In France, not only is it necessary to open a restaurant for training, but the floor also needs environmental certification.

Recently read “Chinese Restaurant” originally opened a restaurant in France to receive training, not only that, originally in France, the floor also needs environmental certification

Blue Sky makes certification an environmentally-recognized certification with a long history and wide recognition in Europe. However, in the West other developed countries, such as France, the United States, the Nordic countries, and even small countries such as Belgium, Due to the actual needs of the country, or an exceptionally strict environmental protection standard, or other commercial purposes, they have published their own set of environmental standards. Among them, the French VOC certification.

Compared with the blue sky for certification, French VOC certification is praised as: lower formaldehyde release and government mandatory!

Europe’s detection of formaldehyde is always different from Japan and China, and has always used climate box The method not only detects the amount of formaldehyde released into the air, but also detects other volatile harmful substances.

In addition, according to the French “Décretn°2011-321” decree, since September 1, 2013, all floors in FranceMaterials must have this certification or they will be forced to quit. The testing was mainly carried out by the European Continental Technology Group EUROFINS, based in Brussels. Dehejia recognizes that this mandatory standard is extremely appealing. As a European power after Germany, France’s “enforcement” order, announced the French VOC certification, has become a certification that European manufacturers have to pay attention to, because no one is willing to lose the French market.

Fortunately, French VOC certification is indeed a good certification! Most of the European flooring imported by Dehe has this certification, and consumers can choose with confidence!

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What color is suitable for children’s room?

Every child is the apple of his parents, so the parents of the children’s clothing, food and shelter will be very Pay attention. Children’s room design is popular nowadays, children’s room is the most important space for children to grow up, then What color is suitable for children’s room, what are the skills of children’s room color matching? What? Parents may wish to take a look!

What color is suitable for children’s room

1, blue

Blue can make people feel calm and calm, but also reduce People’s anxiety and impulsiveness slow down blood pressure and heart rate, so blue is more suitable for use in children’s rooms that are easy to get angry.

2 , purple

Purple is a dreamy color, Imaginative, for children with a conservative personality, try this, but this color is not suitable for more sensitive children.

3, red

Red is a very bright color, which will give people a feeling of excitement, but it is best not to The entire room is in red and can be used as a partial decoration, otherwise the whole house will be red and it will look too glaring.

4 , yellow

What color is the children’s room suitable for? Try yellow, this is a softer color that helps your child focus and improve their memory. However, too much bright yellow is easy to make children excited, it is best not to use yellow in the whole house.

What are the skills for children’s room color matching

1, the color matching of children’s room is mainly to look at the wall, the best color matching on the wall It is bright, relaxed and pleasant. Moreover, when the wall of the children’s room is treated, the wall should not be too fancy, otherwise the children will be upset and emotionally unstable.

2Secondly, the color matching of children’s rooms should also be determined for each child’s personality. If the children with more introverted personality can use contrasting colors to stimulate the development of brain nerves. If you are an impetuous child, you can use a light color, which helps to shape the children’s quiet and healthy mentality.

3, in the children’s room, do not use black, because the black color is darker, the children face this color for a long time, It will lead to their depression and silence, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children. Therefore, the color of the children’s room should be bright red and pink as much as possible, giving people an optimistic and warm feeling, which is also helpful for the growth of children.

4, in the choice of children’s room color, you can try to use bright The color can not only improve the child’s sensitivity to color, but also stimulate their visual development.

Xiaobian summary: The above is about What color is suitable for children’s room?, the color of the children’s room, I hope parents can learn from the decoration of children’s room. Finally, we must remind everyone that in addition to the color matching, the children’s room should also pay attention to the purchase of furniture. In addition to the practical and beautiful furniture, the important point is safety, to avoid the children’s corners hurting the children.

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Originally bought the same paint and physical store online

Qualified for home improvement materials It is a hot spot for many families. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council announced its experimental results on 60 batches of paint products: no toxic and hazardous substances were detected. From the test results, the quality of paints purchased from physical stores and e-commerce is not much different.

