Cabinet renovation, pay more attention to these details

In order to save renovation costs, many families will choose to renovate the cabinets. It seems that the refurbishment of the cabinets is very simple. It is only necessary to disassemble and reinstall them, but it is only really knowing that it is really super-multi-doorway, it is costly to waterproof. Less effort, and a variety of details, most people may be unheard of.

To let more people know about the doorway of cabinet renovation, let’s talk about this topic today.

1. Defining your favorite style

To create a pleasing, enjoyable and showcase living space, you need a systematic overall planning and design. After a clear goal, it is necessary to carry out the follow-up work of the kitchen renovation.

2, large-scale demolition project

Firstly remove the important items such as ceiling, wall and floor, it will involve the hidden works such as the original hydropower and wall surface, so it is demolished The process is particularly important, first remove large items, and finally remove the original kitchen utensils, lamps and so on.

3, cabinet power gauge

In order to avoid the irreparable mistakes in the construction process, custom cabinets and large appliances must be bought in advance! In this way, the construction master has a bottom in mind, and each position is put into the physical measurement to measure the next step. After the bricks are finished in the post, the ruler is further processed to further determine the size of the cabinet.

4、Hydroelectric positioning+waterproofing

The importance of hydropower engineering for kitchen renovation is undoubted. Generally speaking, there is not much water in the kitchen. . Waterproofing is mainly to ensure the position of the sink and the inclination of the ground. The seat part of the cabinet is recommended to be a brick stand of 10 cm, which is most effective in waterproofing. In addition, kitchen appliances are best able to use a socket for an electrical appliance. This requires planning the electrical appliances to be purchased in advance and the reserved sockets.

5. Ceiling, wall and floor tiles

These large-scale projects must be managed by a reliable master, and the quality can be guaranteed. The wall looks very ordinary, in fact, there is a mystery. If the tempered glass wall is used, it not only has high light transmission and refraction properties, but also creates a natural and bright feeling, and is very clean. The wet rag can easily remove the fumes. The degree of heat resistance is also completely unnecessary, and it is very reliable.

6, cabinet, countertop installation

If the cabinet is selected, the value is super high and convenient. The artificial marble countertop with arc-shaped water-blocking strip is designed to prevent the kitchen sewage from dripping onto the ground, which reduces the workload of cleaning the kitchen and eliminates the hidden danger of the cabinet flooding.

It’s very happy to study food in the beautiful kitchen. It’s ok to make your cabinet beautiful. It’s ok to renovate every step of the way. Big projects are not difficult.
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How should we maintain the wooden floor in the winter?

Winter has arrived, and you should pay attention to keeping warm while not forgetting that your home’s floor may be facing the “winter” problem. In the winter, the floor in the south may be easily swelled due to wet and cold, and in the north it may be cracked and lifted due to cold and dry. Be aware that the maintenance of the floor is an important part of determining the life and experience of the floor. So, in the winter, how should we maintain the wooden floor?
1, the number of floor waxing should not be frequent

winter climate is dry, increasing the number of waxing has become the choice of many people to maintain the floor. Properly waxing the floor can prevent moisture, damage, increase surface luminosity and facilitate cleaning. However, if the number of waxing is too frequent, the wax layer will be superimposed and the waxing effect will be affected.

2, the southern wet and cold should pay attention to moisture

When winter, the northern area should pay attention to the hydration of the wooden floor, but the south is wet and cold, but need to pay attention to moisture, Usually, you can put some things in the house that can absorb moisture. When the climate is relatively humid, doors and windows facing south or southeast should be closed as much as possible. When the weather is fine, all doors and windows can be opened. At noon, it is not advisable to open the window. It is best to choose in the afternoon or evening.

3, to avoid too dry

Indoor drying is likely to cause floor cracking, increase the humidity of the floor surface can effectively alleviate the problem of floor cracking and lifting. It is best to wipe the floor with a damp cloth to keep it moist for a day or two. It is also a good idea to put a humidifier at home to adjust the humidity in the room.

