the home improvement company almost has to pay for it.

Release date: 2012/2/29 10:43:04

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