Renovation coatings generally include waterborne wood coatings, interior walls Coatings, exterior paints. The indicators of volatile harmful substances in paints are directly related to human health, and physical properties are related to product quality.

60 batches of this comparative trial ( 32 brands) samples, including 40 batches of interior wall coatings, 13 batches of wood coatings and 7 batches of exterior wall coatings. These products are randomly purchased by staff on physical stores and e-commerce platforms. Among them, 27 batches were collected in the physical store and 33 batches were collected in the network. The physical stores involve supermarkets, specialty stores and professional markets, and online shopping samples come from domestically-recognized network platforms. Paint products are common brands in the market, such as Nippon Paint, Dulux and so on.

Test results show that of the 60 batches, 13 batches of wood coatings and 7 batches of exterior wall coatings all meet the standard requirements. Volatile organic compounds, benzene series, free formaldehyde, soluble heavy metals and other toxic and hazardous substances that consumers are concerned about are all within the scope of the standard requirements; 40 batches of interior wall coatings have not detected toxic and hazardous substances, only 2 The scrub resistance of batch samples differs from the standard requirements.

In addition, from the comparison test results, in the physical store and e-commerce platform The quality of the purchased paint products is not much different, but the source of the two batches of samples that differ from the standard requirements are physical stores.
According to reports, scrub resistance is an important indicator of the quality of paint. The higher the number of washes, the more the binder contained in the paint, the better the physical properties of the paint.

Consumer Reminder

Shake before buying paint

Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council recommends that consumers purchase products according to their actual needs when purchasing paint products, without having to deliberately select imported products or the most expensive products for purchase. In addition, to understand the logo on the product packaging, the product identification should include the name of the factory, the site, the product standard number, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, the product grade, etc. If conditions permit, the merchant can present the corresponding third-party test report.

When consumers purchase, they can check for cementation by “shaking”. At the same time, pay attention to whether the packaging container of the product is damaged or swollen. The coatings with these phenomena cannot be purchased, and the valid documents and construction instructions such as the purchase invoice are obtained, so that the rights can be effectively defended in the event of quality problems.

After opening the can, check the coating for delamination, sinking and agglomerating And cementation phenomenon, if the paint is still uneven after being stirred, it should not be used.

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The six details of the kitchen decoration can not be ignored, one less trouble!

What are the common mistakes in kitchen decoration?喵小鱼 summed up the six misunderstandings, and share with you:

First, the kitchen design is too one-sided

Many friends think that the kitchen decoration, just look for a cabinet manufacturer to measure the design.

In fact, the kitchen is more than one Functional areas, for example, many households, such as new fans, gas water heaters, water purifiers, refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage disposers, disinfection cabinets, steamers, ovens, washing machines, etc. are installed in the kitchen, this In this case, when the cabinet designer arrives at home, he must tell him the needs, and let the cabinet designer design the location for you. Only after his design drawings come out, the plumber can carry out the kitchen construction.

Second, wire use general specifications

When the circuit planning of the kitchen is generally recommended to be distributed separately The box takes one loop or even two loops. The wire specification is recommended to be 4 square meters. For example, if there is a steamer and an oven in the kitchen, the two add up and the power is close to 5KW. At this time, it is recommended to take the steamer and the oven separately. One circuit, the other sockets go in a separate circuit. If there is no steamer and oven, if other electrical appliances use only one circuit, it is recommended to use 4 square wires for the socket circuit. This is because the microwave oven and rice cooker should be used later. Induction cookers and other high-power appliances.喵小鱼 used to use only 2.5 square meters of wire in the kitchen decoration, which was really inconvenient to use later.

Three, the cabinet countertop height is consistent Yes

Most of the decoration, the countertop height of the cabinet is the same In fact, this is not reasonable. It is often more convenient to design a form of high and low.