4, to prevent small particles from scratching the floor

The winter climate is relatively dry, the chance of appearing fine sand in the room will become larger, if not pay attention to easy to give wood The floor is scratched, so be sure to clean it.

The above are some of the problems and four small coups for the winter floor maintenance for everyone. I hope I can help you.
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Silk carpet cleaning method

Silk rugs and tapestries. It is a treasure in carpets and tapestries. The silk carpet is finely processed, beautiful in color, and has a unique natural luster, so it is very expensive. When washing a silk carpet, it must be preserved, sample-preserved, color-protected, and gloss-proof, so it can only be dry-cleaned. And can not be washed with a dry cleaning machine, only dry cleaning by hand. Before washing, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from both sides of the silk blanket. When washing, use a small towel dipped in solvent gasoline, in a damp shape, and then scrub the silk blanket repeatedly for 2 to 3 times. In the meantime, a small towel should be washed in solvent gasoline at any time. After scrubbing, use the silk blanket again to absorb the rubbed residue. This silk carpet is finished dry cleaning. In addition, the ear of the silk carpet should be brushed with a basic detergent.
   The method is to wash the carpet ear with a soft brush and wash the detergent solution, and then dry it with a clean dry towel while scrubbing. The dirty water stained by the brush is absorbed on the towel to prevent contamination of the carpet. Then scrub the carpet with a clean wet towel several times, attach the washing liquid remaining on the carpet to the towel, and finally dry the carpet with a clean dry towel. If the carpet is yellow, it can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide. For some small pieces of pure wool carpet, this method can also be used for manual dry cleaning. However, some chemical fiber carpets should not be washed by this method.
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Three points rely on quality, seven points on the pavement, floor decoration needs attention

More and more families have begun to choose the wood floor to decorate the ground. Since the floor is not a whole, it must be laid out one by one. It is said that the floor is three-point quality, seven-point paving, and the quality of the pavement is the key to the later use of the floor. So, what should be paid attention to in the renovation of wooden floors?
  Renovation materials acceptance

  For important decoration materials, such as: wood floors, wool floors, wood panels, wood keels, floor nails, moisture-proof films, adhesives Materials such as waterproof coatings must comply with the relevant national standards and be used only after passing the inspection.

  Basic floor treatment

  The wooden floor paving method is mainly divided into two types, one is floating paving, the other is It is a keel pavement. Suspended pavement is mainly used for paving of laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring, and the suspension pavement has higher requirements for the flatness of the ground, so it is necessary to do the leveling of the ground, the leveling of the cement, and set aside time. The cement is fully dry. If the height difference of the ground per square meter exceeds 5 mm, it cannot be installed. The keel-style paving is usually used for the paving of solid wood flooring.

  Pave the floor keel

   The moisture barrier film must be kept sealed and repaired if damaged. Wood floors and floor tiles or marble, etc., the moisture barrier at the junction between them, and the protective isolation between the bathroom and the kitchen must be protected. At the same time, the height of the keel depends on the ground conditions, but it should not be less than 1.5 cm and its width should not be less than 3.5 cm. Moreover, the local unevenness should be refurbished, and it can be flattened by a wooden gasket with a thickness of ≤5 mm. After the keel is finished, it is necessary to clean and vacuum once, and then evenly spread the moisture-proofing agent and insecticide such as bamboo charcoal and eucalyptus blocks.

  Optional paving floor

  The keel that the floor touches must be fixed with a nail. When fixing the floor, pay attention to whether there is crack in the end of the floor, whether the height difference of the adjacent floor is too large, or the gap of the board is too large. The part of the door embedded in the door frame and the door cover must have a telescopic gap of 8mm-12mm between the wall and the door cover. At the same time, there should be a 1mm gap between the bottom of the door cover and the floor covering to prevent the floor from rising wet during the rainy season.

  baseboard installation

  When laying wooden floors, be sure to check the back of the baseboard to see if it is open and ventilated Groove and anti-corrosion treatment. The depth of the ventilation slot should not be less than 5mm and the width should not be less than 30mm.
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Teach you the right way to clean your toilet

Studies have shown that the number of bacteria on the toilet wall that passes through the water is as high as 100,000. So don’t underestimate the work of washing the toilet, it is related to the health of the whole family. How to clean the toilet in the bathroom? Just look at it with Xiaobian.

