What is the bottom of the American family?

In 2004, the net worth of households in the United States was $51 trillion, which is roughly equivalent to the total net worth of American households at the end of 2008. Below we take a look at the 2004 data to see what the American family is like. In 2004, the average household income in the United States was $44,389, black families were more than $30,000, Asian Americans were $57,518, and white families were $48,977. The median net worth of American households this year was $102,000, and the average net worth of American households was $492,000. The number of US households with at least $1 million in net assets is 7.5 million.
If you look at the distribution of US household net assets in 2004, you can see the correlation between age, education, and family wealth. According to the US Federal Reserve Board, the median household net worth of US$35,600 for households under 35 in 2004 was $15,700, and the average household net worth was $80,700. Households aged 35 to 44 are $76,200 and $328,600, respectively. Households aged 45 to 54 were $158,900 and $168,100, respectively. Households aged 55 to 64 are $273,100 and $926,700, respectively. The families aged 65 to 74 are $208,800 and $758,800, respectively. The families over the age of 75 are $179,100 and $500,000 respectively.
The difference in educational level is directly related to what kind of occupation a person is engaged in, and the difference in occupation can be said to directly affect one’s income. From the perspective of family finance, income is the premise of wealth accumulation, which is the source. Let’s take a look at how much the family in the United States accepts different levels of education in terms of family wealth. The 2004 statistics are used as the observation point. The head of the family is a family with a cultural level below the high school. The median household net worth is $22,600 and the average household net worth is $149,900. The head of the family is a high school graduate of $75,500 and $216,200. The head of the family is a family that graduated from high school but did not graduate from college, at $76,100 and $338,900 respectively. The head of the family is a university graduated from $248,400 and $935,000.

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Crowdsourced betting to shape future games

Crowdsourced is used for all these days from the funds to collect opinions. Now even players can benefit from all our wisdom. London-based Imperial Casino runs the last week of social media experiments. It ran a competition on its Facebook page, and one person won a £1,000 chip 1600 bet in the casino.

He needs to be determined by the public on Twitter. Anyone who wins from these bets can keep himself. The experiment will show whether Twitter can positively affect Sargent’s results, or whether he will leave the casino.

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How to choose the living room lighting?

The living room is the collective activity space of the home and is also the place where the family is used to entertain guests. Therefore, we must be careful when decorating the living room, no matter what corners and materials are selected. In order to reflect the taste of the owner at home, the luminaire is also the key. So how should the living room lamps be chosen? What is the size of the size?
Overall lighting

The overall lighting can use ceiling lights. Generally, a single or multi-head chandelier can be installed in the center of the room as the main light to create a stable and warm environment. Have a homely feeling of intimacy.

The choice of ceiling light is determined by the area and height of the living room. If the area is only more than ten square meters, and the shape of the room is irregular, then it is best to use the ceiling lamp. If the living room is tall and large, choose Chandeliers can be selected according to the owner’s age, culture, hobbies, comfort and warmth of the views and standards, as well as the requirements of the lighting style.

Local Lighting

Local lighting can be achieved by using floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. Watching TV and casual reading, it is more appropriate to install a high-slung floor lamp. Turn off the ceiling light when watching TV and reading. Turning on the floor lamp is neither dazzling and makes the environment look quiet and elegant. There are banners and calligraphy on the back wall of the sofa. Two different sizes of wall lamps can be placed on both sides of the calligraphy and painting. A floor lamp can be placed on the sofa. Such a luminaire device is stable and generous, and can select a light source according to different needs, or the lamps are flushed, the whole room is bright, or the single lamp is alone, and the knees are old.

Because the situation of each family room is different, the function of the living room is different. For example, the living room of some families may have to function as a restaurant. Therefore, it is necessary to flexibly grasp various practical aspects when selecting lamps. Happening.

Shape and grade

In terms of the shape and grade of the luminaire, one must consider the coordination with the atmosphere of the living room, and the second is to strive for elegance and luxury. The living room is the facade of the family. The lighting is too dull may not reflect your decorative style and is slightly shabby. Too luxurious may make the visitors have psychological pressure and can’t open their hands. The main body of the living room should not be too dark or dazzling. When there are few people in the living room, the main body light can be turned off and a wall lamp can be turned on. Nowadays, some consumers are living in the pastoral life, pursuing the return to the true mood, abandoning the magnificent wall lamps, and burning candles in the living room to create a candlelight effect. This design is elegant and elegant, but after all, living in a modern city is both cumbersome and troublesome.

If the room is tall, it is advisable to use a three-pronged to five-pronged incandescent chandelier or a larger round chandelier to make the living room look magnificent. However, it is not advisable to use all the chandeliers with a downward light distribution, but the upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the difference in brightness between the upper and lower spaces.

If the room is low, you can use the ceiling lamp and the floor lamp, so that the living room will be bright and generous, with a sense of the times, the floor lamp is placed next to the sofa, and the sofa on the side of the sofa is equipped with decorative work table lamps, or Lower wall lights are placed on the nearby walls, so that not only the local lighting is seen when reading, but also the atmosphere of intimacy and harmony is added when the guests talk.

Light height selection

Generally speaking, the height of the crystal ceiling lamp is between 30-40 cm, and the height of the crystal chandelier is 70. Around cm, the height of the crystal chandelier is between 150-180 cm. Take the crystal chandelier as an example. When installing in the living room, there should be about 2 meters of space below. When installing in the restaurant, leave 1.8-1.9 meters of space below. We can choose to purchase the corresponding height according to the actual situation.

Fourth, the full use of space

The living room in the living room is suspended after the chandelier, because the space height of the existing existing house is generally less than 3m, hanging a crystal lamp There are not many left in the future. Usually, the coffee table is placed directly below, so that when people bypass the coffee table, they also avoid the crystal lamp on the head, so that the space is fully utilized.

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Daily care of solid wood flooring

The owners who laid the solid wood floor know that the solid wood floor has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer, but it needs more maintenance and maintenance than other wooden floors. In fact, the cleaning and maintenance of solid wood flooring is not as difficult as imagined. The key is to pay attention to the method. Today, Xiaobian talked about how to clean the wood floor and the daily cleaning attention.
First, how to clean the solid wood floor?

1. Special stains such as oil stains, paints, inks, etc. can be wiped with special stains; blood stains, juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains with wet rags Or use a rag to apply a proper amount of solid wood floor cleaner; if there is no special oil and detergent, you can use a rag to wash the usual rice water or a small amount of detergent, wring it out and wipe it again. The floor is clean and shiny. Wax and chewing gum, put on ice for a while, let it freeze and shrink, then gently scrape it, then wipe it with a damp cloth or a cloth with a proper amount of solid wood flooring cleaner. In short, it is not possible to clean solid wood flooring with a strong acid-base liquid.

2. If you accidentally pour water or leave water on the ground, because the wooden floor is particularly afraid of moisture, when you mop the solid wood floor every time, use a soft broom to open the room. Sweep the dust and wipe it with a wrung rag or a squeezed mop. After wiping clean, do not directly expose the sun to the sun or bake it in an electric oven to avoid drying too fast and the floor to crack. Animal urine is sour and alkaline that it should be cleaned when needed.

3. The home can not finish the expired milk to clean the solid wood floor. Because the milk has expired, the nutrients inside can still help us keep the floor clean. First, pour the expired milk into the washbasin, then dilute it with twice the water. After dampening the rag and wringing it, you can wipe the floor. If the amount of milk that has expired is high, you can wipe it once a week with milk.

4, in the use of solid wood flooring, if it is found that individual floors are uplifted or detached, the floor should be taken in time, the old glue and ash should be removed, new glue applied, compacted; If the floor paint film is damaged or white, it can be polished with 400# water sandpaper and soapy water, then wiped clean. After drying, after partial drying, apply a paint again. After drying for 24 hours, polish it with 400 water sandpaper. Then polish the wax for polishing.

Second, the daily cleaning of solid wood flooring attention

indoors need to be constantly ventilated, can not be wet with a mop to clean. Waterproof, fireproof, damage resistant and dirt resistant. Do not use dust or dirt on the surface of the gasoline to prevent static electricity from causing fire and cause fire.

How to clean the solid wood floor? We pay more attention to our daily life. The cleaning and maintenance of the solid wood floor is not so troublesome. Have you learned the above method of cleaning the solid wood floor?
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Should the washbasin cabinet purchase be considered in several ways?

1, material

For the combination of bathroom cabinet and washbasin cabinet, it is very important to choose the material combination (including the face material and the substrate). Some bathroom cabinets and washbasin cabinets on the market are conjoined ceramic basins, bathroom cabinets, washbasin cabinets, and cabinet materials are made of pure solid wood or molded moisture-proof panels. These products are scratch-resistant, leave no spots, and do not break due to sudden changes in water temperature. The glass surface is smooth and easy to clean; the moisture-proof panel is not easily deformed in moisture, moisture-resistant, and does not crack; due to long-term use, high-grade molded surface treatment does not change color; high-quality imported hinges, slide rails and other hardware make these parts The cabinet is more durable.

2, combination form

Depending on the installation form, there are two main types of bathroom furniture: floor-standing and wall-mounted. The floor-standing type is suitable for dry and wet separation of modern bathrooms, and the large wall-mounted design has the advantage of saving space. It is easy to take care of and eliminates the hygiene angle. It performs reasonable space division by setting multiple elements (such as shelves, lockers, floor cabinets).

3, style

Bathroom cabinets and washbasin cabinets are mainly avant-garde and cool. Nostalgic classics, natural freshness and modernist classics. The combination of avant-garde and cool bathroom cabinets and washbasin cabinets is based on a simple design and the colors used are bold. The nostalgic classical bathroom cabinet washbasin cabinet combination has the beauty of Chinese classical art and is better coordinated with anti-corrosion flooring and decorative bathroom.

Natural fresh bathroom cabinet washbasin cabinet combination is one of the mainstream of fashion bathroom cabinet washbasin cabinet combination. Modern classical bathroom cabinets and washbasin cabinets blend modern elements with classic charm. Its lines are simple and fluid, not the complexity of the classic European curves. In terms of accessories, it rejects classic European style and exaggeration and emphasizes basic storage features.

4, color and matching

The combination of bathroom cabinet and washbasin cabinet is more diverse. In recent years, the combination of light-colored bathroom cabinets and washbasin cabinets is still the mainstream. The combination of a pure white bathroom cabinet and a washbasin cabinet creates elegance and cleanliness in the bathroom. It is bright and pleasant, showing comfort and calm. The entire color is seamlessly connected to the white color of the ceramic basin. In addition, the use of translucent mirrors gives you a cool feeling.

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How to distinguish between lacquer and alkyd paint?

What is the composition of nitrocellulose lacquer? What is the main difference between lacquer and alkyd lacquer?

Nitro lacquer is a relatively common coating for wood and decoration. The main film-forming material of nitrocellulose lacquer is mainly composed of nitrocellulose, and is composed of soft and hard resins such as alkyd resin, modified rosin resin, acrylic resin and amino resin. It is also generally necessary to add a plasticizer such as dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl ester or oxidized castor oil. The solvent mainly includes a solvent such as an ester, a ketone or an alcohol ether, a cosolvent such as an alcohol, and a diluent such as a benzene. Nitrocellulose lacquer is mainly used in the coating of wood and furniture, home decoration, general decorative painting, metal coating, general cement coating and so on.

What is the difference between lacquer and alkyd paint

Alkyd varnish is a medium oil alkyd resin modified by dry oil, drier, No. 200 A solvent mixture of solvent gasoline (or turpentine) and xylene is prepared. Mainly used for indoor and outdoor metal, wood surface glazing, and alkyd varnish encountered high temperature, easy to ignite after open flame, and will produce toxic fumes in the process of burning, human respiratory tract inhalation of high concentration of smoke, etc. Will be poisoned. Nitrocellulose lacquer is a relatively common woodware and decoration coating.

The main film-forming material of nitrocellulose lacquer is nitrocellulose blended with alkyd resin, modified rosin resin, acrylic resin, amino group. A combination of soft and hard resins such as resin.

Nitro lacquer and alkyd paint are all one kind of varnish. If there is any difference between the two, the hardness of the paint of alkyd paint is higher than that of nitro varnish. Alkyd varnish is generally used for painting and spraying.

Nitrocellulose lacquer is also called spray paint. Because it cures quickly, it is generally only suitable for painting, and its hardness is not as good as that of paint film. Alkyd varnish. Moreover, the price of alkyd varnish is cheap, but it is generally used for metal rust prevention, which is basically not found on wood, and nitro varnish is generally used for furniture. Moreover, alkyd varnish and negative varnish have different materials. Alkyd paint is alkyd resin, nitro varnish is nitro resin, and the brightness of nitro varnish above gloss is higher than that of alkyd varnish

Nitrocellulose history

The appearance of nitrocellulose lacquer has been more than 100 years old. China began production and application in 1935, when the production of nitrocellulose paint in the United States reached 42.3 million gallons ( 16 million liters). Nitrocellulose lacquer is very popular because of its fast drying, good decorativeness, good outdoor weather resistance, and the ability to polish and polish wax to modify the unique properties caused by the paint film during construction. At that time, only nitrocellulose paint could be sprayed, which is suitable for large-area construction. DuPont’s products have been used in the world’s first automotive body coating line.

After the 1950s, with the development of the technical strength of the coatings industry, domestic coating companies have the conditions to improve old products, develop new products, adopt new processes, and add new equipment to make the production quality of nitrocellulose lacquers. Improvement, variety, and development are also relatively rapid. The varieties produced at that time mainly include: nitro primer and putty, nitro industrial paint (nitro lacquer for internal use), automotive spray paint (nitrocellulose lacquer for exterior use), wood lacquer, pencil paint, leather paint, plastic paint, etc. Before the 1970s, it was a decorative high-grade coating product, and the output increased year by year. By the mid-1980s, after the statistics of China’s coating products in 18 categories, the ratio of its output to the total output of coatings was relatively stable.

With the development of the coatings industry and the advancement of science and technology, in order to continuously meet the needs of the society, a batch of new products has been successfully developed, and many synthetic resin coatings have emerged one after another. In order to adapt the coating products to meet the requirements of national industrial construction, the former Ministry of Chemical Industry proposed in the product structure optimization adjustment plan: “Limit the first four categories (grease paint, natural resin paint, phenolic paint, asphalt paint), and transform the two types of nitrate Base paint, perchloroethylene varnish, further improve the quality and develop synthetic resin paint.” The development of synthetic resin lacquers has also squeezed out a portion of the market for nitrocellulose lacquers. For example, in the early 1960s, Beijing Red Lion Coatings Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Beijing Red Paint Co., cooperated with Beijing Auto Repair Factory, and changed the first domestically used trolley trolley and bus in Beijing to nitrocellulose paint to amino acid baking varnish. And weather resistance, etc. have been significantly improved, greatly extending the maintenance time of these vehicles.

The advantage is that the decorative effect is better, the construction is simple, the drying is rapid, the requirements on the painting environment are not high, the hardness and brightness are good, the paint film is not easy to be ill, and the repair is easy. The disadvantage is that the solid content is low, and more construction channels are needed to achieve better results; the durability is not so good, especially the internal nitrocellulose lacquer, which has poor gloss and color retention, and is easy to use for a long time. There are disadvantages such as loss of light, cracking, discoloration, etc.; the protective effect of the paint film is not good, it is not resistant to organic solvents, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.
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US HDG market is weak, scrap prices are expected to continue to rise

The price of the single-barrel billet rose slightly

In recent weeks, CIS and Turkish billet prices have remained stable. The overall performance of the Middle East market, including Egypt, was weak, so billet prices in the region remained unchanged. In addition, Turkish steel mills are not interested in billets from the CIS and Southern Europe due to weak demand for steel from the Middle East and North Africa.

Currently, the price of the CIS billet is $380/ton. ~400 US dollars / ton, an increase of 10 US dollars / ton from last week.

EU hot rolled coil demand began to recover

Even if the current import price is lower than European steel The manufacturer’s offer, buyers of European hot rolled coils may start buying products because there is room for bargaining. As some domestic dealers began to replenish stocks, demand gradually recovered. In addition, there are some traders who are increasingly interested in imported products.

Hot rolled steel coil offer from the Commonwealth of Independent States to the European Union Very stable, the price of the products shipped in June is 300 euros / ton ~ 350 euros / ton. Mexico’s offer is between €300/ton and €320/tonne. In addition, the EU’s cold-rolled coil prices have also rebounded slightly, but it is not expected to grow much, as demand remains sluggish.

The domestic HDG market is still weak and the scrap price is expected Continue to rise

Since last week, the United States The import price of hot dip galvanized coil (HDG) has remained stable, but the price of this product in the United States has dropped further during the same period. Many US steel producers are engaged in price wars to maintain market share. At present, the price of HDG in the US market is about US$507/ton~$551/ton, which is the same as last week, but the steel mill’s surcharge of US$20/ton was rejected.

In addition, scrap prices are expected to continue to rise in May, It may push the price of flat products to rise. But as long as the demand does not improve, the buyer will not accept the rising price.

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The purchasing of imported flooring is miserable?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the purchasing industry, driven by the interests, some people have started the purchase of imported flooring, and some consumers who are greedy “cheap” have been unknowingly flicked to the “pit” of purchasing the floor. In the end, the end result is often dumb to eat berberine, miserable.
Before you get to the point, let’s share a case with you:

Recently, Xiao Cheng (name), who was just in the new house, encountered troubles about the floor. Half a year ago, Xiaocheng began the renovation of the new house with joy. Because it is intended to be used as a wedding room, Xiaocheng is very concerned about the quality of home improvement. Seeing that the decoration is going well, the problem is on the floor.

The original Xiaocheng is a veteran Haitao family. Usually, many clothes and shoes are purchased from abroad. So in the purchase of the floor, Xiaocheng Lingji also thought about the foreign trade from foreign countries, and found a foreign trader to do a certain imported floor purchase, and inquired about the installation of the package, which can make Xiaocheng music broken, I thought I earned it. As a result, the house has been renovated for a long time, and the floor is still late. There is no news. Xiaocheng can’t sit still. From the online inquiry once a day to a few phone calls a day, I finally waited online every day. After several twists and turns, I finally waited for the floor. In the past two days, several young men claimed to install the floor. After opening the floor packaging, they began to lay the pavement. When they were halfway through, they found that the floor had a color difference. So Xiaocheng called the foreign trade company to negotiate, and the attitude of the foreign trade company plummeted. Can not afford the goods; Xiaocheng in the case of helplessness, can only continue to lay the floor, a large area of ​​color difference makes Xiaocheng have the suspicion of fakes. .

Who ever thought that Xiaocheng had a problem with the floor after a few months of staying – many places have different sizes, and some floors even have drums because of squeezing, which is even worse. Yes, Xiaocheng once again suspected that the floor might be a fake.

Indignant Xiaocheng went to find the theory of foreign traders. As a result, the other party repeatedly shirked responsibility: “The floor has been inspected face to face, the installation is just an additional service, there is no charge, and the purchase is not “Providing after-sales service”, but the true and false of the goods is not mentioned. And this kind of purchasing behavior, Xiaocheng can not get the protection of the law, and finally Xiaocheng had to swallow his voice, he felt unlucky, only hated himself for a moment to play smart and did not go to the formal domestic operators to buy the floor.

Xiaocheng’s business is a microcosm of many disputes caused by floor purchasing. So why is the floor not suitable for purchasing? The following small series first talk about the “pit” of purchasing floor.

Pit 1: Speaking of smallpox, delivery is not reliable

Floor purchaser in order to win the trust of customers, obtain customer orders, often put their own procurement channels It is very reliable, even saying that he has a perfect procurement “system”, there are hundreds of physical stores in the country and so on. But the reality is that there are two major obstacles that determine the delivery of the purchasing floor can never really be reliable.

The first obstacle was set by the brand floor manufacturer. There are exclusive flooring brands in mainland China, such as Italian Giant Floor (GIANT), German Hano Flooring (HARO), and Austrian Weitzpark (WEITZER PARKETT) and Indonesian Teka Floor (TEKA). Maintaining market order, regulating market operations, ensuring service quality and ensuring long-term healthy development of the brand will not only refuse purchasers’ orders, but also set up various obstacles to prevent purchases from getting goods from their foreign distributors. This allows the purchaser to look for the goods after getting the order, and finally the purchase is not even at the expense of the real, the difference is left.

The second obstacle comes from the transportation of the floor itself. Due to the material of the floor and the shape of the product, importing from abroad usually requires the entire container to be shipped in order to ensure that it is not damaged. The purchase orders are scattered, usually shipped in the form of bulk cargo containers, resulting in high transport breakage rate, which has buried hidden dangers for the entire single delivery.

Pit 2: Listening to special offers, not cheap

The reason why imported floor purchasing can attract individual consumers is because of its claimed “price advantage”. Since there is no physical store rent for purchasing, there is no brand promotion fee, there is no professional paving after-sales team, and even few employees have to pay for their wages. They play purely “karate”, so there is a lot of flexibility in price, especially those. This is especially true for purchases that are imported into furniture by entrainment. But all of this comes at the expense of the customer’s delivery risk, paving risk and maintenance risk.

It is understood that the price of imported floor purchasing is usually 6 – 7 fold of the market price. In order to highlight its price advantage, Purchasing usually first reports the price of the origin of the floor to attract customers, and then talk about it. After the customer is interested, add other seven-eight-eighth fees, such as freight, customs duties, customs clearance fees, etc. In this way, the price that sounded particularly cheap is much higher. If you take into account various problems and hidden dangers that customers don’t know, it is really not cheap to buy the floor, and it is not very worry-free!

Pit 3: Everywhere on the bottom line, the customer is at risk

Imported floor purchasing in order to obtain the trust of customers to obtain orders, often ignore the legal and moral bottom line, and ultimately the customer is Unconsciously taking risks.

As we all know, purchasing is usually not a physical store. However, individual purchases use fraudulent means to make false publicity on the Internet or through WeChat. The national chain store of the exclusive brand of the floor brand is said to be its own physical storefront, allowing customers to see samples, copy the goods, and compare prices. In order to achieve the purpose of shamming, some purchasers use the registered trademarks and product images of brand flooring manufacturers in an unauthorized manner, giving customers a genuine and intuitive feeling. Still purchasingBecause they cannot obtain the certificate of origin of the manufacturer and cannot import it, they simply use the means of forgery to get through. What’s more, individual floor purchases are often smuggled into the furniture because their main business is imported furniture. This eliminates the trouble of the certificate of origin, saves freight and avoids customs duties. This may be the price of a special floor purchase can be a special discount “诀窍”? But all of this is at the expense of the customer’s risk. Because of this operation of the bottom line, once the east window occurs, the delivery of the floor ordered by the customer becomes a big problem.

Pit 4: Unprofessional paving, maintenance is not seen

In the industry, people know that the floor is actually a “semi-finished product”, from the beginning of the color selection and design to the scene Measurements and accessories are reserved. Only with professional paving and thoughtful maintenance services can customers really enjoy the floor. But for the general purchasing, because there is no professional paving and after-sales team, and there is no relevant professional knowledge, so after getting the order and “trying to” get the goods, the method is nothing more than two: one is If you just look for someone to shop, you will finish the job. The case of Xiaocheng in front is like this. The second is to find the brand shop’s paving workers to do “private work”. The former often suffers from installation errors or even damage to the floor due to the fact that the pavers do not understand the special requirements of the brand floor, while the latter cannot provide long-term floor maintenance services because they are secretly dry. This is the reason why purchasing floors often have problems.

Under normal conditions, branded wood flooring can be used for ten or even decades. During this period, due to environmental changes and wear and tear during use, the floor needs to be regularly maintained and repaired in case of problems. Where can I find those purchases at this time?

In summary, although purchasing as an emerging service industry can provide customers with convenience and seemingly price concessions, not all products are suitable for purchasing, especially those Specially rely on professional installation and after-sales services, such as wooden floors.

For imported flooring, for the protection of the brand and the market and the protection of customer service, foreign manufacturers with exclusive operators in China cannot support purchasing, this is the purchase The scheduled delivery poses a huge challenge. The real good brand and good flooring are usually promoted and operated in the Chinese market in the form of exclusive agency. After all, even if you get the original floor, you may not be able to enjoy the quality of the imported. Only by combining with the professional services of the exclusive agent and regular maintenance, can you truly enjoy the high-end quality experience brought by the imported floor.
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Open kitchen love is also bothersome

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Kitchens

The so-called open kitchens give up the partitioning of the kitchen and integrate the living room and the kitchen, which not only allows us to interact with others while cooking. For Parents who look after their children can also keep an eye on the child’s every move. In this way, although the space is rationally utilized, the problem of the area occupied by the kitchen is solved. But open kitchens still have a lot of problems. So today, Xiaobian will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the open kitchen.


1. High value: The open kitchen is to connect the originally separated spaces and perfect the decoration style of the two spaces. Blending together makes the space appear bigger and brighter. And the open kitchen surface doesn’t have too many things, and the whole looks neat.

2. Convenient to communicate with people and look after children: It is very boring and boring to cook in the kitchen alone. The open kitchen can interact well with people outside, and don’t worry about yourself. Stirring the dish when chatting with people. And people with babies at home are also easy to look after.

3. Make full use of space: Because it is an open kitchen, the countertop is not suitable for placing too many things. At this time, the cabinet and the hanging cabinet will play the role he has, and the pot will be All the pots are in the cupboard. There are no messy things on the countertop of the cupboard. When the guests come home, they will be very clean.


1. Oil problem: Open kitchen oil is a big problem, because there is no partition, so When cooking, the fumes are easy to float into the living room, affecting others, but the problem will be solved after installing a better range hood, so the problem is not big.

2. Inconvenient cleaning: Water is used when cleaning in a traditional kitchen. But the open kitchen is connected to the living room, so you can only use the mop to carry it. There is also a direct mess affecting the living room if the kitchen is messy. Give people a feeling of not loving clean.

The open kitchen is more suitable for some small-sized people who want to save space, or use it for people who use the kitchen frequently. It is not recommended to stack the tableware together for a while. With an open kitchen, the open kitchen is also suitable for people who are clean and clean.


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Dutch traditional luxury home

The house is a two-story building, traditionally planned, with the event area on the first floor and sleeping upstairs. The building is divided into three sections: a two-storey main entrance building facing the front garden, the courtyard and the connecting corridor as an open area.

The house is a yellow-and-white mixed brick mahogany window sill. The first piece contains the living room entrance and bathroom, utility room, storage room and office on the first floor of the sauna. On the first floor bedroom, bathroom and shower room. The first floor is so spacious, the traffic space, in addition to the cabinet wall, thus maximizing the free space in the bedroom, but also a large workbench. At this workbench, three children do their homework and use their computer. Encourage social contact within the family, but parents also provide the necessary social supervision. There is no street-oriented room in this room, which emphasizes privacy.
The entrance to the house is the connecting corridor between the second floor, tall office/sleeping volume and low residential volume. It also set up a staircase to the first floor and a cloakroom for the dormitory. The third volume is divided into three parts. Focus on the east side garden of the dining/TV area. Two long corridors were built and the kitchen living room dining room was separated. The above kitchen is a glass roof. There is also an indoor and outdoor fireplace in these rolls. The living room faces the patio and backyard and has a partially covered terrace facing south.
The various functions are divided into a number of interrelated blocks, and the house becomes very substantial. Amazing large glass windows, interior design and garden design.

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