Osama Mara came to Sichuan to invite Sichuan enterprises to explore the international market for building materials

In the Sino-Russian cooperation between the two rivers, the pragmatic cooperation between Sichuan and Samara is further strengthened. At the “Sichuan Province & mdash; Russia Samara State Building Materials Enterprise Fair held on October 21st, many companies from both sides expressed their intention to cooperate, and more Sichuan enterprises said that if the market prospect is good, they will invest in Samara. The factory opened up the international market of Sichuan building materials enterprises in Russia.

To implement the fourth meeting of local leaders of the two rivers in China and Russia held in Chengdu in August this year, to promote pragmatic cooperation between the two sides, at the invitation of the provincial government Foreign Affairs Office, October 20, Sa The Deputy Minister of Construction of the State of Malayan, Miyakidov, led a delegation of the state’s construction company to visit Sichuan and held a meeting during this period.

Miyakidov sent a warm invitation to Sichuan building materials companies. “We came to Sichuan to seek cooperation projects with Sichuan enterprises in housing construction and building materials production. He said that in the next few years, Russia will build a large number of affordable housing in a short period of time, and the demand for building materials is very large. In the field of housing construction and building materials production, Sichuan has a lot of experience to learn. At present, Samara has built an industrial park for large-scale building materials, and welcomes Sichuan enterprises to invest and build factories in the park. The delegation also reached an in-depth cooperation intention with Sichuan Railway International Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd. on infrastructure projects.

The federal body of the Federal District of the Volga River Basin in Samara is an advantage in the industrial sectors such as light-duty vehicles and rolling bearings. It is one of the most developed regions in Russia. As a member of the Sino-Russian “two-stream river area”, the pragmatic cooperation between Sichuan and Samara in economic, trade and humanities is strengthening. Samara State also reached an agreement with Southwest Petroleum University on the exchange of international students.

Live Story

Chuan Enterprise: As long as there is a market, we are willing to go to Russia

October 21st, “Sichuan Province & mdash; Russia Samara State Building Materials At the beginning of the business meeting, Jiang Daicai, deputy general manager of Chengdu Minjiang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., took action. He took the support of Wu Tejin, deputy general manager of Yavro Aliyangs Co., Ltd. in Samara. Take a sample of the product in your hand.

Wu Tejin looked through the glass wool board and asked Jiang Daicai with interest: “What is its purpose? What are the characteristics? When it was learned that this formaldehyde-free glass wool board was widely used in high-end office buildings, commercial centers and residential buildings, it has the characteristics of thermal insulation and noise reduction, especially when it is fire-retardant. Wu Tejin has a satisfactory smile. “Very good, this material is needed for our housing construction. He strongly urged Jiang to leave a few samples and said that he would bring the samples back to the company in Samara State and notify the other party by email within one week.

“ If our demand is large, would you like to go to Samara to build a factory? At the end of the negotiation, Wu Tejin issued an invitation to Jiang Daicai. Jiang Daicai said that “the company’s products have been exported to the European market. If the demand in the Russian market is large, we will consider investing in factories and opening up new international markets.

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Still sports social pioneer Ringside layout throughout the city centre of Modo

On December 18th, if you pass through the Xianles Square in the CBD of Shanghai, you will be attracted by such a huge poster: bright and fresh pictures, the dynamics of the sun and the fashion elements, all of which are young and uplifting. Positive attitude —— fashion sports social pioneer Ringside Boxing & Beyond has been fully deployed in the downtown area of ​​Magic Capital.

(Senrace Square Screen)

The huge posters of the Xianles Square are the opposite of the poles and flags that are already on the Wujiang Road. They are printed on the main center lines, and the Ringside Boxing & Beyond is full of design LOGO and coach family portraits. Layer bus.

(Wujiang Road Road Banner)

(double-decker bus screen)

as Red Star Macalline The company’s new business model, which has been built over the past two years, is a combination of sports social, beauty and skin care, and light-food catering. Ringside Boxing & Beyond breaks the old concept of sports and skin, pays attention to the individuality of users, and emphasizes on sports. The social atmosphere in the beauty skin, with the most advanced equipment, the most comfortable environment and the most professional service to create an offline social membership platform for each user.

In January 2019, Ringside will open in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road, Magic Trade 580 and Xintiandi Hong Kong Plaza, a new era of fashion life, is opening.

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LIVEN x MISOKA Brush your teeth with water only, a new experience for tooth cleaning

“Chang Tang Xuan ACERA”, after more than ten years of technology research and development, created a series of “live porcelain LIVEN” brand products in 1998, with Chinese traditional culture and Western art as the theme, condensing the creation of design talents from the East and the West. The company integrates modern design concepts and techniques, and uses scientific formulas to produce environmentally-friendly and healthy daily-use ceramics that meet the national lead and cadmium detection standards at high temperatures, bringing consumers a healthy and safe life.

The dream company MISOKA was founded in 2007 by a craftsman, and is a product development company centered on advanced nanotechnology.

The LIVEN X MISOKA dual brand jointly launched a quality and healthy lifestyle product & mdash; toothbrushes, and also combines daily necessities and technology to make life full of happiness and create a boutique in modern life. Abandoning the traditional thinking, brushing your teeth can be done without toothpaste! LIVEN X MISOKA toothbrush can brush your teeth with water, it is a new technology toothbrush.

