Iran clarified that “a tanker disappeared in the strait”: the ship was rescued by the fault and was towed away by the military

The Iranian official said that the country had towed some of the foreigners who claimed to have been on the 14th in the Strait of Hormuz “missing”, Iran said the tanker had a mechanical failure.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran The news agency (IRNA) reported on the 17th that Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mousavi said that before the foreign media said that the tanker in the Strait of Hormuz “missing” on July 14 had a mechanical failure in Iranian waters, Iran After the military received the distress signal, it provided help and towed the tanker away.

Reuters quoted an anonymous US official as saying on the 17th that the United States was not sure that the tanker was being detained by Iran or that it had received Iran’s rescue after a mechanical failure, as the Iranian side said.

Media: Putin and Abe promised to visit Japan

Media: Putin’s Abe promised to visit Japan on the territorial talks that failed to reach an agreement

Putin and Abe meet

China News Service February 9th, according to the Japanese news network, is attending winter in Sochi Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held a two-hour, 15-minute meeting with President Putin late at night on the 8th. The results of the talks show that Putin agreed to visit Japan in October or November this year, but the two sides did not reach an agreement on the disputed territory of the two countries (Japan called the four northern islands, Russia called the South Kuril Islands).

According to reports, during the talks, Abe said: “I hope to promote the negotiation of a peace and friendship treaty.” Putin said: “This problem is not so simple, and it is moving in the direction of resolution.” Work hard. First of all, we should strengthen exchanges at the level of the summit. It is very important to promote cooperation in various fields. & rdquo; has placed great expectations on expanding Japan-Russia economic cooperation.

The two sides also exchanged views on expanding energy development and economic exchanges between Japan and Russia in the Far East.

It is also reported that Abe said during the talks that Japan intends to promote economic cooperation in areas such as Eastern Europe, which is valued by Putin and energy development in the Far East.

It is also observed that Abe is still talking about Japan’s policy in the talks: Japan will be more active on the “regional and world peace and stability” based on “positive pacifist stance”. Contributions & rdquo;. In addition, Abe also said that Japan also intends to further strengthen cooperation with Russia in the security field.

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The former mayor of Santiago, the sexual harassment of the subordinate, the city of 250,000 US dollars settlement

China News Service, San Diego, February 10th, San Diego, California, USA, lawyers announced on the 10th, accusing the former mayor Bob? A female employee of Fernan’s sexual harassment has reached an out-of-court settlement with the city, and the city will pay her $250,000 in legal fees and compensation.

City lawyers Jane? Goldsmith’s announcement of the settlement, the leading actress of Fellner’s former public relations director, 57-year-old Irene? Mark Cormac? Jackson, who worked for many years before entering the Ferner team, worked at the San Diego Port Public Relations Office.

Fernan has been re-elected as a member of the 10th Congress since 1993 and was elected Mayor of the eighth largest city in the United States in November 2012. He is also the first Democratic Party mayor in the city in 20 years.

Jackson was hired by Ferner as the director of his public relations office, earning even lower than before.

In July 2013, Jackson filed a lawsuit against the court, accusing the 71-year-old Ferner and the San Diego city government, saying that Ferner asked her not to wear trousers or even go to work naked, forcibly kissed. Jackson was the first victim to sue Ferner for sexual harassment in public.

In addition, at least three women filed suit against Ferner in the absence of a court appearance. According to the complaint, from March to May 2012, Ferner harassed and insulted them on various occasions in the form of strong kisses, language teasing, and grabbing the buttocks.

In addition, about 20 other women have publicly stated that they are being kissed by Fernasso, swearing, and asking for a date. These women include a retired Rear Admiral, a California State University San Diego campus director, and a former grandmother-level city government volunteer.

The city and Ferner reached an agreement. Fernan, who had only served for 9 months, finally resigned on August 30 of that year. The city paid him the court fees and represented him in his lawsuit.

On December 9, Ferner was sentenced to three years’ probation by the court and three months of confinement at home. But the verdict does not include Jackson’s allegations.

The city of San Diego and Jackson finally reached an out-of-court settlement to compensate her $250,000, including attorney fees and compensation. The criminal charge in this case is scheduled to open in February next year.

Jackson and her attorneys plan to hold a press conference on the 11th. (End)

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On the anniversary of Abe’s founding of the People’s Republic of China, he was accused of right-wing and declared “World Peace”., February 11th Comprehensive Japanese report, 11th is the Japanese legal holiday “Justoku commemoration day”, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a holiday message for this anniversary. This is the first time that Japanese Prime Ministers have spoken for the “National Day”.