  1. Vent the room before cleaning the toilet. Open all the windows in the room and remove the things that are placed on the toilet tank.

  2. Put on household rubber gloves. Tip: If necessary, wear goggles or common eyes to prevent liquid from splashing into your eyes.

  3. Rinse the toilet with water first, then open the toilet lid. Tip: Always flush the toilet lid whenever you flush the toilet.

  4. Pour the toilet agent into the inner wall of the toilet in a wraparound manner and cover it with a toilet lid for a few minutes. During the period, the outside of the toilet is cleaned.

  5. Wipe the disinfectant on the outside of the toilet, the water tank, the flush button, the edge of the toilet, the toilet washer, and all the places should not be missed.

  6. Tip: Never use a mixture of cleaners, as different types of cleaners will produce toxic gases when mixed.

  7. Wipe the area of ​​the toilet that has been wiped with disinfectant with a paper towel. Tip: For some sanitary corners on the toilet that are not easy to clean, use an old toothbrush to clean it.

  8. Now open the toilet lid and use the toilet brush to scrub the inner wall of the toilet, especially the water outlets inside the toilet.

  9. Press the water button, rinse the toilet again with clean water, and flush the toilet brush with the water flowing from the toilet. The toilet is cleaned.
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Inside the inner window, it is popular

In the past, people’s demand for doors and windows was limited to light transmission and ventilation. With the improvement of people’s pursuit of quality of life, doors and windows no longer have to be used for light and ventilation, but also have powerful functions such as heat preservation and sound insulation. The so-called inner opening inner window is a window that can be opened to the interior, and can also be inverted inward. The lower part of the window does not move and is tilted from the upper to the indoor. So, what are the functional advantages of the inner opening of the inverted window compared to the ordinary door and window? Let’s take a look at it~
Do you know the advantages of these inner opening windows?

1.Optimized ventilation

Because the inner opening is flat Another way to open the window is to make the room naturally circulate with the natural air, and the indoor air is fresh, and the possibility of rain entering the room is eliminated. The fresh air undoubtedly creates a comfortable living environment for people.

2.Improve safety

The linkage hardware and handles arranged around the window sash are located indoors. When closed, the sash is fixed on the window frame, so the safety and The anti-theft performance is excellent.

3.Dust and rainproof

When the window is inverted, the airflow into the room will first be blocked by the glass, and the heavier dust particles in the air will not be ” A sharp turn, naturally blocked out. When the breeze is light and rainy, the raindrops can only splash on the glass and will not splash into the room.

4.Easy to clean

Simple operation, the outside of the sash can be turned indoors, making the outer surface of the cleaning window convenient and safe. The inner opening inner window has multiple lock points to seal, which can greatly enhance the sealing of the window. After the sealing is enhanced, its heat preservation and sound insulation will also be improved. When the interior is inverted, it does not occupy the indoor space, the curtains can be opened and closed freely, and the lifting hangers will not conflict with the window sash. When hanging up, children can play freely, and adults can safely clean the room without worrying that the corner of the window will hit the child’s head or body. The installation of qualified internal opening inner window is not only easy to use, but also durable. It not only eliminates all the defects of unsmooth, inconvenient, uncomfortable and uneconomical of the casement window, but also prevents window deformation, improves the airtightness and prolongs the service life of the window. .
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How to avoid cracking and deformation of the bathroom cabinet?

  In our bathroom suite, the bathroom cabinet has become an indispensable bathroom product. However, the bathroom is damp, and the bathroom cabinets are mostly made of sheet materials, which makes the bathroom cabinets subject to moisture and deformation. So how can we prevent these problems?

Anwar bathroom N1M11G03-A bathroom cabinet

   First, let’s take a look at the reasons for the cracking of the bathroom cabinet.