National standard countertop height is 80cm That is to say, if you do not have special requirements, cabinet manufacturers will generally process and install them according to this size. However, it is recommended that when the owner chooses the cabinet, the manufacturer can be required to adjust the height. In other words, the height of the countertop should be in accordance with the height of the main kitchen.

How to calculate the height of the cabinet ?

Some common calculations are:

(1) half of the height plus 5-10 cm, such as The height of the 165cm, the height of the countertop of the cabinet should be 82.5+5=87.5, that is, it can be between 88-93, it is recommended to be 90 cm.

(2) height*0.54, such as height 165cm height, the countertop height of the cabinet should be 89.1, it is recommended Do 90 cm.

(3 Of course, there are people who say that the ratio of the upper and lower body is inconsistent between people. Can it be calculated according to the height? It makes sense. If you want to be more precise, you can use another method, that is, the elbow joint. After a 90 degree angle, go down 5cm left This height is not controversial.

Detailed control friends, you can take an intermediate value between the above three values.

How to calculate the height of the cabinet low?

Generally speaking, it is more reasonable for the low platform to be 15-20 cm lower than the high platform.

Four, the refrigerator must be placed Kitchen

Most of the kitchen decoration, the refrigerator can be placed in the kitchen, However, some kitchens, due to their small size or improper location, insist on placing the refrigerator in the kitchen, which will cause great inconvenience for future kitchen use.

Let’s say, refrigerator this thing Everyone needs to be dialectical. After all, it is not only necessary to open the refrigerator when cooking. For example, taking fruits, vegetables, yogurt, ice cream, etc. from the refrigerator, it can be said that these usage scenarios are more than cooking, so if If the kitchen is small, the refrigerator can be placed outside the kitchen. People with life experience know that there is no room for cooking, and it is much more than a refrigerator.

V. Kitchen installs a range hood

Many people consider the fumes of the kitchen, often Will tangled in what kind of hood,Side suction, Chinese, European, and even integrated stoves, in fact, in most cases, it is not enough to install a range hood in the kitchen. People who have experience in cooking have known this.

So, how to make the kitchen use More comfortable? If you have the conditions, you can consider using a duct fan or installing an exhaust fan, especially for kitchens without windows. In addition, you can install a cool damper in the kitchen, which will be more comfortable when cooking.

Six, no need to install drawers and Pull basket

Cabinet drawers and baskets are a lot of money Accessories, so when many people decorate, in order to reduce expenses, only a small number of drawers are installed, and even the drawers and baskets are not installed, which will result in the space of the cabinets being very inadequate.

In short, drawers and pull The basket allows the same space to be divided into different levels for storage, and it is also convenient to store the items. If there are conditions, it is recommended to install some drawers and baskets, which will greatly improve the utilization of the cabinet.

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Chairman Chen Ailian of Wanfeng Group attended the 2018 World Zheshang Shanghai Forum

On January 3rd, “Shengzheng Innovation” was held in Shanghai in the 2018 World Zheshang Shanghai Forum and the Shanghai Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce’s 10th Member Congress. Chen Ailian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wanfeng Group, was awarded the “Special Contribution Award” and Wanfeng Jinyuan Holding Group won the “Most Innovative Award”.

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Detailed classification of curtains, finished products, custom have “magic”!

Speaking of curtains, everyone first thinks It is a fabric curtain. Unconsciously, in our lives, we have shaded and ventilated venetian blinds, cloth curtains that cover us for mosquitoes and flies, and we return to the rustic fabric curtains. The curtain market is all-encompassing and meets the increasingly diverse needs of people. There are many kinds of curtains, but in general, they can be divided into two categories: finished curtains and fabric curtains.