Abe stated in his speech that “I am deeply aware of the responsibility of building our beloved country into a more beautiful and proud country. I am here again to show this determination”. In his congratulatory message, Abe said that on this anniversary, thanks to the ancestors’ efforts, facing the future, with confidence and pride, I really hope to achieve Japan’s prosperity.

Abe also stressed in his speech that the realization of the world “peace” and “deep stability”, the construction of “proud Japan” is the ancestors entrusted “mission”.

In response to Abe’s speech, there are criticisms that this is “right-dip”.

There is a lot of criticism from the international community about Abe’s practice of selling “positive pacifism” in multiple diplomatic settings. Japan’s “Diplomatic Scholar” magazine said that Abe said that he believes in “Peace”, but as the title of the New York Times said, he is absolutely “seeking stronger force”.

Abe not only talked about “positive pacifism” when he recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming that Japan will be based on “a positive pacifist stance” for the region and the world. Peace and stability make a more positive contribution.

In his previous congressional speech, he also promoted the concept of “positive pacifism”, but at the same time he made it clear that he would promote constitutional amendments to allow for the exercise of collective self-defense. The analysis pointed out that “active pacifism” is only the Abe regime hopes to get rid of the post-war system and become a political and military power.

According to another document, February 11 is the date of the Japanese Emperor’s first emperor, Emperor Shenwu, in the history of Japan. Before the war, he was called “The Era of the Ages” and was once cancelled after the war. Since 1967, the Japanese government has changed it to “the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China” and has been identified as the legal anniversary of Japan. Its purpose is “to cultivate national patriotism”.

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Hilary’s secret conversation has been publicized by Lewinsky’s narcissistic idiot

Data Sheet: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

China News Service, February 11th According to US media reports, a recent file about US former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was exposed by a non-profit website. In this file, there is a written record of the conversation between Hillary and “闺蜜&”. According to the record, Hillary has angered Lewinsky as “narcissistic narcissistic madman” and praised her husband and Lewin. Ski’s breakup.

The article comprehensively shows Hillary · Clinton’s mental journey during her life’s trough during her husband Bill · Clinton, including the famous Lewinsky scandal. According to Blair’s written records, Hillary has angered Lewinsky as “narcissistic stupid madman” and praised her husband and Lewinsky’s breakup.

Blair also wrote that Hillary had said that the tragedy of some relatives and friends also affected her marriage, such as the White House deputy legal counsel Vincent · Foster’s suicide, and her father and Her mother-in-law was maliciously attacked, which made her unbearable.

“They (the Clintons) used a public relations strategy to disguise them and didn’t care, which is what they have to do. Hillary did not realize that these later made her husband pay the price. & rdquo; Blair wrote, “She thinks she is not smart enough and not sensitive enough. ”

The report said that Blair’s written record also had a frequently mentioned topic, and Hillary was very dissatisfied with some of the people around her when she was a member. During the health care debate, Hillary once thought that Congress was a group of “timid” whispers; she also clashed with her husband’s staff and other staff; the media was also the target of her attack. They think that they are “self-respecting and arrogant and have no mind”; they are angry that their husband was ruined when he was in the first term of the president. & rdquo;

& ldquo; She has been trying to guide the direction of the incident, but Bill can not expel others, nor can they make discipline and rules and punish those who leak. In a record dated May 17, 1994, Blair wrote: “She had no way in front of the White Water incident and Clinton’s various scandals, which made her very collapse.” ”

It is reported that this written record includes communication records, diaries, notebooks and notes. The website will organize all the materials to form a text and publish it. Hillary’s friends described it as a “strong, ambitious and ruthless Democratic trader”.

“Save the conversation with Hilary” “闺蜜&” is the American political science professor Diana · Blair. Blair served as a senior researcher at Bill · Clinton when he was elected to the US president in 1992, and became a senior aide when he was re-elected in 1996. Hillary once called her a close friend. Prior to his death in 2000, Blair donated a written record of her conversation with Hillary to the University of Arkansas Special Collection Library.