  The first one: the quality of the bathroom cabinet itself is not closed

  Second: During transportation, if you are not careful, the bathroom cabinet may A bump occurs, which causes damage to the protective film on the surface and affects the quality of the bathroom cabinet.

   Third: The bathroom is too humid and the wood is in a humid environment for a long time.

   So, how to prevent it?

  Selecting a bathroom cabinet, the brand is very important

  The bathroom cabinet is a big piece of furniture, choose a good brand In terms of quality, after-sales, etc. will be more secure. Moreover, after getting the bathroom cabinet, if you find that there are problems such as bumps on the surface, you can also find the brand to return, and do not use the skin.

  Processing seams

  The bathroom cabinets have seams. These places are the main way for water vapor to enter the interior. It is easy to go on for a long time. Deformation. And there will be an odor in the enclosed area. So use glass glue as much as possible to seal some seams that do not affect the use!

  The bathroom is kept ventilated

  The bathroom must be ventilated frequently and kept clean. Do not use the exhaust fan when it is used. It is best if the bathroom in the home is wet and dry. At the same time, when installing the bathroom, if it is not a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, it is better to keep a little distance between the back of the cabinet and the wall surface, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the opposite side from the wall surface.

  Clearing water in time

   When using the bathroom cabinet, the splash of the faucet in the basin is inevitable. Therefore, in our daily life, we must keep the joint between the basin and the countertop dry. If the accumulated water stays on the counter for a long time, it will be deformed. At this time, choosing a faucet with rich foam and soft water is a good way to protect the bathroom cabinet.


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Flower screen

The screen can not only be used to partition the space, but also to beautify the home environment, so now many families will choose a nice screen as a decoration. We all know that there are many styles of screens. As a very nice screen type, the lattice screen has been favored by many consumers, but everyone will encounter various problems when purchasing the screen. The following small series will tell you about what brand of flower screen is better and how to buy a lattice screen.

The screen can not only be used to partition the space, but also to beautify the home environment, so now many families will choose a good-looking screen as a decoration. We all know that there are many styles of screens. As a very nice screen type, the lattice screen has been favored by many consumers, but when you buy grid screen, you will encounter To various issues. The following small series will tell you about the grid screen what brand is better and how to buy a lattice screen.

1, Flat screenWhat brand is better

1, Lianli tree lattice screen

Lian Lishu Flat screen The frame double-sided plywood, solid wood frame and other materials have reached the pictorial standard, and the frame is stable and thick. The thickness of the screen is about four centimeters, which is very firm. The double-sided panel has a pattern on both sides, and the two sides of the pattern do not affect each other, beautiful and durable.

2, Jule lattice screen

Jule screen has been focusing on screen production for more than ten years, and has become the top 100 custom screens in China. One of the company has a superb screen production process, thoughtful service, and the screens used are made of pure natural materials, beautifully crafted, and are double-sided patterns, which minimizes the stereoscopic effect of color.

Second, how to buy grid screen

1, when purchasing grid screen, we must first look The materials used in the screens are available in a wide variety of screens, such as wood, bamboo, plastic, and metal. As for the choice of materials, you can decide according to your personal preference and home decoration style. If the home decoration style is Chinese style, it is recommended that you choose a solid color screen.

2, then look at the color and pattern of the grid screen. The selected screen screen color and pattern must be consistent with the home decoration style. Then consider your personal preferences or home improvement feng shui. The process of the screen should be carefully observed to be exquisite, and some small details can not be neglected, especially the screens with embroidery, hollowing and engraving, and more careful when choosing.

3. When choosing Flat screen, choose a screen with a suitable height according to the size of the indoor space. If the space is large, you cannot choose a screen that is too small. Otherwise, it will appear to be incompatible with the space, giving people a feeling of not taking it.

Summary of the small series: The above is the grid screen what brand is better and how to buy the relevant content of the screen, I hope to have something for everyone help. Finally, remind everyone to buy the lattice screen, do not forget to see the stability of the screen, if the screen used is not stable, down to pressure on yourself or others, it will not be worth the loss.