First, the finished curtain

The curtains on display in the market are mostly finished curtains, which usually meet the dimensions of most windows: 200*200 (double open), 200*250 (single open) and 300*250. The choice can meet the needs of more than 90% of the domestic households. It is not necessary to wait for the customization process as it is not convenient. The finished curtain can be subdivided into roller blinds, vertical blinds and blinds. The three curtains differ in shape and function:

1. Rolling shutters

The roller blind breaks our curtain opening and closing The traditional impression, the principle is to drive the entire curtain up and down through the coil tube, and retractable. The roller blind has good shading effect and has the effect of blocking noise and eliminating visual pollution. Because the curtains are open and closed, when opened, they can get a wide view and complete visual effect through the window, and are widely used in public office areas such as halls and comprehensive offices;

2.Vertical blinds

Vertical curtain is different The whole block design of other curtains is that the blades are vertically suspended from the track. Since the blades are independent of each other, the left and right opening and closing can be used to adjust the light to achieve any degree of shading and space wall. It is a rising star of office curtains, suitable for public places such as conference rooms, VIP rooms, offices and hospitals;

3. venetian blind

The venetian blind is a type of curtain that is favored by many office spaces. It is made up of many sheets of folded curtains. The width of these sheets varies from 2-12 cm, either manually or by electric. Two ways to control the angle of the blade, thereby adjusting the angle of incidence of natural light, so that the indoor light is more varied. Because the blades are also relatively independent, the distance can be adjusted, so the curtain also has good breathability, easy to use Feel comfortable.

two, fabric curtains

Fabric curtains are the appearance rate in family homes A higher kind of household products, usually composed of window screens and curtains, play the dual function of protecting privacy in the home life. The fabrics of fabric curtains mainly include cotton, silk, hemp and polyester. Cotton and silk The quality of the curtains is soft and elegant. Under normal conditions, cotton fibers can absorb the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. The moisture content is usually between 8% and 10%. It has good moisture absorption and breathability, making people feel soft and comfortable. Rather than being stiff, the fabric “clothes” of fine texture for the window of the home makes people feel like dreams.

The above is a classification of curtains shared with you. If you want to maintain a certain concealment of the interior space, With a small amount of light transmission, the screen material of lightweight material is the best choice; if you want light, sound insulation, transformers with adjustable indoor and outdoor temperature, Can catch up with the fashion boom of energy saving and environmental protection, then, blinds are the best companion. These different kinds of curtains have their own “magic”, are you ready to choose a suitable one to take home?

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Internet home improvement industry frequently black swan

   The house is difficult to buy, even if it is bought, the decoration company will also appear “people go to the floor” situation, which has to make people feel how hard life is.

   Recently, the major event in the home improvement industry is not the Internet home improvement company Mud Commune (full name: Hunan Mud Commune Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.) The large-scale closure of the stores around the country is a matter of course, casually ask a home improvement industry insiders, can comment on this incident.

   a small boss from a decoration company in Wuhan said in a communication with the “Securities Daily” reporter that the collapse of the mud commune has long been a news, “cash The flow has been broken, and many projects have not been completed. According to feedback from the industry, it should be that the parent company’s financial constraints have caused the cash flow of its subsidiaries to be anxious.”

   public information shows that the parent company of the Mud Commune is the Apple Decoration Group. Together with its other three sub-brands, the Mud Commune provides services to owners who have the need to renovate old homes and change the new homes.

   Originally the traditional home improvement industry, under the advocacy of the Internet, mud The positioning of the commune is within the group’s Internet home improvement brand.

   Today, the mud commune is in crisis, other Internet home improvement brands will be well ? Internet home improvement company Tuba rabbit related staff in an interview with the “Securities Daily” reporter said that the mud-like commune is actually a chain decoration company, and can not represent the Internet home improvement. The current news, the Internet home improvement enterprise is hitting the IPO twice. Due to the special period, the relevant staff of did not disclose too much information when communicating with the “Securities Daily” reporter.

  On April 11 this year, submitted an IPO application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. . From 2015 to 2017,’s total assets were 1.457 billion yuan, 1.373 billion yuan, and 1.22 billion yuan. The total liabilities were 1.716 billion yuan, 2.075 billion yuan, and 2.711 billion yuan respectively. The asset-liability ratio was 117.78% and 151.13 respectively. %, 222.21%.