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US media: The number of Americans who gave up US citizenship soared by 221% in 2013

US Media: Abandoning US citizenship in 2013 soared 221%

US passport (data map), February 11th, according to Forbes Chinese website on the 10th, has been The United States attracts immigrants from all over the world. However, a record number of US citizens and permanent residents are giving up their nationality or residency. The total number of immigrants from the United States in 2013 was 2,999. For 932 people in 2012, the number of immigrants abroad in 2013 increased by 221%. According to the report, from all immigration situations, the momentum of emigration is increasing.

According to reports, US law stipulates that the reasons for citizens to emigrate abroad are not important. But social networking site Facebook co-founder Eduardo · Savilin with Facebook’s initial public offering after the wealth gained forever to leave the United States, settled in Singapore, there was an angry “reverse tide”. The US Senate introduced a bill that would impose a double immigration tax of 30% on anyone who renounces US citizenship for tax reasons. The bill has not yet been passed.

However, the report pointed out that most of the motives of expatriates are mainly for family or convenience reasons, or have their own lives elsewhere, and may no longer need a US passport, not like Edward. More · Savilin’s tax reasons. Although complex or expensive taxes may affect this decision, it is usually not the only reason.

The report also said that many people find that the US global income tax compliance and disclosure laws are not only inconvenient, but also irritating. Some people even think that the US tax and disclosure laws are completely “squeezing nature”. For Americans living and working abroad, they must file and pay taxes to the local institutions they live in, but they still need to continue to pay taxes to the US government. In addition, US tax returns are based on global income, even if these people have already paid taxes in their area of ​​residence.

Many people can apply for a foreign tax credit on a US tax return, but usually this does not deduct all double taxation items. According to the report, these laws and regulations have long existed, but in the past, tax inspection was not a problem that was too worrying for people who had emigrated. But now, people can clearly feel the fear of tax inspection.

In addition, a permanent tax holiday is required to leave the United States permanently. In order to leave the United States, people usually need to provide their own five-year tax record in the United States. In addition, if the net asset value exceeds $2 million or the annual average net income tax for the previous five years is equal to or greater than $155,000, an exit tax is required.

The report said that it is not only American citizens who suffer. People with long-term residency will be required to pay taxes if they want to give up their green card. The report pointed out that the decision to emigrate should not be made lightly. Whether it is tax or not, this is a big step forward. Now, more and more people around the world are discussing whether to take this huge step.

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US media: culture and lifestyle help the Norwegian Winter Olympics, February 11th The 22nd Winter Olympics is being held in Sochi, Russia. What kind of achievements countries will achieve in this Winter Olympics has become one of the focuses of people’s attention. The US “Wall Street Journal” website pointed out on the 11th that in the history of the Winter Olympics, Norway, a country with a population of only 5 million, won 303 Winter Olympics medals, ranking first in the Winter Olympics medal list. Some experts believe that Norway has outstanding performance at the Winter Olympics. The secret of this is the Norwegian culture and way of life.

According to reports, other countries have long disagreed with Norway’s outstanding performance on the Winter Olympics medal list. They think that children in the Nordic countries “snow on their feet”, so they are in winter Olympics. It is not surprising that you will get good grades like a nation’s “genetic”. But the report pointed out that skiing is also an important part of other Scandinavian national cultures, including Sweden. The population of Sweden is about twice that of Norway, and the total number of medals for the Winter Olympics is 132, less than half of Norway.

Many experts believe that Norway is outstanding at the Winter Olympics. The secret of this is the Norwegian culture and way of life. Norwegian youth sports pursues “extreme egalitarianism”. Before the age of 6, Norwegian children can only train and not participate in formal sports competitions. Before the age of 11, all children participating in the competition must be awarded the same award. In addition, in Norway, the status of sports is still under education. Norway has a government-run sports school, but admissions are based on rigorous academic performance rather than athletic ability.

According to the report, Norwegian athletes generally do not receive huge sponsorship, but they benefit from donations from elite Olympic elites in China. These organizations have an annual budget of $23 million. In addition, Norway has an economy that provides high-paying jobs, which allows the Norwegian people to enjoy a lot of leisure time and pocket money.

The report also pointed out that Norway has become a star country in the Winter Olympics because the cross-country skiing sport has not attracted much attention. Of the 303 Winter Olympics medals won in Norway, 125 were from cross-country skiing or similar biathlons. The number of medals in these two items is the largest in the Winter Olympics medals. In the Americas, the Winter Olympics always attracts attention with more thrilling sports such as alpine skiing and snowboarding. Almost no one is interested in watching or participating in cross-country skiing.

