Passengers of Egypt’s flight revealed that the co-pilot of the hijack had threatened to crash the plane

ChinaNet February 17 According to the Russian news, an Italian passenger on the Ethiopian Airlines flight that landed at the Geneva airport on Monday told reporters that the hijacked co-pilot had threatened to crash the plane.

The 25-year-old economist Francesc · Kuomo said that problems started in the middle of the night and the captain could not enter the cockpit. He asked the first officer to open the door and even try to open it, but The first officer did not want the captain to enter the locked cockpit.

The Italian ANSA news agency quoted the passenger as saying: “At the time, we heard the news published in bad English, but the meaning was understandable. It is threatening to crash the plane. Then heard the noise of the noisy and impact in the cockpit, the oxygen mask in the cabin fell. The situation stabilized, but everyone was nervous. ”

A Boeing 767-300 passenger jet from Yadis Ababa to Rome signaled the hijacking of the aircraft and landed at Geneva Airport at 6:10 local time. The hijacker was a co-pilot. He had surrendered to the police and asked for political asylum in Switzerland.

According to local media reports, two Italian fighter planes intercepted the passenger plane in Sicily and escorted it to French airspace. The French fighter then took off and tracked the passenger plane.

The passengers on the plane left the plane smoothly and no one was injured. The Italian aviation authorities said the aircraft contained 193 passengers, 138 of whom were Italian citizens. The staff of the Ethiopian Airlines office in Rome told the Russian news agency that there is no information about the nationality of the passengers.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng

US Ambassador to Japan first visits Okinawa People oppose Futenma Airport relocation

US Ambassador to Japan Caroline · Kennedy arrives at Okinawa Naha Airport (screenshot)

International Online Special: According to Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, February 11th, US Ambassador to Japan Caroline · Kennedy began his first visit to Okinawa Prefecture on the 11th, and the visit will last until the 13th. On the 12th, Kennedy will hold talks with the Governor of Okinawa Prefecture, Naoki Masahiro, and will also visit the monument bearing the names of the dead in the Okinawa battle at the end of World War II and the Shuri Castle that was once the king’s palace of the Ryukyu King.

In response to Kennedy’s visit, two local newspapers in Okinawa Prefecture published an English editorial on the 11th, hoping that Kennedy’s trip would be able to understand a real Okinawa through his own footprint. The local citizens gathered in the square in front of the county government, hoping to convey their voice to Kennedy.

The assembly people demanded the return of Futenma Airport and their relocation to the border area of ​​Nago, and the public submitted 87 letters from the public to the US Consulate General.

A person in the city of Ginowan said he hoped that Ambassador Kennedy would meet with residents of the Futenma and the border areas and ask him to consider the human rights of the people of Okinawa. Another person from Gaojiang showed photos of insects and plants. He opposed the US military’s construction of the apron in the local area. He believed that even if he appealed to the ambassador, it would not change, but he still hoped that the ambassador would know what happened locally. .

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Russia submits a draft resolution on Syrian independence

China News Service February 13th According to Russian media reports, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on Thursday (13th) that Russia’s draft resolution on Syrian issues submitted to the UN Security Council is not an amendment to the draft resolution submitted by the West.

Lavrov said at a press conference after talks with the Egyptian Foreign Minister: “We drafted our own draft resolution by way of expounding our own views, and we are going to discuss it in the Security Council.” This is not an amendment to the draft submitted by Luxembourg, Australia and Jordan. This is our view of what the Council can do if we want to help solve the problem rather than let the parties oppose it. ”

He said: “The attempt to confront the parties can only lead them to adopt a polarized position: one will think that they are being discriminated against, and in this case the other party as the opposition will I think that I am allowed to do anything because the Council does not intend to blame it. ”

Earlier, Australia, Luxembourg and Jordan submitted their own draft resolutions, which recommended 15 days to end Syrian violence, or threatened to impose sanctions. Earlier, the Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Churkin, told reporters that in the case of the Geneva negotiations, such a resolution may undermine efforts to mediate the Syrian issue.

It is expected that the two draft resolutions will be discussed in the near future in order to agree on a harmonized document. Adhering to the document, including the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie · Amos.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

Venezuela expelled three US diplomats again

Xinhuanet Caracas, February 16 (Reporter Xu Wei Wang Wei) Venezuelan President Maduro made a televised speech on the 16th, announcing the expulsion of three US consular officials because they participated in an attempt to subvert the government. action. Maduro also said that no country is allowed to interfere in its sovereignty.