  The Mud Commune began to focus on events in May

   Internet home improvement company’s mud commune began to focus on the incident in May this year, there is news that Mud communes, including Nanning, Hefei, Wuhan, and Changsha, have experienced capital chain breaks. When people go to the building, there are still a large number of employees who have not paid their wages.

   This news is not new in the home improvement industry, there are people in the industry In an exchange with reporters, the company’s accidents were closely related to the company’s group-level capital chain. “There is news that the group has misappropriated funds and invested in the real estate sector.” A decoration company boss from Wuhan said I did not cooperate with the Mud Commune. In addition, there are other platforms such as the Milan Mansion, the No. 1 home improvement, the lemon tree and the apple decoration of its parent company.

   In this regard, the “Securities Daily” reporter inquired about the public phone call of the mud decoration, However, it did not go smoothly. Judging from the information that the reporter has learned, the above-mentioned collapsed platform mainly started with the traditional offline home improvement platform. Under the wave of the Internet, it began to follow the trend and went online, wearing the “hat” of Internet home improvement. Although the location of the Mud Commune is to be a platform, in fact, it is like the Qijia network and the soil with pure Internet genes.There is still a gap between the two countries.

   “The home improvement industry is more complicated, the previous models are workshop-style, only The design has a relatively large amount of gold,” the person in charge of the home improvement company told the “Securities Daily” reporter that the general owners use two modes: half-package and all-inclusive. The semi-package is also provided by the owner. The decoration workers and the design and construction are provided by the decoration company. The all-inclusive package is more worry-free. The decoration materials and various post-construction projects are all responsible for the decoration company.

   “Renovation workers have long served for a decoration company, and there are temporary temporary receptions. The situation is relatively scattered.” The above-mentioned person said that there is a big environment for the mud company to do things. Many hotspot cities such as Nanjing and Wuhan have few rough houses, mainly In terms of fine decoration, in other words, the business of the new real estate renovation is falling off the cliff.

  Internet home improvement industry big waves

   In addition to the above examples of offline entry, there is also an Internet home improvement company that started as a platform. For example, Tuba Rabbit, and Xiaomi’s love space.

   For the closing phenomenon of the mud commune, etc., the relevant person in charge of the Tuba rabbit is accepting “Securities Daily” reporter said in an interview that Internet home improvement is the use of Internet thinking and Internet tools to transform the problems of traditional decoration, through de-intermediation, channelization and standardization, optimize and integrate the decoration industry chain, subvert the traditional decoration user experience A model that makes decoration simple and cost-effective.

   and similar mud bar commune is actually a chain decoration company, and can not represent the Internet Home improvement. Real Internet home improvement companies must have several core features as mentioned above. Otherwise, the decoration company will make bigger and then use the Internet packaging. It is only for its own development. When the decoration company has more than ten or even dozens of construction sites at the same time, there will be a problem of capital chain, which also leads to the enterprise running. One of the important reasons for road closure or closure.

   However, specific to the business problem of the Tuban rabbit, before a certain soil Ba Rabbit users revealed to reporters that after the decoration demand was released on the Tuban rabbit, the Tubar rabbit arranged the designers of the three decoration companies to come to the door for measurement and quotation. As a result, only one company made a quotation. After the Tuba rabbit was informed of the situation, it did not ask the other two companies to complete the quotation. As a result, a big selling point of the home improvement website: “bidding” is also in vain. According to the user, in the communication with the designers of the three decoration companies, it is known that the head decoration company, the boss or the executives of the Tuba rabbit platform are “comprehensive”. Therefore, the user guesses that the Tuba rabbit The recommended decoration company does not rule out the possibility of “marking”.

   In addition, in the payment process, the user should have hosted all the home furnishings In the Tubal rabbit platform. However, in the actual operation, under the designer’s “persuasion”, the user only managed to deposit part of the money on the Tuban rabbit platform, and most of the money was directly sent to the decoration company. In other words, the so-called “constraint” ability of the Tuba rabbit to the decoration company has also shrunk greatly.

   In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Tuba rabbit stressed that the company as a platform With “transaction matching” as the entry point to solve the problem of information asymmetry, the first to launch the “renovation protection” service, establish mutual trust between enterprises and users, and realize the transaction method for allowing users to pay after renovation and protect users. Financial security issues. In addition, some financial products are gradually being introduced to provide financial loan services to B and C terminals. For example, for the supply chain financial services launched by the decoration company on the platform, the renovation loans, consumer loans and other services are launched for the owners.

  ”Crowdsourcing industry industry’s non-standard and labor mode crowdsourcing The characteristics have limited the scale development of the industry. Moreover, the overall chain is very long, and many pain points need to be solved urgently. It is necessary to give enterprises in the industry more time to gradually solve these pain points.” The above-mentioned person added.

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How to choose paint in children’s room to make children live a healthy life?

Renovation is not An easy task, if there are children in the family, there are more things to pay attention to. Paint is an important material for wall decoration of children’s rooms, and it is also one of the important sources of indoor pollution.

Children’s resistance is weak It is more vulnerable to harmful gases such as formaldehyde than adults, and they stay in the room most of the time. If the decoration coating is not good, it will definitely have a great impact on children’s health. Therefore, when the children’s room is renovated, The choice of coatings is especially important.

One, the color of the children’s room decoration paint should be based on the orientation of the room

The east facing children’s room is due to the earliest The sun is also the earliest to leave and the room is darkened earlier, so the use of light warm colors is often the safest.

Southern children’s room has the longest sunshine hours. The use of cool colors often makes people feel more comfortable, and the effect of the room is more charming.

The children’s room facing the west seems to be more comfortable because of the influence of the strongest sunset in the day.

The north facing children’s room has no direct sunlight, so you should use warm colors and lighter colors when choosing colors.

Second, children’s room decoration paint to prevent moisture and mildew

If the area where you live is lack of sunshine, wet and rainy, the paint for children’s room decoration should also be It can prevent moisture and mildew, and it is not easy to nourish mold. This not only provides children with a healthy and comfortable living space, but also does not easily affect the wall decoration effect.

Third, children’s room decoration paint should be safe, environmentally friendly air should be circulated
The choice of children’s room decoration paint, remember to choose a good quality and reputable brand, look at the brand and business qualifications before buying, then look at the product environmental testing report, and ensure that there is no odor.
The most basic thing when decorating a children’s room is ventilation. Establish an appropriate air circulation alternation mechanism to keep the indoor ventilation in circulation to ensure smooth breathing and fresh air.

So the health of the child is more concerned by the family. The decoration of the children’s room should be more careful, in order to make the family feel completely assured, inorganic paint It is essential for home improvement. Olame Inorganic Mineral Coatings uses state-of-the-art production technology. Natural and inorganic ingredients are the basic elements of the unique quality of Olame’s inorganic coatings: formaldehyde-free, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, etc., suitable for indoor wall coating. It is especially suitable for children, the elderly and allergic people. At the same time, the color is long-lasting, breathable and waterproof, no cracking, no skin, no foaming, mildewproof, no moss, beautiful and durable, natural and healthy.

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Create a refined and warm little kitchen. Mastering three key words is enough.

The color can be high-key and elegant, but the color is recommended to be single. In this case, the choice of kitchen appliances is also very important, and must be able to match the cabinet, otherwise the kitchen tone will be contradictory.

In this era of “no room and no marriage”, more and more people buy houses, and house prices are rising. For most people who have just bought a home, small-sized houses below 90 square meters are undoubtedly the first choice, but the size of small-sized units also limits the decoration options to a certain extent. How to plan the layout of small-sized kitchens below 6 square meters. How to choose kitchen appliances to make the space more fully utilized? 3 keywords are not good!