In the history of the Olympic Games, there are some examples of countries that are relatively backward in sports, who have decided to make a difference in the Olympics and have achieved the feat of winning. But most experts believe that the main reason behind the success of Norway is culture, which has pushed Norway to the forefront of medal competition from the beginning.

The report pointed out that Norway is still basically a rural society and pays more attention to outdoor activities. Outdoor work and entertainment is a long-standing tradition in the region of the Trondrag area of ​​Norway. In the history of the Winter Olympics, the Trundrag people won more than one-fifth of the total number of Norwegian medals, although the local population only accounts for 8% of the country’s total population.

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Japanese Kyoto animation studio fires dozens of people killed and injured, netizen: my childhood was burned

According to Japanese media reports, the Kyoto animation in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan, had a fire on the 18th and suffered serious casualties.

The Associated Press quoted a Japanese fire official as saying that at least 12 people were presumed dead, and that about 18 people were still unable to get in touch. According to CNN, the fire has caused 13 deaths and 38 injuries.

The police in Kyoto, Japan, said that about 10 people were found on the second floor of the fire building in Kyoto City Animation Studio. Since it is considered dead, no emergency handling has taken place.

According to Kyodo News, the Kyoto government police said that there were about 70 employees in the studio when the fire broke out.

Earlier the police revealed that they had controlled a man suspected of arson.

According to the witnessing information on the scene, the man said while igniting “go to death”.

The incident site is located on the corner of a residential area about 100 meters north of the station on the Keihan Uji Line in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. It is a three-story building. Image source: ICphoto

According to the latest report from NHK, the investigation said that the arsonist was also injured in the fire and was sent to the hospital. The police will listen to the details after the treatment is over.

NHK previously reported that the police controlled a 41-year-old man who had confirmed the identity of the man. The man was questioned by the police because of spraying unidentified liquids on the spot. The police investigated the suspected arson.

According to the police, the scene found a number of objects similar to the tool. It is not certain whether these things belong to the man.

The fire occurred at around 10:30 am on the 18th local time. The incident site is located on the corner of a residential area about 100 meters north of Rokujizo Station on the Keihan Uji Line in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. It is a three-story building with an area of ​​about 700 square meters.

The police received the residents near the incident at around 10:35. The alarm call, “I heard an explosion on the first floor”, “The explosion on the ground floor, and then the smoke”.

According to reports, the fire studio is affiliated with the Japanese animation production company & nbsp; Kyoto Animation & rdquo;. Established in 1981, Kyoto Animation is headquartered in Uji, Kyoto. It is a business with a focus on technical planning, production and animation. The company has produced “Light Voice Girl” “Blow it!” Animated works such as Euphonium.

Users: Seeing the fire, I cried

&nbspquo;Kyoto Animation”The news of the studio fire spread through the Internet When I arrived overseas, many fans expressed their grief.

There are Twitter users saying, “The image of the fire is crying. & lsquo;Kyoto Animation & rsquo; is a gem-like studio. ”

Some netizens said that “Kyoto Animation” happened only by tragedy. ”,“My heart and love are with everyone in Kyoto Animation & rsquo; I can’t believe what happened to them. ”

Some netizens said that "Kyoto Animation’ is my favorite animation studio. After I heard the news that many people were hurt, I really feel sad</strong Strong> . I pray that the artist and the people working there can be safe. ”

Some netizens lamented, “My childhood was burned ”.

Mayor of Seattle: Chinese Year of the Horse brings us good luck

China News Service, Seattle, February 10th, local time on the afternoon of the 9th, Seattle, Washington, Mayor Eddie · Murray at the Paramount Theater congratulated the “Cultural China · Four Seas in the Spring” art group successfully. He said that the Chinese Year of the Horse is a lucky year, and the Seattle people are happy in the Lunar New Year.

The first happy event that Murray said was that the local Chinese and overseas Chinese ushered in the Lunar New Year. “We not only celebrate the Chinese New Year, but also celebrate the contribution of Chinese and Chinese Americans to the goodness of Seattle. & rdquo;

On February 3, Lunar New Year’s Day, there was the “48th Anniversary of the United States Spring Festival Evening”, the Super Bowl, the professional football finals, the Seattle Seahawks 43 More than 8 wins the Denver Broncos for the first time, Murray said, “China Year of the Horse brings good luck to Seattle people.”

