breakthroughs in key technologies, RFID market prospects

With the maturity and popularity of RFID technology, to bring the government realized that the development of RFID technology will give our country a positive role in many industries, accelerate the pace of development of relevant policies to promote the development of RFID industry. In recent years, China’s relevant government policy support for RFID continues to increase, creating a favorable environment for the growth of RFID development. With further maturation and further reduce the cost of technology, the application of RFID is gradually spread from the government-led project to all walks of life.

According to China RFID Industry Alliance, since 2010 China Internet of Things after being formally included in the national development strategy, China RFID and physical networking industry ushered in a rare opportunity for development. 2011-2017 years, the market size of China’s RFID industry in a rising trend, and to maintain a rapid growth rate. 2017 China RFID industry market size of 662 billion yuan. Preview 2018 market size of China’s RFID industry will reach 84 billion.

hardware products for the development of key industries is expected to reach two hundred billion RFID hardware products is the key to development of the industry, including: Design and manufacture, design and manufacturing, packaging, and the reader antenna of the RFID tag chip. Currently there are based on 13.56MHz frequency chips production line, while UHF chip is still widely used in research; antenna design Control Engineering Copyright , the lack of appropriate design simulation software, based on the UHF band chip the antenna design is not perfect; on the package label, domestic Lybrand, rose, vertical core, within Britain, Cinda and other label processing giant, the case is similar to most electronic products, China’s RFID industry in the RFID industry chain downstream .

in the design and manufacture of chips, the domestic chip only a small amount of high-frequency and ultra-high frequency products, the strength of the chip in this area of ​​our business is mainly reflected in the design cycle, there have been Fudan Microelectronics, UW Quanray semiconductor and electronics, and other leading brands, but the chip fabrication and packaging technologies to be strengthened. In addition , China began to develop its own RFID standards, adhere to “promote the application of standards , with standard application” principle, timely introduction of suitable a common frequency standard, to give space and time of a fast-growing enterprise. At present specific criteria have not yet been fully implemented, but certainly, code management, database and core technology is the focus of future RFID work. Development of Internet of Things applications already have 20 years of history, if measured from the application of RFID technology also it has been 10 years. As the concept of things in the most widely used business model is the most mature technology, forward-looking expected, the market size of China’s RFID industry compound annual growth rate remained at around 15%, to 2024 will exceed 200 billion yuan.

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What makes the Personalized Photo Lighter stands out above the rest is that it also comes with the option to create your own user ID. This is very convenient for someone who is more technically-minded and you can use your own username and password to access your photos.

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family member who is more laid back about their gifts

Once you have the photo on the holder, you will want to place the photo on the holder with the backing in place. It is important to be careful not to place the photo on the holder with the backing already in place. This will cause you to lose the photo as it will either be rubbed off the holder or cracked and scratched.

The next step is to place the photo over the base of the lighter. You will want to use the zip ties to keep the tape in place. You will then want to turn the lighter upside down and place the lighter holder over the lighter.

You will want to place the zip ties around the photo and then the holder over the photo. You will then need to press the zip ties against the holder. You will then need to press the holder around the photo until it is firmly in place.

If you are not sure if the photo you are using is sharp enough, you can use a piece of flat-head screwdriver to go under the photo and try to find any inconsistencies. If the picture is still blurry, it may be that the picture that you are using is too old. It is best to upgrade the photo before you use it in a lighter.

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