Renovation suggestion keyword 1: simple

The kitchen of the area below 6 square meters is generally only considered for the function of preparing meals. A few can use the movable shelf to become a simple dining area. A whole principle of decoration is the minimalist style. The style should not be messy, and the modern style with straight lines is the best choice.


The choice of kitchen appliances should also follow the simple style, low usage rate Don’t buy the electric appliance, choose the high usage rate, or the multi-functional product is better. As the must-have cooker product, you must choose the Wopp integrated stove.

Wopp integrated stove products are very simple in style, oil hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet three-in-one, integrated kitchen electric is more beautiful.

Renovation Suggested Keywords 2: Tone Uniform

In the overall color matching of the kitchen Don’t be discouraged. Pay special attention to the use of decorative materials with a three-dimensional pattern or strong contrast between dark and dark, otherwise it will not only make the kitchen area appear visually narrow, but also difficult to clean.

The color can be high-key and elegant, but the color is recommended to be single. In this case, the choice of kitchen appliances is also very important, and must be able to match the cabinet, otherwise the kitchen tone will be contradictory.

Renovation Suggestion Keyword 3: Storage

6 Square The small kitchen within the meter is really limited, so each space is very precious and must be used reasonably to make the small kitchen play a big role.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Curtains

In order to increase the beauty and privacy of the living room, most homeowners will hang a beautiful curtain at home. However, in the face of various kinds of curtains on the market, many consumers feel that it is worrying. As we all know, different types of curtains show different effects. Some curtains have a dangling feeling, while others are more elegant. Gentle, in short, each kind of curtain effect is different, the scope of application is also different, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of various curtains? Let’s take a look.

In order to increase the beauty of the living room And privacy, most housesThe main will hang a beautiful curtain at home, but facing the curtains of various materials on the market, Less consumers feel troubles. As we all know, different types of curtains show different effects. Some curtains have a drape feeling, while others are more elegant and soft. In short, each curtain has different effects and the scope of application is different. Then various curtainsWhat are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a look.

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of various curtains

1. Fleece curtains

This kind of material is used frequently in life, especially in some high-grade homes. The velvet curtains are more textured. It has a soft touch and a strong drape. The reaction has strong color fastness, but the vacuuming power is very strong, and it is heavy and difficult to clean.

Second, cotton linen curtains

For some users who love nature, this material is very suitable, and it also fits the overall home decoration pattern. It is simple and natural, with soft luster and good moisture permeability. However, it lacks elasticity and is easy to wrinkle after washing. Shrinking shape, easy to fade.

Three, plastic aluminum blinds

The curtains of this type of material are very opaque and easy to clean. They are suitable for places with heavy smoke and smoke in the cooking area. But can not block mosquitoes, even if the color on the market is increasing, but the aesthetics is not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

Four, polyester curtains

The curtains of this material can be made waterproof and oil resistant, and they are also very durable. They are very good for cooking areas and bathrooms, but they are poor in hygroscopicity and breathability, and have poor dyeing properties.

Which kind of curtains are good? /span>

1, match the style of the room furniture

When making product selection, it must match the overall dressing style. Furniture of different styles and materials should be equipped with curtains of different textures and varieties. For example, classical solid wood furniture is most suitable for jacquard. Fabrics and yarn-dyed fabrics are matched to create a vivid, romantic, simple and bright modern life scene. The choice of furniture is wider, and the silk and metallic luster fabric curtains are the first choice.

2, adapt to the overall function of the room

Of course, the function of the living room is also one of the key points that cannot be ignored. For example, the cooking area should be made of practical and easy to wash fabrics. The restaurant uses luxurious and beautiful fabrics, and the choice of fabrics is also required. Depending on the room’s demand for light, plenty of light, optional tulle, thin cotton or silk fabric, the room is too light, you should choose a slightly thick wool blend or brocade to make curtains to resist strong light .

Summary: Ok, the above is aboutvarious curtains The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction are introduced, I hope to provide you with some help, I believe in the future Various curtainsIn the selection process, friends will be more comfortable and buy their own satisfactory products.


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