The Venezuelan government did not disclose the identity of the three US diplomats, but said they used their position to infiltrate the University of Venezuela to organize pro-independence students to implement plans to undermine national stability.

On the evening of the same day, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry also issued a statement refuting US Secretary of State Kerry’s recent remarks that the United States attempted to legalize the opposition’s recent violent acts aimed at undermining national stability, saying that the United States must acquiesce in part of the United States. People and US agencies are responsible for instigating and funding violence and sabotage in Venezuela.

Tens of thousands of students from Venezuela participated in the Youth Day parade organized by the ruling and opposition parties on the 12th. Violent clashes occurred in the parade, killing three people and injuring 66 others. Subsequently, student protests continued to occur in several cities. The government accused the opposition party of being the chief culprit in the violence.

This is the third time Maduro has announced the expulsion of US diplomats since he took office. During the administration of the late President Chavez, the relationship between the United States and the United States has been tense. The two countries have not exchanged ambassadors since July 2010. On the day of the death of Chavez on March 5, 2013, Maduro, the then vice president, expelled two military officers of the US Embassy on the grounds of sabotaging the country’s stability, while the United States ousted two commissioned US diplomats in response. On September 30 of the same year, Venezuela expelled three US diplomats, including the US Embassy’s embassy, ​​because they colluded with the opposition to undermine the stability of the country, and the United States evaded three US diplomats in response.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

US New Jersey State Councilor submitted “East Sea” bill

China News Service, February 13th, according to the Kyodo News Agency, in response to a law enforcement bill filed by a member of the New Jersey State Council, the Japanese government is called “the East China Sea” as soon as possible, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yu Yiwei 13th At the press conference, he said: “The Sea of ​​Japan is the only name established internationally. I am extremely sorry about this. ”

South Korea advocates changing the name of the Sea of ​​Japan to the East China Sea. Yan Yiwei stressed: “To seek the correct understanding and support of the name of the Sea of ​​Japan from the international community, various measures will be taken through diplomatic channels. ”

According to reports, four Democratic Party members of the New Jersey State Council recently submitted a bill to the House of Representatives, asking the state government to use the name of the East China Sea as much as possible when referring to this area. The bill is the first to propose the use of the name “East Sea” instead of “and together with the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea”.

Previously, the United States had already passed the bill in the Virginia State Assembly, stipulating that textbooks must be marked with “Japan Sea” and “Donghai”, the New York State Senate and House of Representatives also submitted this month. Similar bills.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

Japan Announces FY2014 Defence Plan Focus on Outlying Islands Attack, February 17th According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, the Japanese Defense Ministry released the 2014 fiscal year defense project and budget plan, and proposed the development focus for the 2014 fiscal year.

First, according to the “Finance of the National Defense Plan for the fiscal year 2014 and beyond” and “The mid-term defense plan for the fiscal year 2014-2018”, steadily improve the defense capability and develop the mobile joint defense force; Building defence capabilities, particularly ISR capabilities, intelligence capabilities, delivery capabilities, command and control, and information and communication capabilities, addressing outlying island attacks, ballistic missile attacks, outer space and cyberspace, major disasters and international peace activities and others Activities; third, in view of the current fiscal austerity policy, in coordination with other policies, to achieve efficient and reasonable expenditure.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

US Defense Secretary nominates new Navy Network Command and Commander of the 10th Fleet

China News Service February 18th According to China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, recently, US Secretary of Defense Chuck · Hagel nominated Jane · Major General Tai as the commander of the US Navy Network Command. If the nomination is passed, Jane · Thai will be promoted to Admiral, leading the US Naval Network Command and the Tenth Fleet (headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland).

The current US Naval Network Command and Deputy Commander of the Tenth Fleet Jane · Thai (November 2013 to present), will replace the current Admiral Michael · Rogers’ Naval Network Command and Tenth The commander of the fleet, and Rogers was nominated by US President Barack Obama as Commander of the US Cyber ​​Command and Director of the National Security Agency in January 2014.

