The medieval hillside home of Los Angeles was refurbished

This medieval residence is located on a steep hill below the Shakespeare Bridge in Los Angeles and was recently renovated by ras-a. The house is now named “House under the Bridge”, although it is good, but it is crowded and outdated. The homeowner chooses to live in the house for a while to get a feel for it and decide what he wants to change. Due to strict building regulations, they are not allowed to extend the footprints of their homes, but instead find more square feet at a higher level in the original space.

The home is divided into three floors, allowing the lower floors to be paved and paved for laundry and guest bathrooms without increasing floor space.

The existing columns and girder roofs are not insulated, so they spray hard foam insulation from the roof side and then apply a white reflective coating. The windows have been upgraded and some of them can be passively cooled and ventilated.

A window surrounds the outdoor landscape, including the Gothic view of the bridge.

The master bedroom is located behind the glass wall, allowing natural light to enter while providing a view of the trees. If privacy is required, the curtains can be closed.

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California house with sloping trapezoidal roof

In a compact block in Venice, California, the Venetian House is a three-story, energy-efficient home with a unique sloping trapezoidal roof at the top. This beach house is designed by pod architecture + design (pod a + d) and they are also owners. The 1,390-square-foot home proved challenging because they had to build three bedrooms and two half baths on a compact 700-square-foot lot. They managed to accomplish this goal and then completed the design in a white metal and wood covered home.

The first floor has an open kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom, exposed trusses and custom wooden cabinets.

In addition to the external spiral staircase, there is an internal staircase connecting the three floors.

The bedroom is on the top floor and includes a master bedroom/bathroom and two children’s bedrooms with shared bathrooms.

The two children’s rooms are separated by a shared module that contains the bathroom, closet and extra storage space.

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Cohesive Brazilian residence

São Paulo, Brazil,AAHouse is made by Pascali Semerdjian ArchitectsDesigned. They focus on horizontal and vertical planes, using different materials, compositions and materials to create a unique design that also creates cohesion.

One ​​of the design elements that link the floor plan is the vertical blinds, which can be seen indoors and outdoors. They added another layer of privacy to the shell. There is a swimming pool in the garden covered with green slate.
Seamless integration of interior and exterior thanks to sliding glass doors. Outdoor seating creates an additional living room at the edge of the garden.
The architect is responsible for most of the design of fixed furniture, dining tables, bedside tables and toilets. The rest of the furniture, art and decorative items are also their choice.

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Italian bathroom brand cooperates with American designers to introduce bathroom accessories

The Italian bathroom and kitchen brand Gessi recently launched a new collection designed in collaboration with the architect Rockwell Group of the architect David Rockwell. This marks the first collaboration between Gessi and American designers. The Inciso portfolio is the first time the Rockwell Group has been involved in bathroom accessories, and the collection has a clean, modern silhouette with a smooth and textured surface.
The sturdy brass portfolio is highly customizable and suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including black, nickel and copper. Overall, the architectural fixtures have curved and refined details that can be used in residential or commercial environments from the perspective of a famous architect.

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A common working space tribute to the 1920s

In recent years, WeWork has been primarily responsible for creating collaborative spaces. They transform buildings and spaces, turn them into a creative environment of networking and collaboration, and be a comfortable and inspiring workplace. Just recently, they opened a location in Paris, WeWork La Fayette, in a historic building.

WeWorks designer worked with Axel Schoenert Architectes to renovate 12,000 square meters of space, including Art Deco details and a huge glass roof. Across the 11th floor, the new office retains the charm of the old world while modernizing it. They incorporated the style of the 1920s and paid tribute to the rich history of the city.

Colorful textiles enhance the interior space and provide a vibrant atmosphere for an efficient work space.

All types of seats are provided to ensure a lot of work points.

The original glass ceiling atrium filters natural light to create a large open workspace.

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Charming apartment in the colourful buildings of Ibiza

Tropical areas usually have blue and green tones, but this building includes all the colors of the rainbow. Designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, the Las Boas building is a city jungle with an unparalleled view of the towns of Formentera and Ibiza. It is mainly used as a residential area, but Creamhotel adds an island vacation rental package to the building, which means you can stay in this tropical paradise with bright colors the next time you visit Ibiza.
2 and 2 bedroom apartments offer all the amenities of a regular hotel such as swimming pool and public areas, spa and fitness center, free WIFI and cable TV. You can open the sliding window of the living room and enjoy the view from the window.

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Seattle minimalist house

A pair of Seattle couples decided to reduce and simplify their lifestyle. They hired Suyama Peterson Deguchi to design a simple house.
In order to respect the landscape, they built a modest house with minimal footprints and did not attempt to overwhelm its surroundings. All existing trees are unscathed.
Inside, the lush landscape is fixed by the windows, making people feel like living in a tree house.
The project uses low-cost materials such as virgin plywood and corrugated metal siding covering the exterior.

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A few minutes from Clayton Square Mall, you can find Wildwood Kitchen

A few minutes from the Clayton Square Mall, you can find Wildwood Kitchen, a contemporary restaurant and bar. The entrance is 16 metres high and leads to a space offering custom dishes and fresh salads. The restaurant is designed to be casual and stylish.
When designing the Noodle House restaurant in Shanghai, the Swimming Pool studio is eager to create a modern space with traditional features. The designer put most of his attention on the ceiling and wanted to make it stand out. They start with a simple cube shape and use it to build a complex and eye-catching wood fixture.
The El Moro restaurant in Mexico has been offering the finest hot chocolate and fritters since 1935. Cadena+ Asociados took over the transformation of this space, and it is important to understand and capture its unique identity. In this case, Cadena + Asociados first focused on understanding the history of the brand with a classic definition, turning them into a unique decoration, defined by wall tiles, stained glass windows, and overall graphics and simple appearance.

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Outdoor fire pit seating

Located in the heart of Arizona, the Brown home is surrounded by desert landscapes. The architect ensures that it is well integrated with the environment, giving it a glazed façade and a wide and open outdoor space, including a seating area around the fire pit.
Dimit Architects designed the home for a young family, allowing them to entertain guests both indoors and outdoors. The architect gave them a fire pit seating area with built-in benches to form a U shape. The recessed seating area looks very warm and comfortable.
The biggest challenge in designing this home is to find a way to integrate it and ensure a seamless connection to the existing community while providing their customers with the modern home settings they need. This project is a hybrid that you can see in every space and detail. Includes this fire pit seating area.
This fire pit house is located in rural Canada. The two benches in the fire pit are fixed. The design is simple, clean and linear, and the setting is beautiful and quiet.

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Contemporary Cabin in Canada

Chalets are the traditional Swiss Alps, but there are many designs of this type around the world. This chalet is located in Quebec, Canada, and is comprised of architecture and interior design studiosACDFDesigned with a combination of functionality, cost and environmental awareness.
Like all typical cabins, it has a cantilever structure. But this is not the only place that makes this contemporary house special. The cabin is built on a concrete pedestal that supports the main entrance and two levels of interior space.
The main living space is On the top floor. This allows it to provide the most beautiful and fascinating surroundings. The living room occupies a cantilever structure with full height glazing on all three sides.
The cantilever structure is like a box that stands out from the rest of the house. The house has a black exterior and the rest is white.

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