The advantage of brushing your teeth with a glass of water has already sold more than 4 million in Asian countries since its launch. It not only removes tea stains, smoke stains and dirt, but also forms a smooth coating on the surface, making the teeth less susceptible to contamination. Brushing your teeth after meals is easy and convenient, making your teeth healthier. The toothbrush handle curve design, whether it is visual or tactile, will love this toothbrush. Good home life, starting with a toothbrush that you can’t put it down.

Philosophical toothbrush

A water-like handle that is both sensible and functional

The design of the handle is like flowing water, ingenious Visual lines, comfortable grips make people love it. Soft bristles are good for gums and teeth. The toothbrush is still facing upwards and is an original design that is both beautiful and practical.

Children’s Toothbrush

LIVEN x MISOKA Children’s Toothbrush is a good partner for your baby’s healthy growth. Brushing the teeth can intuitively feel the smooth protective film formed on the surface of the teeth, brushing your teeth for 3 minutes, and continuing the whole day to protect your teeth. Mommy no longer has to worry about baby eating toothpaste! Designed for children aged 1~5 years old, With the cute handle of the doll shape, I believe that no child can refuse such a cute toothbrush!

Designer toothbrush

Toothbrush developed jointly with the famous Japanese design brand <; THE Enter a weight of about 10g to allow the toothbrush to stand upright. The weight can be concentrated in the hand and held well.

Dentist toothbrushes

Dentists develop hybrid brush headbrushes that are designed with V-shaped and flat-brimmed bristles. This brush head can balance the gap between the teeth and the gums.

Travel toothbrush

Lightweight · Delicate · Easy to carry

An assembled travel toothbrush designed specifically for travellers to make your trip more convenient and no longer worry about how to place a regular toothbrush. Pour a glass of water and put the toothbrush into the cup to fully wet it before brushing your teeth. Have a refreshing and moist brushing feel.

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Cloud token project, consult Li Yi teacher to join now!

Cloudtoken global docking please add Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

loud Token highlights

First, there is no lock for a long time, the principal is always in and out

Fool-style lie-making mode [strong][strong] with no restrictions on entering and leaving the lockout, currently supports ETH BTC BTH TUSD and other mainstream currencies

Third, all coins are on the public chain Global openness and transparency

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [strong] deposit money to make money to make money [strong] [ Strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generation 50% 3-21 generation 5% income every day Capping

3 Community Dividend Team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

4C1 community level to get the team unlimited 5% income community rewards

5 reaching 3 C1 communities, 10% of community rewards for C2 community

6 reaching 3 C2 communities, rewarding 15% for C3 communities

7 reaching 3 C3 communities That is, the C4 community will receive 20% of the community rewards

8 to reach 3 C4 agencies. The district is the C5 community

The community income takes 5% of the global community’s total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ one day is not capped [strong][strong] storage value is more than 500 dollars For valid accounts

[strong] The above bonus settlements are issued in the platform currency CTO [strong]

There may be a lot of friends talking to you

How good is CloudToken, but you didn’t understand it

Today we will use the empty cup mentality to get to know CloudToken. Wealth Business Opportunities

In 2019, blockchain users account for 0.3% of the global population. The future of the global digital wallet market is huge. Wallets are an indispensable part of the blockchain industry, along with blocks. The development and expansion of the chain industry has shown a phenomenon of parallel acceleration. More and more project parties have joined the digital asset wallet field. Compared with the global 6 billion people and 4 billion Internet users, the proportion of digital asset wallet users is still very small. The market potential in the future is very huge, of course, it means that the blockchain is still in the early stage of the development of the industry, digital asset wallets, as The supporting infrastructure is also in the early stage of the industry

Why do I choose CloudToken as my career today? Today I will talk about my views on him

Two reasons:

The first is because of its authenticity

The second is because its bonus system is powerful

So first of all its authenticity:

? First, what is CloudToken?

It is a super digital asset wallet and a decentralized trading platform

Developed by IBM, Nvidia and Samsung Samsung original technical team

[1] Authenticity

The CloudToken platform is the world’s top quantification by Singapore’s four most influential venture capital firms, DigitalCurrency Group, PanteraCapital, BlockchainCapital and AndreessenHorowitz. The team, as well as the technical talent of the Asian region, Ronald, spent more than half a year, using the latest fourth-generation BBS blockchain technology to create a decentralized wallet

The power of CloudToken


It is because he has three major characters for his endorsement

First Clo udToken has strong support from Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is an internationally renowned investor and professor of finance

Wall Street Mankind

The founder of Quantum Fund is also the world Top investment stocks god

He has a legendary investment experience

with Buffett, Soros and the global three in the financial giant

is known as Wall Street mythology

At the same time, CloudToken’s technical director is the Asian blockchain technology genius RonaldAai Ronald, and Ronald is also the founder of the fourth-generation public chain BBS bit system


Here, let’s briefly talk about the secrets of identifying true and false wallets

Avoid being cheated in the future, and learn to recognize true and false

CloudToken is very different from the fake wallet items on the market, because many fake wallets are marked with blockchain,

let players store digital currency, but the real asset is In the hands of the project side and CloudToken decentralized DAPP wallet is to write everything Into the smart contract, all the data is real. It has a clear consensus mechanism and reward mechanism to allow users’ assets to be stored in the public chain rather than in the project.