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Northern Xinjiang diatom mud, creating a Chinese style on the tall

There are many cultural treasures in the splendid civilization of China for five thousand years, among which the architectural design is the most magnificent and magnificent. However, Chinese decoration is very stressful, and its high space and deep depth and the shape of the carved column are difficult to achieve in modern home decoration, resulting in many Chinese elements can only be used in the home.

But this still can’t stop people from Chinese The love of decoration. In order to create a high degree of fusion of Chinese culture “God” and “Italian” in the home decoration, many people choose the new Chinese style decoration style in the decoration design, and the most important and most difficult to create the new Chinese style is the household materials and The selection of the process. How to naturally integrate Chinese classical elements into the space of modern life, so that the solemnity and elegance of Chinese traditional culture are perfectly presented? Here, the northern diatom mud gives you the answer with the wall.


Go to the simple one. No need for expensive mahogany furniture, the diatom mud’s warm texture and artistic expression can create an elegant Chinese-style living room. The reasonable use of lines and borders, combined with the dreams of diatom mud in northern Xinjiang, can create a high-class Chinese elegance, whether it is white or freehand.


Mei, bamboo, orchid, and chrysanthemum are called four gentlemen in flowers. Because of its beautiful personality symbol, it has become the most common subject in the literary poems and literati paintings of the eternal literati. The diatom mud danqing process in northern Xinjiang uses mud as a pigment, and the brush on the diatom mud wall can be used to draw out the magnificent scenery of plum, bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum and majestic mountains and rivers.


Northern diatom mud engraving process has a large number of Accurate, reproducible styling, combined with intaglio and masculine techniques, the combination of monochrome and color can easily create the perfect artistic effect. At the same time, the engraving process can also be customized according to the pictures or photos that the customer likes. The customization effect is good, the operability is strong, and the personalized decoration is more obvious!


Northern diatom mud texture process, with a variety of natural Freehand expression. For example, the Iranian white travertines that show the great desert, the wonderful interpretation of the vertical and horizontal trend of the desert and the glistening of the glistening, and the symbol of the reunion of the Toulon with the corresponding colors also have a wealth of auspicious. The combination of texture and freehand brushwork just happens to be the grace and solemnity of Chinese classical style.


Brick art as a new product of Beijiang diatom mud 2018, Contains six styles, various size categories. The design of brick art conforms to the Chinese aesthetic, and the principle of center symmetry gives people a fresh and bright feeling. At the same time, brick art can also display different effects according to different needs of the owner according to the needs of the owners, in order to present bricks. The desire to create a beautiful home.

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Retail e-commerce layout big home industry Who has more chances?

No matter which industry you are in, you can’t avoid this kind of competition in the industry: Competition between big platforms and small businesses. Is it a big business, attracting big brands and big platforms to cooperate? Or are you taking your own path and making your business bigger on your own feet? This is two problems for startups.

In the field of home building materials supply chain, there has been such a discussion. For the main material or auxiliary materials, the core of the home building supply chain lies in the construction of the logistics system. At the same time, procurement and bargaining power, sales capacity, warehousing and distribution capabilities are also critical.

Someone put forward an idea, Jingdong can Can’t do home building materials supply chain logistics? Not to mention the main material, just to talk about auxiliary materials, Jingdong as a big platform with technical advantages and service advantages, can it be better than the general auxiliary materials enterprises?

Ali, JD. Will it enter the home accessories supply chain in the future?

In February of this year, Alibaba and a number of institutions strategically invested in a home of 13 billion yuan, this is Ali’s acquisition of Suning, won After RT-Mart and holding more than 36% of Gaoxin’s retail shares, another large-scale transaction also exposed Alibaba’s ambitions for the home industry.

In May of this year, Jingdong held the “Jingdong Service” +” Media communication meeting, based on the needs and pain points of the user’s daily consumption scene in the home appliance industry, build a platform and system with strong management and control capabilities to solve the service problems of platform merchants and users.

Ali and JD have released a large layout this year. The signal of the home industry can not help but reminiscent of the rationality of the vertical segmentation of large platform layout.