Since the Spring Festival of 2012, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the China Overseas Exchange Association have been carefully crafted for overseas Chinese. “Overseas Spring Festival Evening” arrived in Seattle again, which is the third happy event that Murray praised. “Culture China · Four Seas in the Spring” promotes cultural exchanges and believes that we will usher in prosperity and prosperity in the Year of the Horse. & rdquo; He said.

The performance of the day began at 16:00 and ended at approximately 19:00. With the Nanjing Frontline Song and Dance Troupe and the General Political Song and Dance Troupe as the art team, Yang Hongji, Dong Wenhua, Yu Kuizhi, Li Shengsu, Yang Jiqiang, Cai Guoqing, Hou Yong, Liu Yanyan and many other national first-class actors joined and performed their famous works and masters. Inviting the audience to sing together, the nearly 3,000-seat Paramount Theater is filled with festive atmosphere.

Deputy Consul General of China in San Francisco, Yi Xianrong, US Congressman Drake · Kilmo, Takma Mayor Marilyn · Strickland, Strakow Long Ron · Lucas and other politicians also watched the show.

Takma and Fuzhou, China are sister cities, and the mayor of Strickland has visited Fuzhou. She told the China News Service that the city of Takma, like other cities in Washington State, has many Chinese new immigrants and Chinese Americans who have made outstanding contributions to local economic and social development. “Today’s performance is a great opportunity for us to celebrate Chinese traditional festivals and show the friendly exchanges between the two peoples. ”

Li Min, head of the Art Troupe and deputy director of the Culture and Education Department of the China Overseas Exchange Association, said that “Cultural China · Four Seas in the Spring” was officially launched since the Spring Festival in 2009, and is the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the ARATS. In order to meet the spiritual needs of overseas Chinese, to enhance the world’s people’s perception of Chinese culture, and to enhance the national soft power and the international influence of Chinese culture, the global influence of the Spring Festival series of cultural brand activities.

Following the premiere in Los Angeles on February 7, the troupe left Seattle and will travel to Chicago, Boston and Halifax, Canada to perform with the local Chinese.

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The US newspaper said that Snowden acquired a large number of confidential documents with simple technology.

Xinhuanet Washington, February 9 (Reporter Sun Hao Mudong) The US “New York Times” reported on the 9th that US intelligence officials investigating the “prism door” incident revealed that former defense contractor employee Edward · With only a relatively simple “web crawler” technology, Norden acquired a large number of confidential documents, thus exposing the National Security Agency to a certain loophole in the internal security.

The New York Times quoted several sources who did not want to disclose identity officers. According to reports, after investigation, Snowden used a relatively cheap and easy-to-obtain “web crawler” or crawler software to automatically capture large amounts of data through program settings instead of sitting alone on a computer. Find, copy, and download a large number of files one by one.

The National Security Agency official insisted that if Snowden was working at the headquarters of the National Security Bureau in Maryland, he would probably be early because the headquarters monitoring system could automatically detect the acquisition and download of large amounts of data. It was locked and captured, but his Hawaiian site was not yet able to update the monitoring system.

According to reports, Snowden’s access to a large amount of data was once noticed. He also received several internal questions for this matter, but he argued that he was only a technical contractor employee in a routine system. Maintenance, for this reason, confuse.

The New York Times reported that it is surprising that the National Security Bureau itself uses state-of-the-art intelligence monitoring technology, but there are such loopholes in internal security measures.

Richard &middot, Senior Research Fellow of the Brookings Institution of American Think Tanks, said that the culture of the National Security Bureau is “similar to many institutions, but the problem is Excessive behavior in such a large amount of data acquisition as Snowden did not cause them to be vigilant.

Since June 2013, Snowden has revealed through the media the network and telephone monitoring projects of the US National Security Bureau, which has caused an uproar in the US and the international community. At the same time, some MPs who supported the monitoring project questioned the loopholes in the security work of the National Security Bureau, which led to Snowden’s “inside internal attacks”. On January 17 this year, US President Barack Obama announced that he intends to make some adjustments to the National Security Agency’s widely controversial secret intelligence monitoring project in order to calm the huge disputes at home and abroad, but he also insisted that it will not fundamentally change US intelligence surveillance. status quo. At the end of January, Obama decided to nominate the US Navy Cyber ​​Command Commander Michael · Rogers, who replaced the National Security Bureau who planned to retire in March this year, Keith & Middot; Alexander.

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