First point, settlement time

The centralized fake wallet is a human-written program, and each picture and number is manually modified, no matter when you deposit money, It is a unified time to settle, because it is set in the manual background, and all the time is settled with a click.. The settlement procedure for the decentralized real wallet is based on the public chain, which is written into the smart contract and cannot be changed. Therefore, each member of CloudToke has different deposit time and different settlement time. The static income is settled once every 24 hours, and the dynamic is 48 hours. Then if it is a centralized wallet, 24-hour non-stop calculation will make the system load too much, and it will easily collapse.

The second point, verify from the address of the withdrawal

Centralized fake wallet, you don’t have to say more, directly open the player background to view the withdrawal record, you can find many different addresses, this shows This operation is a person? Auditing the money, the project side will have a lot of deposit address, so as many times the number of withdrawals, the address will change, you must be careful, and CloudToken is a decentralized real wallet. No matter what number you withdraw, the currency has only one address in the public chain. You can use the CTO platform currency to convert it to Ethereum. After the conversion is successful, he can immediately go to the official website of Ethereum to inquire about this withdrawal. Record, all the operations of your Ethereum will be the same address, the partner who has doubts can verify.

The third point, and the most important point is the difference in the speed of the currency. Verification

Centralized fake wallet, you convert the platform currency into Ethereum, it is the second, and it is not logged in the Ethereum official website. In fact, it is a string The number on the screen is only, if someone tells you that our cash withdrawal is fast, the second is paid, and there is no work-off fee, you have to be careful, to go to the centralized wallet, the speed of the currency needs to be confirmed by the node, impossible When the second is reached, for example, when the USDT is blocked, the node confirmation time will become longer, so some friends ask, how to record more than 24 hours, there is no profit, because it is 5 pm when joining the plan, but the network On the node, it is confirmed until 8:00 pm, then the system calculates the profit according to 8:00 in the evening. We can query the time of node confirmation on the public chain, and can track these public and transparent information, so CloudToken is true. Is a real decentralized wallet

[2] Bonus system

So after the authenticity, let’s take a look at this bonus system, the so-called rich and rich, look System

CloudToken requires only a simple action to do statics.

Put the digital assets you used in the past into our CloudToken wallet.

By adding AI smart quantification, we can make our monthly income range from 6% to 20%

and your static income will be credited every day

Your source of income , all the process of quantitative quantification

You can see all, simple, transparent, open

The profit of the principal goes in and out, safe and secure!

So dynamic, CloudToken, a model that can make a lot of money on a single line.

The first generation can be promoted to 100%, the second generation can get 50%, the third generation to the 21st generation can get 5%, then there must be someone here to ask, all percentages come from What? It comes from the percentage of each of our user revenues today,

that is, we don’t make any money, the individual’s principal, but a reward distribution after the profit component is generated. The 5% of the 21st generation is very impressive. And what conditions can be used for 21 generations? It is very simple, recommend one person to take one generation, two people to take two generations and so on, and when you push to the 16th person, you can get 21 generations, very deep Deep!

What is important? It is the benefit of the CloudToken community.

What is community income? It is the income of the entire team that you develop. It is very simple, that is to say, when your team reaches 200,000 dollars, then you can have your entire team unlimited generation. 5%, reaching a community level like C1. And when you have three C1 communities, you can achieve a level like C2, and so on. When you reach the C5 community level, you have 5% of the total global community performance, then our income is Issued through our platform CTO.

Well, after introducing the bonus system, let’s analyze the bonus system like today. How much can we earn?

First of all, our monthly static income is 6%. To 12%, what does this mean? It means that our annualized income can reach 70% to 140%

. When today’s project is low, a project that is stable enough in static and has a high-scoring plan, this project will definitely make you earn a lot of money, and because our bonus is in the form of platform coins. In the process of circulation, the platform currency can continue to rise. Moreover, the entire blockchain industry will usher in a new wave of bull market with the reduction of Bitcoin next year

Speaking of this is an opportunity, because the price of most mainstream digital currencies is not counted now? I believe that the skyrocketing of the platform currency will definitely far exceed the mainstream currency.

Having said so much, we can see CloudToken is a very ingenious revenue plan, no matter where you come from, no matter what industry you are in, whether you want to earn a safe and stable static income, or find a good project to develop your own team, CloudToken is Your best choice


Cloud wallet has just been launched in the market, and his influence has not been fully demonstrated. This year is a wallet hot, so thisIt will soon sweep across the globe, spread across the globe

The only truly decentralized quantitative wallet in the world

Cloud Token Download: http://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

Please use the browser to open the download registration, please fill in the referrer’s invitation code

Cloud Token Global Community Canada, Toronto, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Russia, New York, Myanmar Vietnam, more than 30 countries, the number of members has exceeded hundreds of thousands of people in a short period of time, this speed is too fast, our platform currency issuance price is 0.3 US dollars, the room for growth is very broad, this is the best opportunity, everyone Leaders keep up with this high-speed train, please don’t fall behind!

I think it will be familiar to everyone who is doing Internet projects or traditional projects in just three or five months. There is an old saying in China that is quite right. The martial arts in the world are not broken, but they are not broken. So in the project circle, they are also the same. They are only vying for the future, simply joining and quickly starting.

Cloud Token has the following four features:

Infrastructure: Building a digital asset industry The strongest and strongest infrastructure.

Service System: Provides the highest quality, safe, convenient and efficient service to owners of digital assets.

Application landing: popularization of blockchain technology in all walks of life.

Asset Management: Open up the blockchain life, social, and wealth management, and lead the asset management revolution in the new era of digital economy.

Cloud Token Cloud Wallet Features:

1. Atomic Exchange: Crypto-to-Crypto exchanges are located between different digital currencies and rely on real-time ratio redemption. All of Cloud Toten DAPP’s digital assets, such as BTC, ETH and other supported digital assets, can be seamlessly exchanged at CTO. To a certain extent, users can trade digital assets or implement digital assets faster and easier without having to make complex pending orders through different exchange platforms.

2. Over-the-counter trading: Over-the-counter (OTC) methods are called over-the-counter transactions. It refers to market trading entities trading on the basis of bilateral credit through independent bilateral investigations and bilateral liquidation. The transaction is not traded within the trading platform, but ends privately at a price above or below the trading platform price or other conditions.

3. E-Commerce: Through the Open Mall system, users can enjoy the online consumption digital experience of Cloud Token Mall through CTO. Buy everyday items, books, clothing, hats, toys, software, records, home appliances and other home delivery platforms.

Cloud Token Technical Features:

1. Cross-chain protocol plug-in: DAPP developers can use the Cloud Token smart contract protocol that supports multi-chain assets. To improve system efficiency, Colud Token adopts Based on the plug-in organizational structure, we added a cross-chain plug-in to help users use Cloud Token-based DAPP with out-of-chain assets.

2. Multi-chain chain wallet: In order to improve the Cloud Token user experience and convenience, we have designed a decentralized wallet that supports multiple blockchain assets, that is, users can use BTC Out-of-chain assets such as ETH use the premium DAPP developed on the Cloud Token chain through a multi-chain chain wallet.

3. Cross-chain consensus mechanism: Cross-chain Validator manages multi-signature escrow accounts by maintaining the security of multi-signal escrow accounts, ensuring that the extra-chain assets are fully aligned with the wallet on the chain.

Cloud Token Cloud Wallet is the world’s first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. It is developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology and can perform cross-chaining. Encrypted exchange, payment; AI arbitrage engine from well-known encryption market manufacturers, e-commerce and other products. The goal is to provide users with a focused social wealth ecosystem and become the de facto standard token for the blockchain industry.

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud wallet Dapp official download link: https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

Cloudtoken cloud wallet registration invitation code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken cloud wallet docking please add Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

One-on-one tutoring to download, register, invite you to the study group to let you know more about the whole

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OBEG goes to Cannes Show | Helps Sunrise East? China’s original innovation power world premiere

Known as the “Cannes International Film Festival for the Olympics in the film industry”, it is held in mid-May each year. As the most influential and top international film festival in the world today, it has been held for 72 times. The festival has brought together many elites and talents in the creative field. It is an original contest that carries the infinite glory.

May 21, 2019, Cannes time, 20:00, representing the creation from China to China and China’s intellectual creation. Sunrise East & middot; China’s original innovation power global Cannes debut (CHINA NEW FORCE) was also held in the most prestigious movie palace.

MISS JH BY OBEG on Cannes International Stage


MISS JH BY OBEG’s debut show, and it will be amazing. The haute couture garments on display were inspired by the mysterious starry sky, created by OBEG founder Ms. Jiang Hua and MISS JH BY OBEG design director Alessandro De Benedetti.

OBEG founder Ms. Jiang Hua

MISS JH BY OBEG Design Director Alessandro De Benedetti

Worth One of them is a set of luxurious and luxurious one-piece dresses, carefully selected Swarovski crystal beadwork, with exquisite mesh fabrics and waist-cutting three-dimensional tailoring, by MISS JH BY OBEG Haute Couture craftsmen It lasted for 682 hours and was hand-stitched. The entire dress was elegant and luxurious.

Blue sequined tube top jumpsuit, Like the starry sky at night, the simple silhouette is combined with the unique fabric material to create a feminine figure and temperament.

Black and white contrast two-piece dress with excellent hanging fabric and sex The combination of cool styles is full of high cold style. The low-necked and high-open design makes the overall style look mysterious and sexy.

It is understood that MISS JH BY OBEG is a OBEG brand high-end ready-to-wear women’s collection, dedicated to the elite Smart women and celebrities provide private customization, creating an exclusive personality image that reflects the high-end women’s elegant dress and perfect etiquette in an advanced place. Actress Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Yuqi, Haiqing, etc., have been associated with MISS JH BY OBEG. Promoting global discourse power for Chinese fashion As a manufacturing power, China was once the center of the world, and Chinese cultural brands and creative products once occupied the mainstream position in the world. However, after entering the modern society, “China’s creation and “China’s originality” was once criticized. Along with the rise of China’s fashion industry, CHINA NEW FORCE hopes to convey the original Chinese innovation power in the international fashion industry. MISS JH BY OBEG, with the determination to bring Chinese fashion to internationalization, landed in Cannes’s CHINA NEW FORCE, in a unique way to create a sound that evokes Chinese original potential, and also for Chinese fashion design in a global dialogue context. Further mastering the right to speak has played a role in fueling the situation.

OBEG founder Ms. Jiang Hua, MISS JH BY OBEG design Director Alessandro De Benedetti will give a curtain call after the show

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US to China stainless steel sheet and carbon alloy steel plate double anti-tax

【招商宝】 According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, Wang Hejun, director of the Trade Relief and Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, made a statement on the United States’ stainless steel strip double-counter case and carbon alloy steel plate double-reverse case damage, saying that the US steel company operates Difficulties are not related to China’s export products. The US ruling did not fully consider China’s submission of evidence materials, which is inconsistent with the facts. China urges the US to make an objective and fair ruling.

On March 3, US Eastern Time, the US International Trade Commission issued a notice stating that stainless steel strips and carbon alloys imported from China Steel plates cause substantial damage to the industry in the United States. Accordingly, the US Customs will impose anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on the above-mentioned products imported from China. Director Wang Hejun of the Trade Relief and Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce made a statement on this.

Wang Hejun pointed out that the operational difficulties of US steel companies are mainly due to the outdated equipment, resulting in low yields, which in turn affects profits. It has no connection with China’s stainless steel strips and carbon alloy steel sheets. In fact, during the investigation period, the demand for these products in the US market increased, and China’s exports to the US met the increasing market demand in the United States. The steel trade between China and the United States is complementary. China not only exports to the United States, but also imports steel from the United States. The products of the two sides are different and have different uses.

Wang Hejun said that the US ruling did not fully consider the large amount of evidence submitted by the Chinese industry, which is inconsistent with the facts. China urges the US to make an objective and fair ruling to avoid negative impact on the normal economic and trade exchanges between China and the United States.

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The capacity of the Middle East market is large. Taowei exports need to establish an image.

For the Chinese ceramic sanitary ware industry, the traditional Middle East market without trade barriers has always been a big cake, which has attracted the attention of the ceramic sanitary ware industry. However, in recent years, people in the industry have said that the Middle East market is getting harder and harder, and the pressure on exporting ceramic sanitary wares is getting bigger and bigger.

The capacity of the Middle East market is large

It is reported that the construction industry in the Middle East has developed momentum in recent years. The specific reasons are: on the one hand, the continuous construction of engineering projects, on the other hand, the demand for consumers is large. Among them, Saudi Arabia, for example, invested more than 1.102 trillion US dollars for the construction of 1026 projects. In general, compared with the weak state of developed countries in Europe, the development potential of the Middle East market is huge, which is worthy of attention of building materials enterprises, especially ceramic enterprises.

In addition, in addition to its strong domestic demand, the impact of the Middle East market on the surrounding markets should not be underestimated. The geographical position of the Middle East is superior, and it is in a favorable geographical position connecting Asia, Europe and Africa, with convenient transportation. In Dubai, for example, more than 80% of the goods going to and from the Middle East are transited in Dubai. As the largest trading hub in the Middle East, Dubai is responsible for reselling goods to the Gulf, Eastern Europe and Africa.

It is well known that the Middle East, especially the Dubai platform, can consume a very large amount of ceramic tile products. It can be said that this piece is everyone’s big cake, but many people in the industry have said that the current export of ceramic tiles in the Middle East market is not as good as before.

It is understood that the economic policies in the Middle East are relatively free and accommodative. For example, in addition to the 5% import tariff, the UAE has basically no other taxes. It is very easy for companies to enter the market. In a way, this attracts companies to export tile products to the platform.

Polarization is serious, and the export volume of high-end brands is closely related to engineering projects

Cai Rongze, manager of the export department of supermagnetic ceramics, said, “About 7 or 8 years ago, the tiles were exported to the Middle East market. It’s very easy, and any tile can be sold on this platform, making companies make big money. But in recent years, in the Middle East, especially in Dubai, the export of Chinese ceramic tile products has been particularly difficult. Among them, price competition and monopoly are two prominent reasons that hinder China’s export of ceramic tiles to the Middle East market.

& ldquo; In the Middle East, there are two extremes of local consumption: one is aristocratic consumption and the other is cheap consumption. Cai Qian, head of the export department of JNJ Mosaic Brand Marketing Center, said. In the Middle East, engineering projects focus on the quality of ceramic tiles, and the price is secondary; while ordinary home improvement consumers pay more attention to prices and neglect quality requirements. Therefore, similar to the JNJ mosaic and other high-end positioning industry leading brands, the export volume is closely related to the construction of local projects, especially hotels and other projects.

It is reported that in the Middle East, due to the influence of local customs and the cost of renovating the house, many local consumers have changed the frequency of decoration very high, once every 3 to 5 years. Renovation. Because of the high frequency of decoration, consumers subconsciously believe that, since a few years later, my house has to be renovated, I don’t have to pay a high price for some good quality ceramic tile products. Therefore, this also explains why China exports low-priced, high-quality products.

China’s ceramic tile products exported to the local low-end market are lacking in quality, and prices have become a powerful competitive factor. In response to the market demand in the Middle East market, China mainly exports some quality products, such as first-class products and defective products that are not sold in China. For a long time, local consumers will slowly identify Chinese ceramic tiles that are exported to the local market as low-end cheap products.

Establishing a brand image and reversing the low-end impression

In order to cope with the Middle East market, Tao Enterprise needs to carefully consider how to make a profit on this platform when exporting ceramic tile products. At present, when the ceramic industry exports ceramic tiles, some companies will choose to cooperate with foreign companies to sell ceramic tiles to local distributors, which will then be sold to local consumers.