Nothing else, there is news that Suning Appliance wants to The way to integrate the third-party logistics system, based on the advantages accumulated by the home appliance industry, cut into the warehousing and distribution links in the field of home building materials, the specific practices have not been announced, this also conveys a signal: the big platform also wants to cut the home building materials industry This big cake.

If large platforms, small businesses enter the home Whose wins the auxiliary material supply chain?

Considering the channel advantages accumulated by Ali and JD at the c-end consumer level, plus their national delivery logistics system Perfect, the actual combat personnel with home accessories supply chain enterprises began to worry, Jingdong, Suning, can they do home building materials supply chain logistics? Will this big cake in the future be eaten by a large platform? This is also the topic we are mainly discussing today.

Jingdong can do home building materials supply chain logistics ?

For JD itself, it is the most powerful The advantage is that delivery is very fast, thisThe point is derived from Jingdong’s “Jingdong self-employment” system. However, the reason why Jingdong is fast is because the goods purchased by consumers in Jingdong through the self-operated system are placed in the “this warehouse”, so they have the advantage of “fast delivery”.

But for home building materials that are very important for non-standardized attributes For products, if Jingdong wants to build a supply chain system, the selectivity may not be too great.

Jingdong holds the sales front end, it has perfect Self-operated system, taking household auxiliary materials as an example, Jingdong is fully capable of making hardware accessories by itself. It is also laying out this aspect, but some people in the industry believe that it is more difficult for Jingdong to capture the auxiliary materials than hardware products. .

Vertical Supply Chain Enterprise Layout Home What are the advantages of auxiliary materials?

In the case of the auxiliary material market, the current industry occupants have a lot of auxiliary material supply chain platforms in addition to auxiliary materials suppliers. The users of supply chain enterprises are generally divided into two types. One is the foreman, the foreman is the most important target of the products sold by these supply chain platforms; the other is the less well-known auxiliary materials manufacturers.

For small accessory companies, they The auxiliary material supply chain e-commerce is regarded as an additional customer acquisition channel. If it is cooperation with small brands, the auxiliary material supply chain e-commerce will also have certain pricing power, because the price can be discussed. However, these auxiliary materials e-commerce are difficult to directly cooperate with large manufacturers, and often only reach a certain cooperation intention with dealers. So what are their advantages?

First, the auxiliary materials e-commerce has a bigger Autonomy determines the direction of the company’s development and has advantages in regional layout and development;

Secondly, in the context of the failure of the first- and second-line traditional building materials and accessories market, the market and users’ pursuit of efficiency have spawned more auxiliary e-commerce platforms. Improve efficiency to some extent;

third, home The auxiliary materials enterprises pay attention to the localized landing services, and they have already made certain integrations with the local logistics system and the warehousing system before the products are officially launched. This is precisely the essence of the supply chain industry – the integration of commonalities within the industry.

This PK match What is it?

Return to the home accessories supply chain itself, the industry’s most needed capabilities are built around four parts: one is to focus on efficiency; the second is Warehousing and distribution capacity is very important, because the essence of the industry is “the last mile”; the third is the engineering procurement capability; the fourth is the regionalization advantage.

Analysis from the above four perspectives, large platform and Vertical auxiliary material supply chain enterprises have their own advantages. The storage and distribution of large-scale auxiliary equipment is mainly based on nationwide delivery. There is no need for vertical supply chain enterprises to be meticulous in terms of regionalization and layout. In terms of engineering procurement, large platforms such as Jingdong and Taobao are definitely more influential than supply chain vertical enterprises.

Therefore, the way to get along with the vertical and auxiliary materials companies is not to compete, but to cooperate. The benefits of cooperation, in addition to resource aggregation and faster running, can also absorb more Third-party enterprise integrators, everyone will make this plate bigger.

After all, it is difficult to make a big business by the strength of a single company, especially in the field of home building materials supply chain. From another perspective, if there is a big river ahead, people on the shore want to cross the river. You don’t have to swim in the water to cross the river, you can cross the bridge, rowing, and even take a ferry. In the future battlefield of the home supply chain PK, there may be people who may or may not lose. Span>


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