Jane · Thailand joined the US Navy in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, specializing in cryptography, and received a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

When other US military and government projects were being cut, the US Cyber ​​Command and the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps network lines were greatly expanded. This shows that the importance of inter-network as a combat domain is increasing.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

A poisonous gas attack in a secondary school in Macedonia caused dozens of people to be poisoned and no one died

Xinhuanet Skopje, February 15 (Reporter Liu Lihang) According to a report by the Macedonian media on the 15th, a vocational middle school in the western city of Gostivar, Macedonia, was poisoned on the 14th, causing dozens of teachers and students to be poisoned. Fortunately, no one died.

According to local media reports, at 3 pm local time on the 14th, when the city’s mayor, Beta, visited the Gostivar Economic School, some people posted unidentified gas to the school. Nearly 60 teachers, students and security guards heard Symptoms such as burning eyes, nausea, and difficulty breathing after irritating gases. The poisoned people were rushed to the municipal hospital, and 14 of them were sent to the specialist hospital in the capital Skopje for observation. Initial investigations revealed that some of the tear gas can fall into the campus.

The director of Gostivar Hospital, Chibyshev, said that the poisoned people have no life, and the blood test will show what kind of gas is poisoning everyone.

Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski visited the school on the 15th and went to the hospital to visit the injured. He said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has obtained important clues and will soon announce the results of the investigation.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

South Korea’s second Antarctic expedition base completed, can accommodate up to 60 people

Original title: Completion of the second Antarctic scientific research base in South Korea

International online report (Reporter An Guanghao): 26 years after the completion of the Antarctic Sejong Scientific Research Base, Korea The second Antarctic expedition base & mdash;— Zhang Baoyu base was completed on the 12th. As a result, South Korea has become the tenth country with more than two permanent scientific research stations in Antarctica.

Since 2006, South Korea has invested 104.7 billion won (about 590 million yuan) in the budget to build the Zhang Baoyu base. The total area of ​​the base is 4,458 m2, with 16 areas including living area, research area and power generation area, and 24 observation instruments and supporting equipment, which can accommodate up to 60 people.

The base is hydrodynamically designed to withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius and 65 meters per second. After the completion of the Zhang Baoyu base, the Sejong base will focus on the marine environment and coastal ecology. The Zhang Baoyu base is used for basic research such as glaciers, meteorites, the ozone layer, and extreme regional engineering. The Ministry of Marine and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea plans to support the domestic industry and academia to use the Zhang Baoyu base to research and develop complete sets of equipment and equipment, robots, and new materials that can be used in extreme areas.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Han denied discussing with the Japanese summit on the summit, saying “unable to confirm”

China News Service, Beijing, February 16th Seoul News: Regarding whether the leaders of South Korea and Japan will hold a summit meeting, the South Korean side responded on the 16th that the two countries did not have any discussion on the summit.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, a person in charge of the Qingwatai in South Korea said on the 16th that in order to promote the summit between South Korea and Japan, the two countries must first deal with the issue of Dokdo (Japan called Bamboo Island), comfort women and history textbooks. Wait, but the current conditions are not mature, so the two countries did not discuss anything about the summit.

Regarding whether Japan proposed to the Korean government to hold a summit meeting between South Korea and Japan, Qingwatai responded with “unable to confirm”.

“Nihon Keizai Shimbun” reported on the 15th that the Japanese government will propose a Korean-Japanese summit meeting to the ROK at the Nuclear Security Summit in the Netherlands in March and has decided to send foreign affairs on the 18th of this month. Ichihara, the director of the Asian Oceania Province of the province, visited South Korea to discuss the possibility of holding talks.

At the beginning of this month, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the meeting of the Senate Budget Committee that the door of dialogue between Japan and South Korea has been open and will actively work for holding summit talks and realizing political exchanges between the two countries. Abe said that South Korea is the most important neighbor to share value with Japan. Although the relationship between the two countries is getting cold due to the issue of Zhudao (Korea called Dokdo) and the comfort women, the more the two countries face challenges, the more open and unconditional summit talks are held. He also stressed that Japan and South Korea should exchange more than 5 million person-times a year. The two sides should seize the time to actively improve bilateral relations.

South Korea’s “Korean Daily” reported that the reason why the South Korea and Japan still failed to achieve the summit was related to Japan’s consistent negative attitude in resolving historical issues. The South Korean Foreign Ministry has once again strongly condemned Japan’s high-ranking officials to attend the “Tszuma (Korea called Dokdo) Day” event held in Matsue, Japan on the 22nd of this month. It is difficult to achieve major improvements in the near future. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong