Metal curtain wall design at Steirereck

PPAG Architects designed and remodeled the Steirereck restaurant in Vienna, as well as an extended building. Sometimes the amazing results made the venue almost invisible. A restaurant redesign competition was held and a firm statement was chosen as it creates a more intimate contact environment than traditional restaurants. The surface of the multifaceted metal curtain wall is blurred and the boundary between the volumes sometimes produces a hazy reflection, and the building disappears around it.

Each table unit has a curved background and sash windows to create a private space in the open outdoor. The solution is considered both for the guests and for the catering staff. The facade has a large block of reflective metal that confuses the environment of the restaurant. The clear surface blends with the blurred portion of the façade to create a striking visual effect. The restaurant also features a green roof that brings back a more natural alignment design and is gently contrasted by an expanded streamlined look.

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The green roof of the cabin boasts the smallest carbon footprint

The Chilean hotel designed by architects, they carefully built buildings that have visual beauty and competition in the wild. The result is a small wood-like house with a green roof at the top and mostly natural materials built to match the local style. Designed to gently step into landscape vision and eco-friendly, the 280 square foot two-story hotel minimizes its carbon footprint with energy efficient features.

The architect first carefully selects the location and building orientation to reduce the energy consumption of the home. Special attention has also been given to the windows, which are strategic locations so as to promote cross ventilation in the summer as much as possible in the winter. The micro-structure is an insulated green roof for the “five façade” project consideration.
Insulation is an important driver in the design process and has a significant impact. Wall construction includes mud-coated straw bales, and the local materials are extremely rich in the area and are highly efficient. These bags are made of a layer of transparent polycarbonate that is protected from rain by the straw. The top and bottom edges of the structure. The interior is painted white to create the illusion of a sense of space and to reduce the artificial light.

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The crest sculpture was exhibited at the London Design Festival

Zahahadid Architects has just launched a strange curve sculpture called “Crest” (Crest) to celebrate the opening of the London Design Festival. Placed on the surface of the courtyard pool, the thin self-supporting surface is made of pre-stressed aluminum. It will remain during the British Capital Festival and will be transported to the architect’s Dubai Hotel, where it will become a permanent part of the space.

The peaks designed by Zaha Hadid, ultra-thin structure, temporary facilities, aluminum installation. Designed as a detachable sculpture, the test involves the assembly of aluminum-plastic panels into pre-stressed panels, which are then lifted into a new construction process that limits the self-supporting structure. It marks the connection between the east and the west. “This is a process that we have never done before. This is an experiment, as thin as possible. This is the thinnest shell structure available. Upon completion of the exhibition, the peak will be transferred to the Burj Khalifa area under construction. There will be 100 rooms, suites with private terraces and branded specialty suites.

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The architect’s hiring has caused a lot of troubles in the decoration.

Regardless of whether your building is large or small, having a project end up with a lack of functionality or insufficient resources can be an overwhelming mistake. Many people choose to hire an architect when they know that they are limited, they can think about it, or they just want to know that the project is in the hands of experts and that consideration will be more thoughtful.
1) Flexible design
When you consider hiring an architect, it is important that you understand the flexibility that the project requires. The architect was hired with a wealth of knowledge to contribute, so he was willing to listen and took expert advice. Having the end result you want will not only help to wake up to understanding, but as an open professional advice, it will create a smooth path to a successful project completion.
2) Arrange the matter with the timeline
The architect must have the work in place before the start, which means that the work will not start immediately. The timeline will be initially established, and you may not like the length of such time. Change in this timeline to fit the project, but it’s a long process, with lots of variables, reshaping or building a home that requires a lot of well-planned time constraints.
3) Balance the budget
Hire professional help to establish costs, and hiring architects is no exception. In order to avoid delays or chaotic scenes, the budget requirements are set from the beginning. Discuss this with the architect and ask if he/she can work within these limits.
4) Sometimes it needs a team
It depends on how you participate in your task. You may need more architects to help you achieve your ultimate goal. This means hiring more than one person or possibly the entire construction company and spending you more money. Hire people you trust because they tend to choose their own team of experts. This is the best research involved in all aspects and ensures that they meet your strict standards.
5) Entering employment
Architects are generally creative, but they are also business-oriented; therefore, it expects that the contract will be full of detailed information and documentation. It is important to protect yourself and your architect with rigorous documentation before you decide to hire. Once everything is written, both sides are safer and more secure to continue planning.

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Innovative stair design depends on many factors

Stairs are a matter of many factors. The elements of high functionality are cycled inside the building, and they are also full of cultural and psychological symbols. We can live in apartments with lifts and escalators, but the use of stairs as a means of value-added space has not stopped the architects, whether through their own aesthetics and superb craftsmanship. This is not a count, but the destination is there.
In the past London Design Festival, the surreal endless staircase, designed by London architect DRMM, re-established the potential of other cities; lacking a clear goal, the stairs were in vain.

Multi-functional, in the joint workspace in New York, the auditorium-style steps designed by the Rockwell Group, Can be used for conferences, lectures and concerts; there are many stairs, and architects sometimes use their sculpting potential at the expense of functionality. Some buildings, high-speed elevators are threatening to stumble the status of the stairs, precisely because of the fact that the seemingly endangered stairs are in a romantic light.

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Magic carpet of the Sacred Heart Church

A short, stunning work that brings you digital art. Works by French artist Miguel Chevalier. Working at the Sacred Heart Church in Casablanca, Morocco, he created a pixel masterpiece called “Magic Carpet” that projected onto the floor of a huge exhibition space. Just like an ever-changing textile white cloth and magnificent architectural stained glass, the light is installed out of Moroccan crafts.

These are not lucky enough, and the glory of the character in this work can still feel its pixelated nice. Shows how to create a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns and shapes moving outside the whitewashed church, which cites from microbes to embroidery.
“Magic carpets& quo;Revisit the tradition of Islamic art, especially mosaic rugs. The color and form of the world’s movement invites us to enter the magical world of “The Thousand and One Nights” and the Flying Carpet.

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Britain’s first bio-car bus line test phase

The first bio-waste-based biobus route in the UK was just on the road and entered the testing phase. The four-week trial period starting on November 24, the 40-seat bus passed through the process of producing gas running sewage and food waste, which is not suitable for human consumption and produces less emissions than conventional diesel engines. The bus is operated by Bus Bus Company and covers the bus service of Bath Bristol Airport along the highway.

Biocars can travel at 186 miles (300 kilometers) when the tank is full. This gas is produced at the Bristol Wastewater Treatment Plant. Through sewage and food processing, which is not suitable for human consumption, we are able to produce enough bio-methane to give the national gas network.
Natural gas-powered vehicles play an important role in improving the air quality of British cities, but bio-vehicles are far more than that and can be used in life.

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Egg-shaped architecture is proud of network cooperation

Designer Michel van der has been trying to make a work with a 3D printer, but his amazing item – EGG (egg-shaped building) has just appeared in the Dutch Design Week 2014. From the manufacture of biodegradable plastics, this poetic pavilion embodies the creation and collaboration. With 4,760 uniquely shaped stones, this sculpture is the largest desktop art project for 3D printing.

Fantastic project – egg-shaped architecture, the reason why it is possible to benefit from some 3D printing machines, an enthusiastic community and the great cooperation behind it Thoughts. The facts, inspiration “the biggest thing, is often done from a small collection”. The Dutch designer created the pavilion, which is not limited by the size of the printer. Using the power of social networks and the Internet, people from all over the world, from Australia to Croatia, add their names and hand it over to artists. The result is spectacular and collaborative, with an egg-shaped gazebo made from 4760 shaped unique stones. From the manufacture of reusable and biodegradable PLA, it creates a large space of varying depths.

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Madrid bold and stylish apartment

Everyone knows that black and white are an eternal color combination. But using this combination is a bit outdated. Usually, when we see that there is another color in a black and white combination, there is an unexpected effect. In this beautiful apartment in Madrid.

Red is a strong color that usually symbolizes passion and love. Plus black and white will stand out because it’s the only bold and dynamic color. The apartment is not very big, it is only 60 square meters. However, the choice of color makes everything look very dynamic and the room doesn’t feel too small.
This is a chic loft apartment. Inside, the space is simple and elegant. Interestingly, each different region is at a different level. In this way, this is an interesting concept, although the levels are different, it does not affect the continuity of the decoration and the use of color.

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A Scandinavian-style apartment in Vasastan, Sweden

This apartment in Vasastan, Sweden has a typical Nordic interior design. It has a spacious room and a whole decor. The walls are white, which is also the dominant color throughout the room. The apartment has recently been renovated and now has more features and a well organized internal structure.

Overall, it has a modern feel. The room is spacious and the living area is an open space that also includes a kitchen. In addition to the public areas, the apartment also includes two comfortable bedrooms and large windows facing the yard. In fact, the entire apartment has large windows that allow a lot of natural light to enter and act as a decoration, bright and airy. The white walls are beautiful because of the pine and oak parquet floors. This is a classic combination, the results are simple, elegant and versatile.

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