Although this model saves effort and sales, the brand is completely unknown, and may even be characterized as a low-end cheap product label. Its main competitiveness is price, but As prices fall lower and lower, profits become thinner and thinner.

Also, as Cai Rongze said, some ceramic enterprises have also joined a number of well-known Chinese ceramic brands to create a brand of high-end hardcover showrooms in the local area, focusing on China’s high-end, high-quality ceramic tile products. Such as Eastman.

In addition, some companies have established branch offices in the local area. For example, Xinzhongyuan undertakes engineering projects on the one hand and local customers on the other. Ceramic products are semi-finished products and require a professional team to serve. Otherwise, in the process of after-sales application, consumers encounter some problems and fail to solve them in time, which will also affect consumers’ future consumption. Therefore, when the ceramic tile is exported, the ceramic enterprises should also serve the local customers and provide timely assistance and assistance.

In fact, the difficulty and convenience of exporting ceramic tile products to the Middle East market is not only the product itself, but more importantly, the channels and methods. It is necessary to reverse the impression of bargains accumulated by Chinese consumers in local consumers. Establish a brand image and broaden the space for the development of Chinese brands.

At present, many ceramic companies are aware of the importance of building a brand image. For example, some companies, such as the JNJ mosaic brand, will participate in Dubai-related building materials exhibitions to showcase their brand image to local customers and consumers, highlighting their product advantages. At the same time, we must also understand the preferences of local consumers for their products. According to Li Libo, the manager of Phoenix Nirvana Tiles Export Department, in recent years, simple styles and light-colored series, such as rice ash, rice white, white ash and beige, are more popular among local consumers.

The current development path for Chinese ceramic enterprises is still a strong distribution with the localBusiness cooperation, using dealers to sell products in local channels, but this is not the road to long-term development. In the Middle East market has made great progress, the Chinese ceramic industry must establish the brand of Chinese ceramics, and gradually upgrade its own grade and price.

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Fighting the national standard | Immediately, the electric driver holds the first-class qualification and sits firmly on the “Taizhou Overlord”!

On April 15th, the dust of the new national standard was set to sweep across the entire industry. Local governments vigorously cracked down on the development of super-standard vehicles. “Electric bicycles were rectified. The terminal market in the early stage of the national standard became more and more disordered, and consumers and dealers were worried.

In this encounter, the whole industry urgently needs to go to the old and welcome new brands. All industry brands are at the same starting line. “Products+“Qualification becomes the key point for the new national standard strength of the company.” Brand marketing has become a qualified line for companies to capture consumer confidence and dealer trust in the early stage of the national standard! In the chaos of the world, the heroes will make a miracle against the trend, and in this battle, they will win the championship and take the lead. The new national standard market has to be held, and it is necessary to hold the first-class qualification to sit firmly and “the Taizhou hegemony throne.”

Honor is the strength platform, power and intelligence to help drive

The first electric vehicle brand to be selected as one of the top 500 Chinese brands.

For 5 consecutive years, “National Product and Service Quality Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise”.

In the first quarter, the overall shipments of Lima achieved a 70% increase year-on-year.

In 2010, the female flying man flew over the off-road version of the electric car flying over the Yellow River Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area 18.3 meters, creating the world’s largest in the world of Guinness, known as “the king of green power; in 2015, Electric motorcycles successfully challenged Asia’s first slope — — Japan’s Jiangdao Bridge, refreshing the industry’s new record.

I have been using products to convey my slogan and pursuit: high efficiency, enjoyment Driving interest. V8 motor, F16 motor, nuclear magnetic power, U magnetic power, V6 motor, AAT adaptive motor all show that they are deeply immersed in the power business, and continue to advance with this goal.

The choice of the immediate spokespersons Donnie Yen and Wu Yifan also means that they will not forget the original heart, and have been working hard in the field of power, but don’t forget the innovation, follow the doorsteps; the key to the two-piece standard of the wallet and wallet In the meantime, we are also launching the Lima e-line, the immediate control, the stereo anti-theft, the AMT dual-mode power system, and the UMA dynamic balance system.

Since the establishment of the brand, Lima has outstanding performance in product design and development, production capacity, qualification certification, and company scale. All said that the first-class industry to do standards, immediately in the future will go to higher and stronger quality, adhere to the power, adhere to more industry standards, breakthroughs in products, brands, channels and other dimensions, leading the electric vehicle industry to struggle Go forward!

Product channel double-pronged to open a new national standard straight channel

Product innovation and strength double punch. Whether it is in the power electric motorcycle or the new national standard models, it is leading the technology, and because of this, its electric motorcycle products have already become the vane of the industry development, from the extreme front to the i8, from lightning to smashing, etc., have become The object of industry pursuit, product quality has national certificate certification.

In March, two industry events, whether it was Taizhou Exhibition or Tianjin Exhibition, the classic old models, fresh new models and 3C certification new national standard models that Lima showed, let everyone shine and immediately use products. Demonstrating the strength of being an industry leader, from the fear of the new national standard, the product strength is the best endorsement and action for the new national standard, and actively change and confront the era of the new national standard.

After the promulgation of the new national standard, Lima has long been holding the first-class qualification, and has a full range of 3C certificates from national standard vehicles, portable electric motorcycles and electric motorcycles, and has developed more than 30 models in strict accordance with the standards, 100 Multiple standard. In the more than 10 days of the introduction of the new national standard, Lima has achieved the title of the first batch of electric bicycle manufacturers in line with the new national standard. Whether in the past or in the current new national standard era, we are always holding the best resources, and we have found a way to make good use of resources. We will face the market and the environment with top technology and a learning and open mind. It is also the reason why the electric vehicle market can stand for many years.

Brand building and channel achievement. From the release of the new brand logo in 2016, to sign Wu Yifan in 2017, and then to upgrade the brand slogan “Efficient power & middot; enjoy the fun, immediately accelerate the brand’s gorgeous upgrade in recent years, and achieve good market results, get consumption Widely recognized.

Not only has it been recognized and loved by consumers and distributors for a long time, but the country has also fully affirmed its efforts and technology. In 2018, Lima Henan New Energy Industrial Park won the honor of “Two-Wheel Electric Vehicle Intelligent Control System Engineering Technology Research Center” and “High-tech Enterprise Certificate!”

With the acceleration of the brand, the channel terminal must also be comprehensive. Optimize and upgrade to fully adapt to the pace of enterprise development. To this end, from the beginning of last year, the terminal has been upgraded and optimized, and in advance to adapt to the new era of market consumers for the eager demand of the user experience. Up to now, according to statistics, the overall shipments of Lima increased by 50% in January, and the effect is obvious.

More and more integrated marketing and promotion has made the brand immediately more popular. The brand’s promotion has gradually increased the awareness of the company, but it is not more and more famous for consumers and distributors. Immediately, but the strength is getting stronger and stronger. Channel optimization is an important part of making brand building and realizing the technology that allows more people to enjoy. The smooth flow of channels makes people moreMany opportunities to contact immediately, the channel has achieved brand popularization and realization, and the brand construction has also made the channel more smooth.

-In January, the three-dimensional communication started, “The new media platform such as high-speed rail butler is now standing.”

-In January, shipments immediately increased by 56% year-on-year, achieving contrarian growth

-New brand positioning“Efficient power · enjoy the fun release, the response is fierce

-The accuracy of the offline terminal is accelerated, forming an online and offline matrix response

– Awarded “National Product and Service Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise for 5 consecutive years”

– March 16 On the 18th day, Taizhou was launched in a stunning state, and the harvesting trip was started

-“ horsepower fully opened · immediately shaken up the 2019 spring national dealer conference, indicating a new journey

– From March 22nd to 24th, it immediately made its debut in Tianjin Exhibition, which fully demonstrated the charm of Taizhou’s first brand.

In the first quarter of -2019, the terminal sales volume increased by 72.1%.

In the early days of the new national standard, the horse immediately took the lead and sat down. The Taizhou hegemony

The consumer response gave the biggest affirmation. At present, Lima has a total of 48 3C certified products, including 15 Chinese standard vehicles, 13 portable electric motorcycles and 20 electric motorcycles. Since the implementation of the new national standard, the front row of electric cars has long queues and is very lively, which is in stark contrast with the situation of some dealers.

Since the establishment of the brand, Lima has outstanding performance in product design and development, production capacity, qualification certification, and company scale. All said that the first-class industry to do standards, immediately in the future will go to higher and stronger quality, adhere to the power, adhere to more industry standards, breakthroughs in products, brands, channels and other dimensions, leading the electric vehicle industry to struggle Go ahead!

At present, there are not only many national standard vehicles such as Mitt, fruit, and good fruit, but also more 3C certified electric motorcycles that meet the national standards. All kinds of qualifications, certificates of the pieces, regardless of the national standard or electric motorcycle can be on the card, legally on the road do not have to worry about being investigated.

After the implementation of the new national standard, Lima dealers continued to send good news: Lima has already seized many new national standard 000001 license plates. This is the consumer’s affirmation of the immediate, and is the ironclad proof of immediately as an industry leader. Consumers rely on Lima not only to “power”, the qualification and quality of the new national standard electric vehicle is also reassuring.

On the first day of the new national standard, the delivery ceremony of the electric vehicle police car was held on April 15th. It was the first day of the official implementation of the new national standard and the fourth national security education day in China. Hui City held a centralized publicity campaign for peace construction. At the same time, the dispatching ceremony of the police patrol car of the Weihui Municipal Government of Henan Province was held. At the ceremony, a total of 39 police cars were officially issued for the miniature version of the princess horse electric horse, which was used for security inspections in various townships.

Compared with motorcycles, electric vehicles have insufficient horsepower and poor endurance. The point of the spit. However, the power and safety required by the police car can be perfectly achieved, which is an important reason for becoming a police car immediately. The power and quality of the immediate electric car turned into a police car is also for the immediate electric car slogan “Efficient power, enjoy the driving affirmation.

Prepare for the new national standard, and immediately launch the factory direct purchase festival during the May Day, so that consumers can get the electric vehicle that can meet the national standards at the lowest price. High-end technology, top quality, excellent quality and high-quality intimate factory direct purchase festival, so that the immediate electric car can adapt to the new national standard more quickly, sit firmly, “Taizhou overlord, continue to lead the electric car industry to more Good direction.

Fifteen years of hard work have been presented in product and word of mouth. The new national standard is undoubtedly a huge impact on the electric vehicle industry, but with its own strength, it quickly adapts to the market environment and policy changes. In the era of new national standards, we have increased our horsepower in terms of products, channels and brands. Even if the environment changes greatly, we can still act as an industry leader in the new environment.

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Japanese furniture giants are high-profile in Tmall.

Recently, Japanese furniture & home industry giant NITORI officially entered the Chinese mainland e-commerce, its first online flagship store landed on Tmall on August 18, 2015, and the first innovation in the three major global synchronization: global sources of supply Synchronization, global quality synchronization, global price synchronization!

Japanese furniture & home industry giant NITORI officially entered the Chinese mainland e-commerce, its first online flagship store in 2015 8 Landed on Tmall on the 18th.

The NITORI’s entry into the mainland e-commerce market has smashed the gap of traditional international big names entering the mainland market and raising prices. The first innovation has brought about three global synchronizations: global sources. Synchronization, global quality synchronization, global price synchronization!

For Chinese people, NITORI is relatively unfamiliar, but in Japan, it is a well-known national brand. NITORI specializes in furniture & home furnishing, with a wide range of products, ranging from small Japanese bamboo chopsticks to large residential furniture. You can find NITORI products in Japanese national homes.

As a national brand in Japan, its sales are naturally unsatisfactory. In the 2014 Japanese Furniture & Home category, NITORI dominated the list with a clear advantage. In Japan’s mature consumer market, NITORI’s popularity is enough to explain everything.

In fact, not only in Japan, since NITORI entered the mainland market in 2014, Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou and other physical stores have been extremely popular, often looting empty containers. Unfortunately, our country has a vast territory. At present, offline stores can not meet the needs of consumers across the country, so NITORI decided to settle in Tmall to facilitate all consumers in the country to buy.

Of course, all international big names have their own legends, and NITORI is no exception. Its founder, Toshio Akio, was originally an ordinary Japanese youth. After failing in 1967, he went to the United States to study. After that, he officially founded NITORI, and since then changed the furniture & furniture industry in Japan and Asia. Up to now, NITORI has opened nearly 400 physical stores in Japan, Taiwan, the United States, including mainland China, and has become a veritable international industry giant.

Most people in the industry said that the combination of NITORI and Tmall will inevitably change the stereotyped impressions of mainland consumers on the import of big names, so that everyone Consumers enjoy the world’s top craft furniture & home products at the most affordable price.

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The United States has “made a demon”, how do sheet companies respond?

【招商宝】On February 10, 2017, the final rule of the formaldehyde release standard for composite wood products was officially in force by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and issued by the US Federal Register. It is reported that this rule is mainly used to implement the “2010 formaldehyde standard for composite wood products”, which is known as one of the most stringent formaldehyde release standards in the global composite wood products industry.

As early as July 7, 2010, US President Barack Obama officially signed the “Standard Wood Products Formaldehyde Standard Act” and confirmed The requirements for formaldehyde emission limits for wood products such as particleboard, MDF, and hardwood plywood sold and sold throughout the United States are designed to protect consumers from chemical binders in composite wood products and became effective on January 3, 2011. And gradually implemented within two years.

In the recent US final rule of the formaldehyde release standard for composite wood products, the rules are further refined and emphasized, the specific requirements are as follows:

The formaldehyde emission of hardwood plywood made of composite core shall not exceed 0.05ppm;

The formaldehyde emission of particleboard shall not exceed 0.09ppm;

The formaldehyde emission of medium density fiberboard shall not exceed 0.11ppm ;

The formaldehyde emission of thin medium density fiberboard shall not exceed 0.13ppm.

The United States “ composite wood products formaldehyde release standard final rule effective, for China’s plate, flooring, furniture and other composite wood products export enterprises have a huge impact, mainly because the United States is China’s main exports of wood products One of the trading countries, and the formaldehyde emission standard stipulated in this regulation is significantly higher than the current standard, and is far higher than the standard of the country and the world.

The main influences are: First, improve the production cost and testing cost of China’s wood products enterprises; Second, extend the customs clearance time of the port; Third, at present, only a few of China’s wood products have passed the United States. California CARB certification, and most of the products can not meet the requirements of the bill, so it is likely to be notified by the United States or even returned and recalled; Fourth, the rules have a great chance to become the world’s composite wood products formaldehyde release standards The weather vane, countries will follow suit, affecting the export situation of China’s wood products enterprises in other countries.

In this regard, China’s plate companies should adopt a positive response:

First, the plate companies should thoroughly study the bill and rules to accurately grasp the formaldehyde emission limit specified in the rules of the law. Standards and implementation deadlines, scientific adjustment of export product types and production plans, but also close attention to possible measures taken by other countries;

Second, sheet companies should use high-quality raw materials, selected integrity supply Business, application of environmentally friendly production processes, establishment of a sound production system, research and development of environmentally friendly products, to ensure that export products can meet the standards of exporting countries;

Third, sheet companies should actively seek transformation and upgrading, improve products Additional value, strengthen product independent innovation design, strengthen the construction of self-owned brands for exporting composite wood products, improve the self-control self-control level, etc.;

Fourth, sheet companies should actively expand domestic and international marketing channels and develop new ones. International market, reduce the risk of excessive market concentration, “Do not put eggs in the same basket, but also maintain good ditch with foreign customers. A clear responsibility by both the terms of the contract, to avoid losses.

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